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Performance of " Mount of…

Shepherdery at Pontypridd.



Pontypridd Ccachbuilding Co. (Prize Winners for Carriages), £ \HB now offering a large number Tnips J1 and Carrifi.{fes of variougdescriptionB nt the very lowest prices. I.argeSluw Kwnis new opjn— CARRIAGE WORKS, MOHOAX STH.T. rONTYTOIDD. A fragrant, grateful, and comforting cup made in a ) moment by using Symington's Edinburgh Coffoe Essence. In I k bottles from all Grocers- I t 4..1; i C) S R 0 ft 0k the dangerous month—the month when pale youths and girls get the fcS^Sj Cough that turns to Consumption: what is the way to meet its perils? |133 ft I* td 6lr.^ The only right way is to give the weakened body something that will put kSip Fight" into it. Increase the blood supply: gain power to resist disease. Q There is new blood in every dose of Q CJ) "VVilliaxns' Pink: X-?ills (J. Q foi? 3F*SL1O People r Q jgggj you can feel it coursing through the veins. You can defy MAKCtl if you use gjgj j them. No cough; no rheumatism; no bronchitis; no discomfort from Lm 3} ^SjojOI narch winds, this year! ggj X ILL EVERY YEAR ONCE: CURED PERMANENTLY NOW. W MRS. M. J. Manning lives at 2, Quarry Well, I sent into Plymouth to buy \jJ 0 Cottages, Ilomckiiowle, Plymouth, and a box of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for she told a representative of The Western Pale People, but obtained common pink f 1 Daily Mercury the following story pills in mistake, and they nearly billed V-/ I used to have influenza regularly me- Tbey served me so awfully that I /~x each year, aud it always left me very rolled on the floor in pain. I was a lot t £ weak indeed. I had to bo attended like ||» ™|§ worse than before, and had pains in a child. I had cold shivers, then I M If my neck, head, back, stomach—every- r~T"7^ would burn and sweat, and ache in where. Then I wrote away to the firm | pi every joint. I went to doctors: they Vv ;V for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale E w said I was suffering from weakness fol- V "r" People, so that I should be sure to get lowing influenza, and gave me medicine, I\. the uenuine pills. They were seut to ktrt it had no effect. The doctors said me promptly, and after the first box I I was suffering from a wasting disease, could feel myself better and stronger, it's true I lost six pounds in weight M and freed from nearly all the pain. I in a fortnight. I could not stand with- fflffi 'i had three boxes in all, and when I had ( A out help, or do anything. A neighbour H-jl. "■'» Wftfr tak'm them I could eat and enjoy food, me oat one day, and I fell down all (I J ijjfMmmL jj could do my own housework, and could of a heap, and had to be carried iu." 1 g about splendidly. I've been gaming /ff# "Didn't you try any other medi? ever since. I've picked up over a stone in cine?" weight, and I m a different woman now." S~\ vJ Pain in the joints, especially in changeable weather: langour and O feli discomfort in the presence of the March winds: liver troubles, indigestion and bile: but especially blood=deficiency, shown by pale cheeks, white lips, -7.0 |iiP§ breathlessness on slight exertion, a constant tendency to catch cold, are MARCH ailments that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure but only the genuine pills, bearing the full name (seven words) Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. 0 (5) Price 2s. 9d.; six boxes, 13s. 9d. Of all Chemists, or post free from Dr. Williams' Mcdicine Company, 40, Holborn Viaduct, London. w 0)q* WtlUAUS ii5n\ B&WhTLI.lAMSBfit} A.'O^V,'fLr.rnH^eSi fK O'WrLLtAMSgS tee. BFl} ooo fpni IpFi o

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