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MOUNTAIN ASH DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary fortnightly meeting of the above Council was lield at the Town Hall Chambers. Mountain A.-h, on Tuesday last, under the presidency of Mr John Powell, other members present being the vice-chairman (Rev J. F. Williams). Messrs Dr Rhys Morgan, David Rogers. T. Bo van, William Lewis, M. Morgan. T. Edmunds- William Phillips. Evan Jones. E. Morgan, Rees Price, James Davies, Evans. together with the Clerk (Mr H. P. Linton). deputy-clerk (Mr F. Slock)., and the Surveyor. NOT THEIR BUSINESS. Mr E. E. Lioyd wrote on behalf of the Great We item Railway Company drawing the atten- tion of the Council to the collection of refuse at Fx'r.vd Brcok, Mountain Ash, which in the case of a sadden flood would cause a stoppage at this spot. He begged to ak the Council to take steps to clear the bed. The Clerk pointed out that the Railway Company had no power to compel them to keep the brook in order. The Surveyor stated that the stoppages were caused by the Great Western Railway's culvert being improperly constructed. The Clerk was instructed to re. ply to this effect. HOW TO SPELL YNYSYBWL. A communication was received from the Ord- nance Survey Office, Bristol, stating that the Welsh place name Ynysybwl in accordance with their custom had been submitted before appearing on their revised Ordnance Survey Map. The Welsh scholar to whom this, with other place names, was submitted, stated that Ynyslr.vl should be the spelling of the name. Ia view of the foregoing they begged to ask that the Council kindly agree to this name appearing as Ynysbwl instead of Ynysybwl on the revised map of Glamorganshire. Dr Morgan said that it had been spelt with the three y's included for the last 200 years. Councillor David Rogers proposed that the name stand in its present form. Dr Morgan, in seconding, said that the name should bo retained on the ground that it had been used for such a length of time. The proposition was unanimously carried. STREET IMPROVEMENTS. InV accordance with the motion of Councillor M. Morgan, the clerk wa.s instructed to order the preparing of plans and estimntes for pri. vato improvements in Bassett Street, Cross- ways Street, and North Street. A "SHAMEFUL" PRACTICE. Referring to the diphtheria cases existing at Abercynon, which were submitted in their medical officer's report. Councillor J. F. Wil- liams said that these cases could be easily traced back to Aberdare. He thought it was the duty of the Council to investigate whether they had been allowed to remove from Aber- dare. Councillor William Evans stated that per- sons infected had gone from Abercynon to Aberdare to sec their relatives. Mr M. Morgan: We had better ascertain whether they removed without notifying, and prosecute them if such is the case. Dr Morgan: I notice that there arc deaths from puerperal fever; this is even more di- sastrous than diphtheria. It is a shame that mid-wives attending these cases are allowed to go from house to house without being stopped. Something should be done. It is fearful to think that the practice is allowed to be carried on wholesale in this colliery dis- trict. I have witnessed tiie eifect, and some cases I can never blot out of my rniad. Councillor J. F. Williams proposed that an investigation he' made. Councillor William Evans seconded, and said that an example ought to be made of the per- sens. Dr Morgan: Something should be done to deter these women. Mr M. Morgan: A strongly-worded protest from the medical fraternity would perhaps have the desired effect. It was ultimately resolved that the medical officer of the Council bo asked to report on the matter. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS. Dr Griffiths, Abercynon; Mr Edward Jones, manager, Ynysybwl; Mr James Jarncv. butcher, Miskin, and Mr W. Phillips, tailor, P<rnrhiwceiber, were elected Overseers for the parish of Llanwormo, and the seal of the Council wns affixed to their appointment. ABERCYNON SEWERAGH. The seal of the Council was affixed to the deed for tho loan of £4,000 with the London and Provincial Bank for acquiring land for sewerage purposes. On the motion of Mr M. Morgan, the Clerk was instructed to write to Mr Mansergh, the engineer, urging him to push on the work. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Water Sur-ply. -Rainfall: The rain recorded at Dairanlas during February was 6-56 inches, and the record for the corresponding month of last year was .).10 inches. Your main for supplying the eastern side of the valley at Abercynon, and which at the point of crossing is laid in the bed of the River Cynon, has caused some trouble by reason of a fractured pipe. In order to repair the samo the stream had to be temporarily diverted. This was done, and the supply has been re- sumed. MEDICAL OFFICER'S QUARTERLY REPORT. Dr E. P. Evans, J.P., the medical officer, i-t his quarterly report, for the quarter ending December 31st, 1898, reported as follows4 The number of births were 263 (140 males and 128 females). giving a birth-rate of 34.4- per 1,000 per annum upon an estimated population of 31,000 inhabitants. The number of deaths' were 111, being a death-rate of 14 per 1,000. The causes of 'death were: Bronchitis, 13; pneumonia, 18; phthisis, 4; diarrhoea, 4; oardiac disease, 4: croup, 1: convulsions, 5; diphtheria, 2; whooping cough, 1; other causes. 52: inquests, 7. The number of suc- cessful vaccinations were 120. Infectious Diseases.—The number of notified cases were 29-Jiphthcria, 12; enteric fever, 7; erysipelas, 4; membraneous croup, 4; puerperal fever, 2. Most of the diphtheria cases were isolated, and at no time was an epidemic threatened. The enteric fever cases were also scattered throughout the district. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr E. P. Evans, J.P., in his fortnightly re- port, staled tlnit the following infectious di- seases had been notified, viz.. diphtheria, 2 cu-cs from 24. Park street, Abercynon, and one from 80 Woodland Street, Mountain Ash. Euicric i'< ver, 2 cases, one being from 30, N:;picr street, and one case from 43. Seymour su'ccl scaricL fever, 1 fre»v.i o, Middle Row. Cwmpc-nnar; puerperal one case from 3. Duffryn Tcrrace. Aber ynon; also "c," .34. Oxford sired. Mountain Ash; < rwp"!n.s, one case from 70 Phillip 1.\I"hii1 which lrtw been notified tiirre different medical men.

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