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Alleged Theft of Beer at Treorky. MOTHER SON. AND LODGERS IN TE DOCK. On Monday, at the Ystrad Police Court before Mr Ignatius Williams (stipendiary),. Alderman R. Lewis, and Messrs E. H. Davies and J. D. Williams, M.F.H.. Joseph William Davies, an engine driver, living at. tho under cellar of 105, High street, Treorky, and Ste- phen Plenty, a haulier lodging at 103, High- Street, Treorky, were charged with stealing several 4 gallon casks ot boer from the Tre- orky Taff Vale Railway Goods Station on the 4th February last. Marthii. Davies and Davies, wife and mother of Joseph Daviei;, and David Hughes, a lodger of Martha .Da*, vies's, were also charged with receiving ihfii goods, knowing them to bavo been .stolen. Mt., D. W. Jones, solicitor, V n- defeudeji Joseph Davies. P.C. Rees Davies un* fL ealicd to give evidence. He said Oil Friday last he visited Joseph Davies' house for tho purpose of en- quiring into a dog licence. He askc-d permis- sion to go into the cellar to sc-arcii. On search* ;ng for the dog he found a four and a. Imlf gallon cllsk with the top and bottom defaced. the numbers being .shaved off. The constable immediately returned to the p ib' «e siation,andi informed Inspeclo; Meuhenm-k of what ho had seen, and r<. uiriK-d in company with Hm Inspector and usked Mrs Davies io account for the cask on li I, prcrr.?,i She said the. lodger brought it. there. Upon further search- in thrco casks were, found concealed under the stairs under some old clothing. It was subse- quently discovered thr.t the numbers on tho casks corresponded with some. earkS- whicfo were stolen from the Taff 'Ii a.t., Railway i;la. tior. at Treorky on the 4th of Fel,vii.-iry last. Joseph Davies, the sou. and Stephen Plenty,, the lodger, were thereupon arrested, iogefhr-i.' with Jane Davies Martha Davies, and David Hughes, the lodger. The former wr-n charged! with stealing, and the lafi/.r reccivinjE same, knowing it 10 have been stolen. Josepb Davies said "iL was 1111; ;oo,r William Jones brctight the casks hrro, I hei gone to Maesteg." Stephei; Pleaty "I will tell yott all about it. Joseph Davie* 3,1:<1 me ia come for a walk as far as t11" trucks. I went; ntounted the truck, and cut the siring of Ilia tarpaulin and removed it., and found nothing there. I mounted another truck, which I found contained 4 gallon casks of beer. handed two to Davies, raid carried them fl. Davies' house. We returned again, and i mounted the truck, and handed two to Davies, and earned them to Davies' house, where I had ft few drinks every ni-'hi. Joseph Pa- vies then said, "TLm is so." It: reply to tho charge of receiving. June Davies .-aid, lociger brought the casks hero. His iianie is Richard Humphreys, an i he ha-s gone to .Cwtu Garw." Hughes sttid, "I only had a few drinks. I didn't know it w is stolen. Afar., tila Davies said, "f bo-ught Uf r -^ks of beef from Mr Morgaai, Treorky." Defeciive Ed- wards, of the T.V.R- Co., ldenuCed the casks produced in Court as the oruv, stolen irow Treorky on the night of February 4th. PtiSOr14 were remanded until ThurjyU? to Portfl Police Court. Jo-eph Davies ej PIctuv being admitted to bail in a. surety of £ 3, and them- selves in £ 5. The if rr,inin.g r/isonora wer«- bound over So apptar in their ,wn reeogW- zancp: