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«. Ystrad—N[oqday.


«. Ystrad—N[oqday. Before the Stipendiary, Mr Ignatius Williams, Aldermen Richard Lewis, and W. Morgan, Councillors Rhys Griffiths and E. H. Davies, Mr J. 1). Williams. M.F.H. Tradesmen exposing Explosives Thcs. Murgan, grocer, Giifach, was sum- moned for a breach of the Explosives Act. inspector Hoyle said lie visited defendant's premises on Saturday, 18th inst. In a small stores at the back of the house, which was registered, was s&red 25 lbs of gunpowder. Am a cupboard at tie shop was found a quan- tity of safety fuse, 3 lbs of compressed powder. 3* lbs of gelignite, and two boxes of detona- tors. The Stipendiary asked defendant why he had not stored the explosives found in the oapboard at his registered store. Defendant replied that he thought the cupboard was 68 safest place to keep them. The Stipend- iary said he considered the course he had adopted was a very dangerous one. Keeping detonators m a desk would very likely have eansed an explosion had they came in violent contact with each other. A fine of JE2 and costs was imposed. R. T. Jones, ironmonger, Treherbert, was also summoned for a breach of the Explosives Act. Inspector Menhennick deposed that on visaing defendant's shop premises he found 10 lbs. of gelignite powder in a wooden box on a Aelf. There was also a quantity of smokeless pawder and one hundred detonators in a fire ffroof safe. The place was not registered for the purpose of keeping explosives. Defendant was fined 20s. Unfit Brewery Horse. Francis Thomas, haulier to the Rhondda Valley Brewery and Bottling Co. was sum- moned for cruelty to a horse on the 21st inst. P.C. Rees Davfes, Pentre., deposed that he met defendant in charge of a horse and dray at Pentre on the date in question. Upon examining the animal a wound two inches ir length was discovered at the top of the collar with matter oozing from it. The surface of tfce wound was covered with mane and clotted matter. Defendant said he only started that Say. and his master had sent him out with the horse. A fine of 10s. was imposed. Dishonest Pedlar pedler named. Samuel Wakeford, of Gelli, was summoned for paddling without a license oa the 25th. He was asked to pay the coste of the case. Housewives Beware. A Treherbert married woman named Mary Jones was fined 10s. for throwing a bucket of rubbish into the Rhondda river on the 21st inst. The proceedings were instituted -:jy the Rhondda Urban District Council, for whom Mr Nicholas, solicitor, appeared. Wounding her Lodger. Margaret Thomas. A Ystrad married woman was charged with wounding her lodger. Saml. Jenkins, by striding him on the hend with a poker on last Saturday. Jenkins alleged that he gave pnsoner 20s. about a fortnight ago to buy some stockings and other things He since ceased to lodge wiCh her, and went last Saturday to receive the balance of the money. When he demanded the change a quarrel ensued, and the prisoner struck him on the head with a-pobr causing an iDcised wound 11 inches long and one inch deep. Prisoner said that complainant came into her louse and laid hold of her bodily and threat- ened to throw her into the fire, and dbe was consequently in bodily fear of him. The Bench thought that this statement was krdIy consistent with what transpired. Her sereams would probably have been heard by the neighbours who would have come to her assistance. A fine of £ 1 and costs was im- posM

-----. Caerphilly —Tuesday.


Extraordinary Meeting.

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Pontypridd Cycling Club, •*…