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District Council Elections


District Council Elections TREHERBERT. Mr iivan Watkins, butcher. Treherbert, J I has decided to contest the additional seat in Ward No. 1 against all comers. Mr Watkins is a staunch Radical, is energetic, and is in full sympathy with local matters. CLYDATH AND LLWYSYPIA WARDS. The Clydach and Llwyrn pia Waul electors held a Meeting to select the candidates. The pr moters are to be highly complimented upon the very excellent arrangeme nts made to get at the real opinion of the ward. An improvised boo'h was erected, and all the "modus operandi" of a legal el^ctioa was arranged. There is no mistaking the verdict, and the way it was carried out show uumistakeably the opinion that VTr Evan Williams, Mr Rees Griffiths, and Mr Jiio. Gilt-i-icur were far away the popular candidates. The first named gentleman is the genial son of Ffynnondwrn, and is one of the gloran" who combines individual merits and well earned popularity with" dynon doed," He stands as the elect of the upper pare of the ward. Mr Rees Griffiths, who resides in the centre of the ward, has proved his spurs in the history of the District Council, and by the fact that at present he is the chairman of the Council. Excellent experience can be claimed for him. He has worked his way from the mallet and chisel to his present position, that is surely enough proot of merit. Again, we have no hesitation in 'pronouncing Mr Gilmour to be the best prepared man for the work ot the District Council in the field of the ward areas of the Rhonddas. Day by day lie is in touching experience with similar work, and is one who in everything he has undertaken has given the result of his labours the character of thoroughness in every detail. We certainly require men of this type. The programme of the District Council is wide and varied. Finance and works demand the intelligence of a councillor, and in this respect Mr Gilmour has been a concrete instance of similar comprehension in his advancement in life as a mechanical, engineer, and a responsible chief at Llwynypia This village has had its own water scheme, and for years it had its own sewerage. The Glamorgan Coal Co., Ltd has intimately socialised their management, and Mr Gilmour has been its foremost practical exponent. In his early years he had to work with finance, a,nd wisely, for many years, has retained the grasp of it with all surface details in connection with the colliery. This ward has, therefore, two men of distinct experience, while the third, if less practical in direct knowledge has a keen instinct in the usderstanding of people. We want a District Council well balanced-we want shrewd working men there, as well as experts. It is a democratic institution and must be thus representative. But more anon. We compliment this ward upon its decision and give the votes, Evan Williams 308 Rhys Griffiths 220 John Gilmour 209 Dd. Jones 123; 10m Evans 119 fom Williams 81. The ward will, then fore, as a result of this decisive pronouncement be spared the expense of an election. ABER WARD. We are now in a position to say that there are three bona-fide candidates, viz., Mr DJ Thomas (the retiring councillor), Mr Eleazor Lewis and Mr Edmund Evam.It goes without saying that they are three strong candidates, and up to the time of writing no one seems to care to oppose the return of either. Matle s at present do not suggest an election in the ward. If the electors are satisfied, the < ,st of an election will be saved, and no one w.U be the worse for it. Messrs Thomas and Lewi. have been regarded as probable candidates for some time past, but Mr Evans gave no definite reply until he had eonsulted the Eglwygilan School Board. We are glad to learn that that body has given the neom.L- consent.

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