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THE WEST EKD TAILORS The Original and Only West End Tailoring Establishment out of London, 19, DUKE STREET, CARDíFF, (Si. J::qu&re,) BEWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATORS. LEADING SPECIALITIES FOR THIS SEASON. Royal fiavy Black Vicuna f' Real Scotch (Shrunk) Real Cashmere Indigo Twill, Suitings, to order, Trouserings to Serge Suitings, Coat & Vest to order 42/ 45 order, to order, 30/ 35/ 40/- Heal Harris Tweed, 10/6, 13/ 16/ 39 6, 45/ 50, and upwards 50/- 18/6, and upwards. INDIES DEPARTMENT. THE 77" — «m m ■ mm i ava «i The Chesterfield Coat and S^irt VvGSX EM HQ I cLIlOTSt Overcoat to Order to order from w w 3 Guineas. 19, Duke Street, CARDIFF. Velvet Collar) NEWMARKET COATS Telegraphic Address- Nat. Telephone 834. from 35/- REVOLUTION," CARDIFF. 35/ 42/6, 47/6, 52/6. PATTERNS SENT POST FREE. 4548 QUALITY. FRESHNESS. UNIFORMITY. These are the most important points considered by the Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, and it enables them to boast of now being the Largest Manufacturers and Retailers of Pure Dairy Butter in the World. The Butter they sell is always of the best quality, and can be depended upon. You are requested to try this Butter to-day. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. For economy, the Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, recommend their celebrated MARGARINE, at 4d., 6d. and ,ad., per lb. Far superior to secondary butters. TEA 1/ 1/2, 1/4, and the Very Best 1/6 per lb, Pure, Rich, and Fragrant. AL MAYPOLE DAIRY CO,, LTD., 83a, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD, 4528 And at 62, Duffryn Street, Ferndale. JONES & JONES' MONSTER CLEARANCE SALE. Our Warehouse is crammed, and must be cleared at any sacrifice. THE SALE COMMENCES ON SATURDAY, MARCH 4th, And will continue to the end of the Month. tOME AND LOOK AT OUR WINDOW THE PRICES WILL STAfflEFtf.YOU.l Now is the opportunity for those who want Bargains. PIANOS, AMERICAN ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, YIOLINS, MELODEONS, MUSIOAL BOXES, SEWING MACHINES, QLOQKS, WATCHES, ELECTRO-PLATE, CUTLERY, FAMILY BIBLES, MUSICAL ALBUMS, &c., &c. EVERYTHING lUST IE SilO. NO RESERVE WHATEVER. DOiVT DELAY, BUT COME EARLY AND SECURE THE BEST BARGAINS. 45, Hannah Street, Porth. 4618 OYSTERS! ()YSTERS! OYSTERS! The oldest establishment in town. I H. ESSERY, Proprietor, 63. Taff Street, Pontypridd (Opposite Fountain). 4561 THE ^J_LAMORQAN REE f>RK89 IS TOT BEST FAMILY PAPER. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY MORNING. PRICE-ONE PENNY. A YCLES AVE TRIS TRADE MARK YCLES 1^111 HAYE rqls TIiADE MAliK YCLES ON' YOrJR YCLES -0- 1899 SEND FOR You will then get absolutely the 1899 Finest Bicycle manufactured 4 CATALOGUE. in Coventry. PAQtr ("JUVENILES, Boys'or Girls' with Palmer Tyres £ 8 8s. PRirp« i LADY'S OR GENT'S, Standard Quality. £ 10 10s. rKiLfiC. (LADY'S OR GENT'S, Special Quality „ £ 15 15s. Dlinoc UfUITUfflDTU I Tn Head Depot for South Wale»! t\uuut-vvnl I nun l fi, lium 108, st mart street, Cardiff Agent for Pentre and district-TIMOTHY AND SONS. Agent for Mardy-JENKIN JENKINS. 4515 WARMS THE CHEST! CUTS THE PHLEGM! EMRYS RICHARDS' CHERRY COUGH SYRUP THE POPULAR MID-RHONDDA REMEDY FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, SORE THROAT, &C. Excellent for aged people and those with long standing Bronchial trouble. IN BOTTLES 1/ 2/9, & 4/6. By Post 3d. extra. Of the Sole Proprietor- EMRYS RICHARDS, DISPENSING CHEMIST, OOEDYMEIBION, TONY PAN DY 4? 62 TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD. AN EISTEDDFOD ON MONDAY^MAY^th.^lS. Adjudicators-Vocal and Instrumental: J. H. M Harris, Esq., R.A.M., Cardiff; Musica Composition: Mr. r, D. Edwards, Haydn Villa, Pontypridd; Essay: Rev. T. Manuel, Wesleyan Minister, Penypraig. via Pontypridd; Poetry: Mr. T. Williams (Brynfab), Hendre Farm, Treforest; Prize Bags, &c.: Mrs. Jones Powetl and Miss Price, Pontypridd. Conductor: Rev. T. Jones, Pontypridd. Choral Competition—" 0 Dduw, rho i'm dy Hedd (God grant me thy Peace). T. D. Edwards, Pontypridd. ■ heirs to number not Jess than 40 voices. Prize, J5. Male Voice-" Cydgan y M )rwyr" (Sailor's Chorus). Dr Parry. Not less than 20 in numbor. Prize, £2 Juvenile Choirs—" Bugail Israel" (D. Thomas, A.C., Hafod). To number not less than 25 voices. Any number of Tenors and Bass to assist. Prize, £1 5s. Programmes, Id.; by Post, lid. Secretary: Mr. E. Ashten, 22, Llanover Road, Pontypridd. 4167 DR. JOSEPH PARRY, of the South Wales School of Music (Cardiff), will deliver his GRAND | ^ECIURE CONCERT at the TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD, on MONDA Y, MARCH 27, 1899. SUBJECT: <• THE QREAT RASTERS" (With Musical Illustrations). Doors open at 7.90, to commence at 8 p,m. ADMISSION 2s, Is, and 6d. [4602 ROSTOCK AND WOMBWELL'S ROYAL NO. 1 MENAGERIE Manager in person H. F. BORKETT. Sole Proprietor E. B. BOSTOCK. Undoubtedly the finest collection of Zoological Exhibits gathered together under one roof. WILL VISIT PONTYPRIDD, Two Days, Friday & Saturday, March 10th and I lth. FERN DALE, One Day, Monday, March 13th. TONY HANDY, One Day, Tuesday, March 14th. TBEHERBERT, One Day, Wednesday, Mar. 15. PORTH, One Day, Thursday, March 16th. Over 700 Perfect Specimens of Natural History in the finest condition possible, and worthy of your admiration— The Largest and Most Handsome LION in captivity (another Wallace). To see this magnificent animal alone is well worth the admission money. Splendid TIGERS, LEOPARDS, PANTHERS, PUMAS, JAGUARS, and almost every other Oarnivorous Animal you may ttiink of. AVIARY OP BIRDS. MONKEYS of the Rarest Kinds, including the HAMADRYAD or SACRED BABOON, and a lovely specimen of the BLUE & RED-FACED GORILLA. You should see the ANTELOPES, many of which have never previously been seen m a Travelling Collection. The Finest Group of Perfonning LIONS and TIGBRS ever seen In Great Ritain. LEOPARDS, PANTHERS, and PUMAS per- forming together. The only performing WHITE or POLAR BEARS in the whole world. People hitherto have considered these animals too dan- gerous and beyond the power of man to train. Performing WOLVES. RUSSIAN BEARS, and HYENAS. The Wonderful Boxing KANGAROO "Slavin" is always a sight to please all visitors. In five years from now this ONLY GKNTJINK BRITISH MBNAQKBIB will have been before your notice for ONS HUNDRED nus. We say without fear of contradiction it is now better than ever. The Noted Band of the Establishment play Selections during intervals. PERFORMANCES-3.30. AND TWICE DURING THE EVENING. ADMISSION, Is.; CHILDREN, 6d. All Classes to the Evening Performance Sixpence Eaoà. 4619 gTAMP IT ON YOUR MEMORY That for COUGHS, COLD8. BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, INFLUENZA, fcc., there is nothing like ARNOTT'S BALSAM OF LICORICE Sale increasing by leaps and bounds! lOfcd. PER BOTTLE, or by post, Is. lid. Try a Bottle at once! Prepared only by— D. ARNOTT, Pharmaceutical Chemist, [4600 Taff Street, Pontypridd. MR. J. L. MILLARD OPHTHALMIC OPTICIAN, LONDON, Who has been in attendance at the Pontypridd Exhibition can be CONSULTED DAILY FROM 2 UNTIL 10, or by appointment, until March 31st, at the EXHIBITION, PARK HALL, (JARDIFF, IN THE LESSER HALL, where all the m-st, interesting Exhibits will be found A108W Sales by Auction. GLAMORGANSHIRE. PONTYPRIDD AND TREFOREST. £ 460 PER ANNUM FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS. \/| E8SRS STEPHENSON k ALEXANDER are iTJ. instructed by Messrs Rickards and Blosse to Sell by Auction at the New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, on Wednesday, March 22nd, IM, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, LM PER ANNUM FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, Secured upon varioua properties situate in Pontypridd and Treforest, and which will be divided into lots for Sale, particulars of which together with Plans and Conditions of Sale are in course of preparation, and may shortly be had upon application to Messrs Blosse and Arthur Waldron, solicitors, Duke Street, Cardiff; Messrs Rickards and Blosse, land agents, Charles Street, Cardiff, or to the Auctioneers, 5, High Street, Cardiff. 4879 TUDOR HALL, FERNDALE. SALE OF VALUABLE FURNITURE, PIANOFORTE, &c. MR. MICHAEL DA VIES (Michael Davies and Llewellyn) has received instructions to Sell by Auction, at the above Hall, on Monday, March 6th, 1899,- a large quantity of superior FURNITURE AND EFFECTS Comprising Drawing, Dining k Bedreom 8uites, Side- boards, Her Glasses, Overmantels, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, Spring Matnases, Wool Over- lays, Telescope and other Tables, Leather Couches, Fenders and Irons, Carpets, Hearth Bugs, Mats, Kitchen Chairs and Tables, Mangles; Also A SUPERIOR COTTAGE PIANOFORTE in perfect condition. Sale at Two o'clock Sharp. 4607 TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. SALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MB. B. T. BICHARDg has been Instructed to SeU by Public Auction, at the New Wednesday, March 8th, 1889, at Three o'clock in the afternoon (and subject to such Conditions of Bale as shall tbett and tbM be PrOduceM the following very Desinble LeueI801d PROPERTIES via.: Lot 1. All that Valuable Shop and Premises, beinM?- J" Street W gidd, and now let to Hr 3. Bsech, to a terin yean from the 29th day of September, 1894, at the yearly rent of £ 50. The Praml** are held una* a* Indenture J*9* y«» tan the J?* at Ore yearly Ground Rent of 19B. 8d. Lot 2—All that Memump or Dwelling He use, aitute aDd being No. 68, Td Street, azacllately in the occupation of Mr C. Gibbon. Together with the commodious Yard at the raw thereof. The Premises are held under anladenture of Lease or a tern of 89 yean from the 1st day May, 1837, at tm yearly rent of al U. Lot a.-All that Messuage or DweUing House, situate and being in Gas Rbad, immediately at the back of Lot 2, occupied by Mt Thomas Gibbon, and be under an agteegieut for a Lease for a UM of 89 YearJ fnfu the 1st day of May, 1837, at the yearly rent of ISA. Id. The Auctioneer dptimg to call the attention of Capitalists to tbn Sale, the Premise* beow situate in the must central uotition m Pontypridd. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer, Pentrebach, Pontypridd, or to Messrs HiWtr COOMM k Oo.™SolSeSTwSSS Mail Chambers. Cardiff, or to Messrs. DAVIES & WILLIAMS, oi61.0 SoHcitara, Peatypridd. LLANTWIT MAJOR (Vale of Glamorgan Railway). IMPORTANT SALE OF FAT STOCK, &C. MR HOWELL WILLIAMS will hold his next Sale of fat stock at the White Lion Hotel on Monday next, March 6th, 1899. Present Entries: 30 Very Prme Bullocks and Heifers. 250Choice Yearling Wethers (corn & cake fed) 30 Porkers and Bac n Pigs, 2 Short Horn Bulls 5 Ewe. and 5 Fat Lambs. Sale at I p m. Auctioneer's Offices, Os<r.liff and Bridgend 4611 Sales by Auction (Continued). On TUESDAY and THURSDAY next, commencing at Two o'clock precisely each day. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. ME.-SRS. J. G. MADDOX & SON will SELL by PXJBLIC AUCTION, at their SALE ROOMS, 25, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, on the above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (Removed from various residences for absolute sale), including:- Valuable Pianofortes, Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft and 4ft Wardrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, several excellent Carpets, Fenders, Brasses, superior Drawing and Dining-room Suites, Rose- wood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 5ft. Side- boards, Book-cases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut and Gilt Overmantels, &c., &c., in all about 400 lots each day. On view day prior to asd morning of each day's sale. Ar. rangements made to pack and forward all goods purchased by country buyers. The Goods can be purchased any day privately if desired. Complete or Part Houses of Furniture Bought for Cash. Sales and Valuation of every descrip- tion undertaken. For Terms, apply at the Auction Rooms, as A Dove. Established 1860. 4565 Eisteddfodau. THE FIRST ANNUAL CARDIFF EASTER FISTEDDFOD will be held in WOOD STREET CHAPEL (kindly lent-seating accommodation for 3.000 persons), on EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 3rd, 1899. Mixed Choir Competition (60 to 80 voices), Worthy is the Lamb" (Messiah). Prize 120, and handsome baton for conductor. Male Voice Competition (40 to 70 voices), arT "Martyrs of the Arena" (Rille). Prize L20, and gold medal for conductor. Prizes for solos, £ 1 10s duets, 92 2a; trios L2 2s recitations, 15s; ambulance, E2. ADJUDICATORS —Music—William Davies, Esq St. Paul's Cathedral, London, and David Chubb, Esq., Pontypridd. Recitations—Rev. E. Gurnos Jones. D.D. Prize Hags-Mrs Councillor Andrews. Ambulance-John Williams, Esq., M.D., B.Sc. T. B. Morris, Esq., M.D., Tylorstown. Chairman of Executive Committee-William Harries, Esq F.R.G.S. Arrangment8 have been made enabling choirs and parties to compete both at Cardiff and Barry on Easter Monday. Secretary, C. E. JOHNSON, 5, Arran Street, Roath, Cardiff. 4608 Tenders. CAERFHILLY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. SUPPLY OF BROKEN LIMESTONE AND NATIVE OR FIEI D STONE ALSO SCAVENGING. THE Council are prepared to receive Tenders for the above, from the 31st of March, 1899, to 31st March, 1900. Specifications can be seen and forms of Tender obtained on application to the under- signed, at the Council Offices, Caerphilly, on and after Monday, the 6th inst. Sealed Tenders, marked Tender for "Lime- stone," "Field Stone," and" Scavenging" respectively, to be addressed to the Chairman, and delivered at the Council Offices, Caerphilly, on or before Monday, the 13th inst. No Tender will be considered, unless made upon the prescribed Form, and the lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. By order, A. o. BARPUR, Surveyor. Council Offices, March, 1899. 4614 Miscellaneous Wants. \MTANTED, for Messrs. BOSTOCK AND W'OMB- M WJSIX'S MKNASBBIK, Stabling for 60 Horses in following towns-Pontypridd, Friday and Saturday, March 10 h and 11th Ferndale, Monday, March 19th; Tonypandy, Tuesday, March 14th; Treherbert, Wednesday, March 15; Porth, Thursday, March 16th. Price and par ticulars, in numbers of six and upwards. Address Manager, Bostock and Wombwell's Royal No. I Menagerie, Pontypridd. 4620 -4"" 'n Public Appointments. LLANTWIT FARDRE SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED immediately at the Llantwit Fardre Board School, an Assistant Master tEx. P.T.), qualified to teach Drawing. Salary 05. Applications, stating age, &c., with three recent testimonials, to be sent to the under- signed before IS noon, on the 14th March next. H. S. DAVIES, Clerk. Pontypridd, February 28th, 1899. 4612 CAERPHILLY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. CLERK OF WORKS. THE Council requires the services of a thoroughly competent Cleric of Works during the progress of the Aber Valley Main Outfall Sewer, under the supervision of the Engineer. no person need apply who is not thoroughly practical and had experience in a similar capacity. Salary;92 per week. Applications and qualifications together with copies of not more than three recent testi- monials, to be addressed to the Chairman of the Council, and delivered at the Council Offices, not later than Monday, 13th inst. Endorsed U Clerk of Works." By order, A. O. HARPUB, Engineer, Surveyor to Council. Cauncil Offices, Caerphilly, March, 1899. 4615 I Legal Notices. THOMAS LEWIS (DECEASED). NOTICE is hereby given that all Creditors and other persons having any Debts, Claims or Demands against the Estate of Thomas Lewis, deceased, who died at Rocking- atpne Boase, Pontypridd, in the County of Glamorgan, on the 3rd day of February, 1899, are hereby required to send in their Debts, Clasps or Demnds to Richard HUl-Male, Saucitor, Pontypridd, aforesaid on or before the 3rd day of March, 1899, after which day the Bacfisutor win not be liable to any person or SCGOQG of whose debts or claims he shall not ▼e had due wfice. Bated 1t>!s 2»rd day of February, 1899. RICHARD HILL-MALE. Solicitor to the Estate of the above-named deceaaed. 4604 =-SaBB''B='="=====! ===Ei'afas==. Public Notices. CAERPHILLY URBAN DISTRICT. PUBLIC HEALTH ACTS, AMENDMENT ACT, 1890. N' OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a Meet«ug of the Caerphilly Urban District Council held at the Council Offices, Caerphilly, on Tuesday, the 28th day of February, 1899, the following resolution was duly passed, viz.:— "That. the Caerphilly Urban District "Council adopt Part II of the Public "Health Acts, Amendment Act, 1890, "and that such part of the Act rome into operation in the aaid Urban "Ditrict, on and after the 8th day of "April, 1899," And that on and after the said 8tb day of Avril, 1899, the provisions ot tiie tiaid p-ir, i-f Act .-«> adopted, will extend to iht* said U I ball District. Dated tins 2nd day of March, 18P9. WILLIAM SPICKETT, Clf-rk rn th* Ca'Tph-Uv 4166 Urban Dis net Council. -■"J" -UAW ■ 1111 N ''IR^ BE S1 THE WORLD I PRODUCES. I Standard Blends-l/ 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, & 2/- per lb. For Agencies apply direct to :— PHILLIPS & CO., TEA SPECIALISTS, 74, Queen Street, CARDIFF; 4445 Money. ADVANCES M A r E A FROM E3 TO Æ50 to small business people and the working classes generally. Privacy Guaranteed. Apply to-EVAN RODERICK, Trail wn Shop (near Canal Bridge), 4612 Pontypridd. Public Notioes. STOPS COLD I use a good deal in Wlntrr, giving it to servants and others, and invariably hear of good results. My brother, who had Whooping Cough, and could not rest, found it the greatest reHey,B.N.D., The Blml. Faringdon, Berkv Juue, 1898. Mrs A. S. BALLIN. Bditres* of By," Feb., 1808, says: Hayman's Balsam has earned an excellent reputation. I l ave tried it myself, and found it give immediate relief. I had it carefully analysed, and it am be used safely for young children and infants." CURES COUGH 15 HOUGHTON'S Electro- Hydropathic Establishment, STUART HOUSE, ftwaam THRRACK, CARDIFF. SPECIALTY RHEUMATISM, GOUT, SCIATICA, and 'T' NERVOUS AFFECTIONS. Circular on application. 4541 UP-TO-DATE IN MEDICINE! When everything else has failed. STOP YOtJR TOOTHACHE R, IN ..P I LL.S:, TEN MINUTES. Relieve and remove the Hl>|||}f|l fill distressing pains of JifcW minim* Drive away the gloomy IIFDVflllfi forebodings & melancholy nrnoromn,, during DEPRESSION* Fill up all red corpuscles I lammla of the Blood and give vitality in The first dose gives immediate relief. A month's course will thoroughly set you up. W BOXES 1/H, TREBLE SIZE 2/9 Of all Chemists or Free by post from the Proprietor, 4520 SANDERS, City Pharmacy, Cardiff. =

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