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--Child Suffering from Diphtheria…


Child Suffering from Diphtheria Exposed. MOTHER CENSURED AND FINED. At the Istrad Pblice Court on Monday last (before the stipendiary, Mr J. Ignatius Williams and other magistrates), a married woman named Mary Thomas, residing at 3, Howard Terrace, Clydach Vale, was summoned a', the instance of the Rhondda Urban Distr"t Council for allowing her child while in ber charge suffering from diptheria, to travel n a public conveyance without previously noti- fying the Council authorities. Mr Nicholas solicitor, Pontypridd, who prosecuted .11 be- half of the Council, in opening the case stat*i that a large number of diptheria cases existed at Trealaw. The Medical Officer of HeAit, had informed him that the rate of mortality was higher there than any other part of the kingdom. Inspector Williams gave evidence, and said that on the 24th of January last, after receiv- ing certain instructions from the ME'd. a' Officer of Health he visited defendants pre- mises at 48, Trealaw Road* Trealaw. In a cellar he found her 5 children sitting Around thi fire. One child was suffering from dip- theria, and another had only just recently died from the came complaint. He gave defendant the printed instructions and ex- plamed to her what she had to do, and again visited the premises on the 25th and found the child still suffering. On the 28th, when he visited the house be found it locked tip anJ defendant was traced to No. 5, ftoward Street, ClydaSh Vale, and she admitted she had. taken the child to Clydach Vale in a brake without informing the brake-driver that it was ill. The brake had since been dis- infected. Dr. Hogan, Trealaw, said that he attended defendant's child an the 27th, and the mother asked, permission to remove the child, and she was told not to do so on any account because it was in a highly infectious condition. The child waa however removed, and it died on the following Saturday. When be heard that the child had been removed he was considerably surprised. Addressing the Bench defendant said that the child had been well wrapped up in shawls before being removed. Dr. Hogan pointed out that it would then still be breathing the cold atmosphere. Stipendiary: The charge more particularly is that you imperilled the health of other people by taking this child suffering from diptheria in a pobGc Oonveyaata, and not that you quickened the. death of the child. In summing 'up, the Stipendiary remarked that the Bench were of the opinion that defen- ;1an. htd t, toe I very w,it.gly, and through her action might have caused scores to become infected. They therefore imposed a fine of £1 10s. with the alternative of a fortnight's imprisonment with hard labour.