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PONTYPRIDD RESERVES ANNUAL SUPPER. LEAGUE CUP PRESENTED. On Thursday evening last, the Pontypridd Reserves Football Team held their eanual supper at their headquarters, the White Hart Hotel, under the presidency of Mr Firbank King, supported by Mr Ted Lewis, chairman of the committee, and the secretary, Mr T. Phillips. The jovial party sat down to a most excellent spreaa, at the club room, provided by the genial host and hostess, Mr and Mrs George Parfitt. The room was gaily decorated for the occasion with flags and streamers. Near the entrance were exhibited on a neatly arranged stand, the "Glamorgan Times Challenge Cup," which was won last year by the "Reserves," together with the medals presented to the team that night, and a splendid photo of the captain, Mr D. S. Davies, in an oak frame, which was also presented by the members of the Pontypridd Reserves Football Club as a token of their esteem and respect for services rendered as captain. The score which enabled them to carry off the "Glamorgan Times" trophy was as follows. Out of thirty-three matches played they won twenty-five, five were lost and three drawn. The points for were two hundred and fifty-nine; and against, fifty-five. After the repast, which everybody enjoyed, the company gave way to songs, speeches and other "creature comforts." In proposing the toast of tim Glamorgan Times League, Mr Llew Ryde said that the cap given by the "Times" acted as a stimulus towards bringing into existence teams which would otherwise have never been heard of, and enabled them tj draft good men into the Glamorgan Senior League. With the .exception of a little roughness at times in the play, which the referees could easily prevent, he thought the I League could not be improved upon. In responding to this toast, Mr Ted Lewis said he believed this institution was doing as much good as the senior institution. The principle was exactly the sama, it improved the stan- dard of the play and "increased the popularity of the game. (Applause). He had had the honour of being chairman for the past two seasons, and nothing would give him greater pleasure than to put in an appearance at the meetings. (Hear ,hear). A better feeling prevailed amongst the team now and they were working harmoniously. This was in no small measure due to their worthy secreter3, Mi T. Phillips., .He had put his shoulder to the wheel and it had had a marvellous effect. (Laughter). Everything pointed to the success of this league, and good results were expected. The interesting part of the pro- gramme was then reached, ,viz., the presenting of the Challenge Cup and the medals to the team. This part was enacted by the Chair- n, who humorously remarked that they did not often have the honour of being pre- sented by a "King." Mr Ted Lewia, with a few fitting remarks also presented the popular captain, M rD. L. Davies with a magnificent portrait of himself taken in football costume. Mr Davies suitably responded. After this the company were further favoured with songs and althogetber it was a function carefully arranged, pleasantly owned out, and thorough ly enjoyed.


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