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How Uncle Dave Made an ,Encyclopaedia.



BORWICKs s I The Best BAKINGS can POWDER! PUY 40M Of Undoubted Purity and Strength.Ifedical Magazine. In the front rank of really valuable foods. "-Lancet. Miss MALONY, care of Mrs. Whitaker, W Moorsfoot:— V I have been taking Dr. Tibbies' Vi- > Cocoa with considerable benefit. In a few weeks my friends began to remark my improved looks, and I gained one stone in W weight before I was two months taking it. I think ic is the only thing that really does all that the advertisement claims for dH r P ■ t WHV18 j|| STRENGTHENING? £ TIBBLES' VI-COCOA is a nourishing bever- Btt S rf a £ e» containing four great restorers of vitality— |9 M a I#Cocoa, Kola, Hops, and Malt It stands c ut as a ^9 builder-up of tissues, a promoter of vigour, and in )fr short it has all the factors whicti make robust health. Being a deliciously flavoured beverage it ^3 W HIGHLANDER. pleases the most fastidious palate. its active MP powers of diastase give tone to the stomach, and promote the flow of gastric juice, and however in- pW digestible the food taken with it at anv meal, it acts as a solvent and assimilative r -The Rev. F F. TAYLOR, Sudden.iam, via Manchester, writes I Dr. Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa vervmucb, and have used i* ev^ry day. 1 ."li, ve i- is all you represent "it, to it is f :• awa7 to be preferied to tea, coffee'aua fl w Other cocoas. t 0 WHY IS j = Preferred to Others ? jflSM = DR. TIBBLES' VI-COCOA easily bolds the field. People who have never been able to take anything <-4i||||HV in the way of cocoa before have found they can r drink Vi-Cocoa with pleasure, and that it does them HH good. Its power as a re-vitalising agent has been H strongly commented on, whether for those who ■■ M suffered from brain weariness or from exhaustion 1 by manual labour. The advent of Vi-Cocoa has produced a great increase in cocoa drinkers, as it has been found to supply a want in the matter of B drinks not hitherto satisfactorily met, for while it BRITISH NAVAL possesses the refreshing properties of fine tea and CAPTAIN V the nutritive properties of good cocoa it has a M w tonic force possessed by neither. fli 4,500



--Child Suffering from Diphtheria…