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I Ptntypridd CwohbtiMmg Co. I "tle Winne for Oarrlaget), flBB now offering a targe number of Trap. ft and Csrrla«ei of vanuun descriptions at th« very loweacprices- Large Show Rooms new open— CARRIAGE WORKS, MORGAN STKIEKT, PONTYPRIDD. A fragrant, grateful, and comforting cup made in a moment by using Symington's Edinburgh Coff: e Essence In bottles from all Grocers- JVERY WOMAN END TWO STAMPS for our NEW BOOK, entitled How to limit your family," con- taining valuable information to Ladies, how al! ^regularities may be entirely avoided or Re moved by Simple Means. Recommended by eminent Physicians as the only safe, sure, and genuine remedy. Never Fail. Thousands of Testimonial? Mr G. P. BLANCH A an, Claremont sjouee, Forut road, Daleton, London. 4048 The Face a Guide to Character. The striking likenesses printed below are remarkable in three ways. They bear candour and honesty in .Yery lineament. They are, in the second place, intelligent, sensible faces-not the faces of people who would maki unfounded or ill-cousidored statements. And thirdly, they are healthy faces, the faces of strong, robust paople overflowing with physical gojd health and vigour. Every one of these Portraits is from a Photograph, and has been sent with one purpose, namely, to show that the person depicted is well and strong. These People had been ill- some of them at death's door. All have been et-red, and so they sent their pictures to show how well they had been made by Dr.Williams'Pink'i I lsfor Pale People. Bridgend Girl on the Brink of Death M r 8 sjffk?. Powell, of GRFTKMeadow- street, Bridgend, thus re- ^6^ arr larfd the <7 saving of her daugh- ter's },h.tiJ a Briduend Chrop, cle rporL('r. \Vyv| Up IVV mfflrtyk */J V teen was mm vi a fi n e UwM bonny lass, and never knew what a day's illness ws In April, 189J, she seemed to lose ti,e c(, -tir fr-,ni ti, r che,lks. of pain, in r st'-mach. Her appetite failed, a bad Cough supervened, and a doctor said that she was m a Decline "change of air at a Hest wis tried, hut the matron became alarmed and SI-I,t her home. I began to think she could ot last much longer for she was perfectly helples>, l<avir!g to be fed like a baby. I read an account in one of the uewspapers of a marvellous cure of a w man in a similar state to my daughter by Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peopl- I procured a box My daughter had only taken three doses when we began to see a change in her. Her eyes looked brighter, and her appetite returned, and before the firt box was finished you would not have taken her to be the satne girl Miss Jennie Powell said nt-ver felt better in her lif". "Ere I had t ak(-n three boxes of Or Williams' Pink Pills." f-he exclaimed, I was able to go about my work with comfort. I could eat and sleep well. and my spirits returned." +. — Sciatica Floors a Cardiff Blacksmith. 'r At 46, Spring Gar- dt-nfi Place, Roath (SIiVS a Times re- 1; porter) lives a bl ack- Ii e n r y C [I a r I e s Morris, 46 yt'arø of agp, an outline VOf which of which follows I was always ;0 healthy un- N. til about four years ago, when I had the first symptoms of sciatica. I was ill for 13 months, and confined to bed a good deal of that time. A doctor attended me for about five montbs. I was able to resume work, but soon I had the pains again for a long time right away up to the time I had a bad attack in October, 1897. Another clever doctor, gave me medicine and stuff to rub on my left leg, but I did not find relief. I had in another doctor with the same result. Then fortunately I was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pal People. I accordingly sent to a chemist for these pills, and atter taking two boxes I was able to resume work. After taking four boxes the pain had entirely ceased, and now I feel as well as I ever telt ia my life. This is a difficult complaint to deal wfh, and I can say that Dr. William, i,i,ik Pi'ii-: entirely cured me of it. I am Iwartiiy rhankiYi t, ;it I was told 01 these pills in time. Little Victim to St. Vitus' Dance at Llanelly. Gprtrude Williams, a bright uir] of is the (I a u gliter of M r W iJIiams, of "wan i-ea tr e Van] ts." /Llanelly A l.lantlly t G u ardian ) tt 1f reporrer /f! {fv wAs i n- lormedby Mrs. Wil- liams:—"One evening whs. my daughter was playing with some children she suddenly be- came quite helpless, having lost the use of fr right side. A doctor pronounced the child to he suffering from St Vitus' Dance Medicine did not ture her, and her condition daily became worse. My husband and I were greatly troubled were almost giving up all hopes of her recwery, when oi.e day my sister reec,m m ell d, d Or. Williams' Pink fills for lale People. It was a blessing that, Dr. Wil- liams' Pink Pills were brought to our notice, for to-day she enjoys excellent health. ( bought a box and in a week she appeared improved. Her appetite increased, and in a fortnight she had been practically cured To secure a com- plete recovery, we purchased another box. but only half of it was used, as Gertrude had been restored to pt-rft-ct health at the end of three weeks. V.,u can well imagine how thankful my husband and I feel. ow she is quite well, and she has a wonderful appetite, too, for a girl of her age, and eats as much, if not more, than any of her brothers or sisters." Welsh Miner's Lumbago Cured. A3#} There is a fine, young miner named James r tiotnas t w e nty-six M years of age living at 6, Cf B a x t e r-ter- raco, Glyo- v. ul If corrwg, Mouth Hi J Wales. When ly J questioned JjY A by a Bridgend JM)\ xLtL Chronicle re- he li'Mll 1 rf mWkW\ under8r°und, I V V I 1/11 OT about ten PlrMi rl jp\ V J' f/ M with violent f | r pains in the back, and alter that was subject to terrible spells of pains at intervals. I was incapacitated from work for a fortnight at a time, but about eighteen months ago I became so bad that I had to give up work altogether. I consulted a doctor, and attended Cardiff Infirmary, where I was told Tny complaint was the collier's bane-lumbago. I could neither sit, stand, nor lie down without suffering horrible pain, and when my mothev accompanied me to the Infirmary she thought I would die in the train. One day my father came across an advertise- ment of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and we then decided to try them. "After the first box I found some relief, after a second there was a marked improve- ment my limbs beeame easier, my appetite returned, and after taking six or seven boxes, I felt healthier than I had done for many months'. If I hadn't taken Dr. Williamle Pink Pills I should never be where I am now. I am stronger and healthier than ever I was." +- An Anglesey Girl Made Rosy and Well. A representative of the North Wales Observer paid a visit lately to Ab-rffraw, in Anglesey, where at Glan-y-felin Bach farmhouse, he saw Miss Anne Jones, aged about 19 years. Mrs. Jones briefly described in Welsh the terrible pains which her daughter suffered. She felt extremely weak, and was unable to walk a few yards without being greatly exhausted. Her parents becatiie greatly alarmed, and various remedies were tried, but no good tesult followed. Having occasionally read of the cures effected by means of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, it was r. solved to purchase a box. A change for the better was observed at once. Two more boxes. were bought, and so wonderful wan the d6ange effected that her daughter now feels as' wfoll all ever she did.^Her st,rength has returned, and she is new able to do domestic work and other duties appertaining to the farm without the least trouble. The cheeks, which some time ago were pale and thin, are now rosy and plump. Mrs. Jones incidently remarkpd that she knew of other people in the neighbourhood who took Dr. Williams' Pink Pills with great benefit. Praised by Welsh People. clauses ot pS, £ £ ttfSJy JTwuJbt&JklS poverishment of the blood, scrofife chrome erysipelas, consumption of the bowSS and lungs, anaemia, paie and sallow comnSJ? g«ml EiMcote weakness, lois of ™PppJS palpitations, pains in the back, nervous bea £ ache and neuralgia, early decay all form* nt .female weakness fan d hy/ter £ a tonic, not a pursrativo Ther am „ only with the full name, Dr WimLs^PhS Pills for Pale People (seven words) and are by chemTsts, and bv Dr Wi'ii„, « J- • atJsPa9nJ' 4t fl°Jbyrn Viadn^ London, EX? Pin ii't or 81X b"x,'s for 13-J. 84. Pink Pills sold lose or from glass j.irs are not Dr Will.ams' Pink Pills accpt them only ?n the pink closed wrapper as above described



Tynewydd, Treherbert,