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Selling Whiskey on Sunday…


Selling Whiskey on Sunday at Pentre. LADY PUBLICAN FINED. On Monday last, before the stipendiary, Mr J. Ignatius Williams, Aid. W. Morgan, Mr E. H. Davies, and J. D. Williams, M.F.H.. at the Ystrad Police Court, Mary Griffiths, landlady of the Market Tavern, Pentre, was summoned for a breach of the Sunday Closing Act on Sunday, the 19th inst. Mr D. W. Jones, Pentre,, defended. P.C. Rees Davies, Pentre, deposed that on the 12th inst, in ccnsequence of what he had seen on previous occasions he attired himself in plain clothes and concealed himself in a place just opposite the hotel door from 6.30 to 7.30, where he could observe everything that vflfe going on mside. During that time he saw several people knocking at the door, some of whom were answered by the landlady, and others by the little daughter. After knocking at the door the applicants then went down the pavement and then returned when the door was opened. At 7.30, a woman came to the door carrying a tin jack with her. After knocking at the door. she also walked down the pavement a few yards and stood for a minute. The door was then opened and she returned and had a conversation with the defendant in Welsh, then she asked for sixpence worth of whiskey. The person supplied was a Jfrg Hughes, a. mlk vendor. She returned again in about two minutes to the door, defendant remarking, Here it is, Mrs Hughes," handing her a bottle which was produced by the officer who found it in her Pocket. Mrs Hughes at first refused to deliver up the bottle and was only induced to do so when the officer threatened to take her into custody. The bottle was found to contain whiskey. The constable took her back to the hotel, and in her presence asked iMe defendant why she had supplied the milk vendor with whiskey. Defendant remarked to Mrs Hughes "You never had & bottle here." Afterwards she said "I must admit t gave her a bottle of whiskey because she is a, particular friend of mine, but she did not pay for it. It was afterwards stated by Mrs Hughes that her son was ill and that the whiskey was for him. The officer subsequently called upon j the son who remarked that he had been ill, but was going to restart work on Monday. Inspector Mehenniok, in giving evidence, said lie visited Mrs Griffiths' premises on Sunday, the 12th inst, aceompanied by Con- stable Bees liavies, on entering the hotel he saw Mrs Hughes standing in the passage. The landlady and the daughter were in the bar. He asked the landlady to account for the presence of Mm Hughes on bar licensed premises. She prelied, "Mm Hughes is a friend of mine, she has supplied me with milk and I have given her some whiskey for her son who is ill. Witness enqniredthe bame of the son and was told it was David. Then the landlady further remarked "I awe Mrs Hughes some cake but it was my daughter who gave the whiskey." The defence was that firs Hughes had gone to the hotel at the request of Mrs Griffiths, the landlady, to deliver milk, and whilst she was there she was given some cake, both for herself and her so*, who was ill. In conse- quence of Mrs Hughes stating that her son was unable to take anything except whiskey and milk she was also given same whiskey in a bottle, payment fer same not being accepted. Ultimately the Bendi decided that the case had been made out, the Stipendiary remarking that there had been two previous cases of a similar nature against the defendbnf, the first of which was full of suspicion ant the second was treated very leniently. They had however now decided to impose a fine ef æ and costs. The womaa < Ab-beth Hughes W88 then pro. ceeded againsE for aiding a abetting fa the aforesaid sale and was fined lte.




Tynewydd, Treherbert,