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THE WANT OF THE DAY- t ;.oa gi SWEET, GOOD BREAD. £ -14 I FLOUR T o8 = J REYNOLDS BO S C? FLOUR 1 <D CO .=— <D '4 SEE THIS SPACE NEXT WEEK FOR LIST OF BRANDS. ca 4518 "NO BETTER FOOD." DR. ANDREW WILSON, F.R.S.E., &c. ETdvo pure RIM T O CONCENTRATED 250 Gold medals MK AND DIPLOMAS. N.B.— Just three words are necessary in order to obtain the right Cocoa, viz. FR-Y ",z-Pu ii E- CONCENTRATED. 11 DAISY DAISY CYCLES: L||PY JJLP CYCLES! ,T D A I H yu AYLIFFE & SONS, CYCLE WORKS, CARDIFF, MAKERS. DAISY CYOLES are the most popular mounts in Wales, and bold the best records for Path and Road, and mut still lead the way. Their '99 Models are perfection. Write for '99 Catalogue. Sole Agent for Rhondda Valley and district: T. S. JUDD, PARK STREET, TREFOREST. 4514 THE CHIEF COMPETITIONS AT THE TONYPANDY CROWN KISTEDDFOD On EASTER MONDAY AND TUESDAY, 1899. Proceeds to the Mid-Rhondda Cottage Hospital and the Tonypandy and Trealaw Public Library. ► CONDUCTOR I I TOM JOHN, ESQ., LLWYNYPIA. Adjudicator of Chorals and Pianoforte Solos, W. G McN AUGHT, Esq, Mus. Doc., F.R.A.M. Adjudicator of Preliminaries and Finals in Solos, Duets, and Trios, IVOR FOSTER, Esq., *xh bitioner R.C M., Gold Medallist. Adjudicator of Literary Comp,otitiolls. Rev. K. D. JOHNS (Periander), Clydach Vale. Adjudicator of Brass and Drum k Fife Bands, J. ORD HUMK, Esq Pine Grove, Fleet, Hants. Accompanists, Messrs. D. LLOYD, Tonypandy, and J. LLEWELYN, Penygraig, Grief Choral Competition. Be not Afraid (from Elijah) First Price, £60 & a GOLD CROWN; Second Prize, MO. Minim- m number of voices. 100; maximum, 150. Second Choral Competition—"Clychau (Goiko Gwent). First prize, 920 second prize, E5. Minimum 50, maximum 70. Chief Male Voice Competition—" Night and Day (Iktrd). First Priae, *30 second prize, £10. Minimum 60r maximum 80. Second Male Voice OornpriitiOft-" fbe Little Church" (Becker). First prize, L-90; second prize, £ 5. Minimum 40, maximum 60. Ladies Choral Competition—(«> "You stole my Love (Jfacfarren); (b) Gwenith Gwyn" (D. tmlyn Evans). First pnze, E12 second prise, £3 Minimum 30, maximum 40. Juvenile C< mpetitioB—"Cyssegriad (Tom Price). For S.C under 16 years; no Bass allowed. Firt prize, L7; second prize, £ 3. Minimum 30. maximum SO. Brass Band Contest (Section A)-" V,-rdi (Wright$Round). First prize, JE16 second prize, JE9; third prize, £4 fourth prize. JE2 Brass Band Contest (Section B)—"Gems of Modern Melody (Wright$Round). First prize, ilo; second prize, JM third prize. ES Drum and Fife Band Cootelt-u <1 Trovatore" (Wright$Round). First Prize. f7 second, jE3 Valuable extra prizes given to Conductors. Grand prizes for musical compositions, solos, duets, tricn violin. pianoforte, and other solos. Programmes, containing all information, post free for 2d. from the 4536 Bearetary-G. EVANS, Eisteddfod Office, TONYPASBY. Vtopared under MEDICAL INSTBTTCTCOjr irom I PUREST COCOA, KOLA NUT, MALT, rod the FERRUUINOU S or IBON-BEAIUNG ELEMENTS OF FOOD. Improves Nutrition AND Prevents Consumption Owingto the Ferruginous Elements contained in it # £ jRRU' COCOA largelyassists in the for- mation of Haemoglobin or Red ColouringMatterin I the Blood, thereby being of enormous value to Children, to Invalids, and to all suffering frcaa weak digestion and impoverished Blood. FERRU- OOCQA undoubtedly EN EICHES THE BLOOD by means of the IRON added to it It is a well-known scientific fact that IRON w the OXYGEN CARRIER of the blood, and a deficiency of these Ferruginous Elements in the rpitem^ leads to Anaemia, Chlorosis, and other The constant use of FERRU-GOCOA will padually enrich the blood, improve the health, augment the appetite and assist digestion, lessen waste and enormously aid in the repair of mus- cular and nervous tissue. It is a Food Beverage that nourishes and sustains. Also its use vrfil accelerate intra-organic oxidation, thereby im- proving the general nutrition and lessening the TENDENCY TO CONSUMPTION^! aU LUNG COMPLAINTS. m The LANCETsays:—" Normally Cocoa rmtains NO Iron, and its addition ttt an organic f ottk tn Jie prevar&* Ston before uj (FER&U'COGOA) is a step oj some impor- tance. The MEDICAL PRESS says. The addition of Iron (to FEIiBU-COGOA) in a digestible condition, is in our opinion afeature, deserving of notice, seeing that Iron is a necessary constituent of blood, and as natural Cocoa is deficient in this element the idea of enriching it is a distinctly novel (me. Packed in 6d., 9d. 1/6 tins, of all Chemists Grocers. FREE SAMPLES SENT TO ALL on applicatioa (mentioning this paper), to— FERRU-COCOA M'FG CO., LTD., I 329, GOSWBCili ROAD. LONDON, B.C. R E o* SUN INSURANCE OFFICE. Y. o' N Sum insured in 1897 exceeds X42510001000. For all particulars apply to the following Agents:— PONTYPRIDD: Mr W. D. HODGBS, Metropolitan Bank. Mr W. WILLIAMS, Market Square Chambers. 4522 THE Most Perfect Bread T Ceqtury is made by using TWROG MEAL A NALTFD .& COOKED FOOD. Combines all the elements calculated to assist digestion with an APPETISING FLAVOUR. j FLESH FORMING, BRAIN FEEDING, and MUSCLE STRENGTHENING. MOST EASILY made into BREAD. A NECESSITY for the HOUSEHOLD. SOLD at a POPULAR PRICE. OBTAINABLE EVERYWHERE. so'e Makers: } SPILIERS & BAKERS, Ltd., Cardiff, Bristol JE Newcastle-on-Tyne, .4468 Among those taking pari in our FREE CASH PRIZE COMPETITION, i NO ENTRANCE FEE WHATEVER. ist PRIZE 6,50. and PRIZE £ 25. 3rd PRIZE £15. 4th PRIZE &10. These money Prizes will be genuinely given away as an adver- tisement, among the Competitors wLo can re-arrange th. following- 22 letters to represent the names of four well-known wild animals, selected by us. viz NIOL GERIT EPTNAHEL ABREZ. Send in your solutions at once, upon receipt of which we will inform you if correct, and give you full details of the Compe- tition, with ci nditions, and date of closing. If you cannot solve all four names, do as many as yuu can, as there are foul prizes to compete for. No solution can be received after 12th April 1899. Address;—" Competition Manager." 21.. neramy &oed, LONDON. PRINTING AND BOOKBINDING of every description EXECUTED WITH NEATNESS AND DESPATCH ON THE' PREMISES at the G f.AVORGAN FREE ES I JpRINTING WORKS, 22, T A VF STREET, PONTYPRIDD.


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