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r ustard and Cress. —,ol


r ustard and Cress. —, ol At the conference of the English Congrega- tional Union at Portheawl, the Rev D. Rich- ards, Caerphilly, said that the English language was spreading with great rapidity in Caerphilly. When he first came there 36 years ago, very little English was spoken, but now very little Welsh was spoken. This is a story to which the writer oan testi- fy, for he was one of the party. A number of Oxford undergraduates were reading Divinity fo "Smalls," and came to the story of the sac- rificeffi of Isaac."Why," asked a flippant member of the pafty, "was the ass taken, and why was Isaac put upon itf "Because," said a small boy who was privileged to be of the gathering, "his father thought he would give him one more treat before ho died." The "Onion Shonnies" sell very cheap these days. They are in a hurry to get home to ebey the call of mobilise, which the French appear to rush to with a haste which, we hear, they will be repenting at leisure. If war will be fleclared, it will be made a scapegoat for many or fue domestic troubles which to-day appear to overwhelm France. The new United Choiu movement itas a big list of vice-presidents. At the price of a guinea a piece they would make a. good starting fund. to assist Pontypridd to make a good choral show at the Cardiff Eisteddfod. Mr W. Thomp- son is the conductor, and Mr R. Bevan secre- tary. Pontypridd and the immediate neighbourhood will be well represented at the National Bistedd- fod at Cardiff next year. The Pontypridd United Choir, Pontypridd Male Voice Party, and the Treforest Male Vdice Society, intend competing, and possibly the Pontypridd Ladies' Choir will follow suit. The population of the United Kingdom is now estimated at 40,200,000. Divide this by 670, the numbers of Parliamentary representatives, and then you get exactly 60,000 persons to every Member of Parliament. They say that the water from the Maerdy supplies is a little better this week. It can be drunk low without actually closing your eyes; just wink is permissible, still it is not the pure lucid fluid whieh we so much admire. Llwynypia Collieries have been running slow these last weeks. We find that it is not much better in other districts. The reason given is that the ships are slow getting round Barry and Cardiff, ft is inevitable that after so long a strike trade would not come to its stride at once. We know it now. Many think it was a great mistake to sum- mons the Mabon's Day absentees, and especially to fine them. Hasten slowly is a good motto in these matters. A good sound talk from the Bench would have produced the result desired tetter than the step taken. At any rate, that is our opinion: The Cymmrodorion of Ton, Pentre, stand to the front of good staying powers. A few yeans ago we heard of a good many, but they are silent as the grave. There is no winking or Winking this fact, that every movement de- pends upon the officials, and particularly the secretary. Well, Mr Tom Davies, Ton, is the ideal. He never flags, and he is always a Cym- mrodor, hence the success at Ton. The Portli Cottage Hospital is desarvedly en- titled to more than local consideration. Of the number of patients healed thereat during the year between July 1st, 1897, and June 30th of this year, Porth and Cymmer had only 20 par tients, Penygraig had 22, Llwynypia 7, Clvdaeh Vale 5, Pentre 3, Gilfach Goch 5, and Tylors- town 3. These figures proved conclusively the claims of the hospital to a wide support. The attendance of children at school is much better looked after on the Continent than amongst us. It is a reality there. Take France for instance. The Act starts with the assum- tion that a pupil is bound to attend every day; if he exceeds four absences in the month (two days) the parent receives a letter from the authorities demanding an explanation, and if they do not receive a satisfactory answer they inflict punishments. Pontypridd is making amother attempt to form a United Chofr. We are always per- plexed at the difficulties which invade every at- tempt at Ponty. to consolidate kindred sections, and the unWoken front of any one town aspira. tion. Wet!, we hope thaT something will eome ef this movement. It would be a good thing to get a Town Choir representative of the vocal talent, but without falling into precipitate en- thusiasm, we will calmly wait for the outoome. The new half-penny mid-weekly paper, "The Rnondda Post," is making headway. The pub- lishers introduced quite a novelty in their issue for last Wednesday. I They have arranged with a well-known local firm of photographers to pre- sent each week three of their readers with their photographs free of charge. There is nothing to do but ml up the coupon and send it to the offices. This enterprise deserves enoouragemenb. Talking of coupons, we wonder how many of the readers of the "Free Press' 'take the trouble to fill up the coupon we give every week in our front page which insures any of our .readers no less a sum than L200 in case of a fatal accident by Railway, Steamboat, Tram- car, or Omnibus. Fortunately there has not been any serious accident of this kind in our locality lately, but our Free Insurance is ap- plicable to any part of the United Kingdom, and as one never knows what may happen, we "would like to remind our readers of the provi- sion we have made on their behalf for such a contingency if they will only take the necessary precaution of signing their paper before ventur- ing on any journey. We have a good deal of sympathy with that Irishman. We do not mean Mr Redmond, who was saying on Saturday that in the event of a war between the United Kingdom and France, Ireland would be entirely on the side of France, We do not believe it, and if it were true, we should deeply regret it. But the Irishman we sympathise with is the man who broke Mr Punch's" window in Fleet street as a protest against last week's cartoon. The "Punch" car- toons have long Tieen a delight and sometimes an inspiration to us all. In foreign affairs the comic aspect has, of course, been shown where it was a case of comedy; but, as a rule, tlio treatment has been dignified and studiously careful. Unfortunately the present moment in our relations with France is not a time for comedy, and to represent a courageous soldier as a monkey on a barrel-organ which the French nation plays, is not dignified or careful or even mic. The whole conception of the cartoon, drawing and words and all, shows John Bull just at his very worst. That is the sort of thing which makes us hated by Irishmen as well as others. It is illegal to break windows, but that Irishman "has our sympathy," as the popu- (ltr long says. The present supply of water in the Rhondda is about 13 gallons a heaxl per day. This may "appear copious at the first flush (not blush), but according to Professor Boyd Dawkins, he con- siders it about one-half of the quantity usually ( supplied in other districts. A bore gets his own way very often, and boring pays many a cantankerous fellow, but Mr Wight, of Gelli, has suggested that a good water supply can be found in the Rhondda if we indulged in boring the Millstone Grit. In- deed, it is said that it would not be difficult to find 1,000,000 gallons by this process. Next March the Rhondda wiN have to select 21 District Councillors. This will be a golden opportunity for many of our past defeated can- didates. It will take a good time to debate any question if the 21 Councillors frisist upon having a say. But we hope some Committee division of work will be suggested to spare us this enormous length of tongue.


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