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lVfustard and Cress.I .


lVfustard and Cress. I The Pontypridd Ma,ls Voice Society (which ha-j been formed for the purpose of competing a the CardiS Royal Nationul Eisteddfod,1899.), will hold their first rehearsal oa Friday (to- night), October Slat, at the Parish Rooms, at 8 p.m. sha.rp. It is hoped that all lovers of music will support the movement by attending the Rest practice. ]MXss Mary Thomas, the promising young soprano of Treforest, is fast making a name for herself as a concert singer. On \Veåne.'Jè&y last she sang to a crowded audience at WIut- church. and on each occasion she was forced to respond to an encore. Miss Thorny has also been very suooessful m the eisteddofdic arena,, having won no less than 45 prizes at various eisteddfodau. We wish fier still further success. On Tuesday evening next, the Rev R. E. Wit. i&ma (Twrfab). Ab?, appacrs before the Rbondda Cymrodorion to deliver his address. We anSoipate there will be a crowded audi- ence to hear the popular "Bard" of "Sweet 'Berdar.' A G.W.R. employee (a Londoner) broke his }aw bon<* on Sunday morning by trying to pro- nounce the words "Dun'ryn Bach Dairy," which be saw pamted on a* milk cart opposite his resi- dence at Pontyclun. You can see with half an eye that FRANK THOMAs ("My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Hat. The chief characteristics of G. F. HACKER'S Photo- grapht &re Fidelity and Artistic Finish. 8ample9 may be see& at hia Studio—12 and 13. The Arcade Pamtypndd. 4219 ANY Photograph enlarged snd nnisbed in Black and White, Crayon, or Oils by Tsos. FOMENT & SONS, Cambrian Studio, Pontypridd.

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