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SJustard and Cress. ♦ BEPOKTER.—Sharp Junior wanted at once. APPLY—GLAMORGAN FREE PKEGS Offices, Pontypridd. The Maerdy Shop Assistants are- talking of oaganising a conversazione soon, which we trust will be a success. On Saturday evening, Treforest was the pos- sessor of a first rate fountain, not presented by a generous M.P., but supplied gratuitosuly by the Pontypridd Water Works Company. One of the water main in Parfc street had burst, with the result that a strong column of water was forced high into the air, and continued until early mom. Miss Bondfield, the assistant secretary of the Shop Assistants' Union, will speak on "Shop Life Reform," at the Parish rooms, Pontypridd, next Monday. During her visit to the town she will be the guest of Mr and Mrs F. G. Ed- wards, Merthyr road. What is the Tonypandy Eisteddfod Commitr tee going to do for next year. There are plenty anxious to set another eisteddfod held, but they forget a very essential fact that unless the officers, and especially the secretary, are better supported, the thing is not easily done. In the death of Mr ACison White, Llwynypia loses a very old resident. He had been a very faithful supporter of the Conservative cause in the district. For years he was a contractor at the colliery, and latterly, owing to indifferent health, he had taken on the light, but respon- sible, duties of night watehman. His figure will be missed in the locality. The Ystrad Higher Grade School was never fuller than at present. This is despite the fact that Standard V. are not now admitted. The teachers of the Llwynypia School pre- sented Mrs Williams, a recent member of the staff, on Thursday last with a poetty tea ser- vice. Mrs Williams is at present on the staff of Pont Rhoudaa Scbeols. The Porth Cottage Hospital is greater in need of funds. The failure to hold the annual Porth Eisteddfod has upset the financial calculations for the year. It is a pity to find such an admir- able institution lacking means, and we trust that the friends will rally round it strongly in this crisis. Mr D. Williams, Treherbert, was the Rhon- dda representative at the half-yearly meeting of the Hearts of Oak Society. It is the first time that the districT has been represented. From a repoafc we have read the choice has proved a good one. Genial District Councillor Thomas Griffiths does not me to trust his physical welfare to the tender mercies of the Pontypridd Water Works, and he has laid a pipe to get the real crystal liquid from Trebanog. Just now when water drinkers at Cymmer have nothing but the tur- bid liquid supply of the Water Company, Mr Griffiths is multiplying friends without number. Sir George Kekewich will again come to the Rhoadda. Mr Sevan, the Chairman of the Board, did the entertainer most handsomely at Ferndale. The banquet was up to the best style, and the generosity of the Chaiwnan was praised all round. We congratulate him also for the admirable manner in which he conducted every item of the ceremonials, which had been organised for Sir George's reception. The Rev W. Charles, M.A., Treorky, has been asked to take a temporary place on the staff of Brecon Congregational College. This will en- tail his absence at Brecon two days of every week. The water question is in a very acute stage at Porth, and the lower part of the Valley, as well as Pontypridd. The people have reason to be thankful to Doctors Howard Davies and Herbert Jones for the great vigilance they show in protecting the interest of the people. It is very well to get dividends, but the health of the inhabitants must tie supreme. The Syllabus of Trinity College Musical Ex- amination are now ready. Students may ob- tain them from the local secretary, Professor E. P. Mills, L.R.C.M., Ceridwen Terrace, Pont- ypridd. A memorial service to commemorate the anni- versary 0f the death of the late Re,v John Evans (Eglwysbach) will be hela in the Tswn Hall, Pontypridd, on Sunday, the 23rd kist. The services will be in Welsh. The preachers announced are the Rev Thomas Jones (Cen- hadwr), and the Rev J. R. Jones (Tabernacle). It's a -pity the chairs and benches at the 'Tudor Half, Ferndale Had not been dusted on Thursday evening last. We are informed several ladies' dresses were spoilt by the omission. The Ferndale shop assistants went in for high back jumping practice at the Tudor Hall on Thursday (during dancing too). Funny thing for a ball-room! You can see with half an eye that FRANK THOMAS ("My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Hat. The chief characteristics of G. F. HACKER'S Photo- graphs are Fidelity and Artistic Finish. Samples may be seen at his Studio-12 and 13, The Arcade, Pontypridd. 4219 ANY Photograph enlarged snd finished in Black and White, Crayon, or Oils by THOS. FOE BEST & SONS, Cambrian Studio, Pontypridd.



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