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Public Notices. o L D R OR o I D I E G B H I 7- L C A X N D D W' H H U I S "RODERICK DHU" OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY. THE LEADING SCOTCH BRAND. Becemmended by Analysts and Physicians The Best Value in the Market. Wright & Greig, Ltd., GLASGOW. This fine Old Scotch Whisky can be had fawn all the leading dealers in and around Pontypridd. BepMeentative-Mr. W. JENKINS, Maesgwyn Villa, Coity Fields, Bridgend. 3025 SPECIAL LINES, "FREE POSTAGE." Waterproof Cycle Capes, 5s each. Waterproof Nursing Aprons, Is each. Waterproof Nursing Aprons, 2s each, large size. Waterproof Nursing Aprons, 2s 6d each, Satteen Print. Waterproof Bed Sheeting, 2s 6d yard, 30 in. guaranteed. Waterproof Pilches (or babies squares), Is each. Waterproof Babies Bibs, 6d each. India Rubber Enema Syringe, 2s 3d each. Ibdia Rubber Enema Springe, 3s 6d each, superior quality. Waterproof Collar, Cuffs, and Fronts—illus- trated list on application. MIDLAND RUBBER CO., 107, Godwin St., Bradford, Yorkshire. 3937 *Orr LADIEKS XiADIBS BKQUIBIKG ASSISTANCE and RBLIBF in all FBMALH AILMHNTS, IRREGULARITIES, SUPPBBSSIONS. and OBSTRUCTIONS caa obtain the most valuable information whereby difficulties are overcome, no matter how Obstinate or Lona-itanding. THIS EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE has met with immense success in THOUSANDS OF CASBS after all others have failed. Bead these extracts from Testimonials .— KNXBOROI. Dear Madam,—Kindly send me a bottle of your medicine and pills. I have tried them before; on one occasion they put me right with Your Doses after Sixteen Weeks, and another time One Doee did lilt Ilood.-M. L. T. HHWCABTLK-OH-TYITK. Dear Madam,—My can was a very obstinate one of Bighteen Weeks, but with perseverance and your good advice I am happy to say I got relief.—Mrs M. J. YOBX. Dear Mrs Dasmail,—I received the medicine and fills safely. The last I had proved effectual after Ive Months' Suppression and Anxiety.—Mrs A. B. The above, and Thousands of Similar Testimonials, Abandon not hope; here you will find a Genuine SPECIALITY & CURB. Failure impouible. Send ■tamped addressed envelope for particulars to A, DASMAIL, Box 433 L&ngdale House, Walthamstow, Xiondon. 3508 JOHN CROCKETT & CO., 2 & 3, TAFF STREET, Clr,ck and Watch Makers, Geld Wedding Rings and Keepers, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers and Polishers. Sofas and Couches repaired equal to new. Furnishing Ironmongers. Fenders, Fire Irons, Saucepans, Tea Kettles, Knives and Forks, &c., Iron Bedsteads, Millpuff and Feather Beds, Wool, Hair and Millpuff Mattresses made to fit any size Bedsteads. UNDERTAKING.—Hearses, SheUibiers and Carriages supplied. Wreaths and shrouds in great variety. Coffins sent home to any part of the country. Adult Coffins from 35s to 1.7 7s. Children's ditto, from 7s. 6d to JE1 10s. 1866 THE System of Selling Everything at a Small Profit, and only of Good Quality, is an absolute rule at the Shops of BOOTS, CASH CHEMISTS. Physicians' Prescriptions are prepared with the utmost care with Pure and Fresh Drugs of the Best Quality at all their Establishments, and only Assistants Qualified by Examination of the Pharmaceutical Society are employed for dispensing. CASH BOOTS, CHEMISTS, LOCAL ADDRESSES :— 83, Taff street, PONTYPRIDD 42, Com- mercial street, NEWPORT; 2. Oxford street, SWANSEA; 66, Stepney street, LLANELLY. JESSE BOOT, Managing Director. Boots, Ltd., Proprietors, Head Office, Nottingham. 4006 CHARLES BUBB, = ÇQ 21, MORGAN ST., PONTYPRIDD. 4242 EVERY MAN SUFFERING from NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY should send for a valuable pamphlet explaining how all nervous and organic derangements may be successfully treated without stomach medica- tion. The method is easy and pleasant, and will effect a perfect and permanent cure. Sent sealed, Post Free. Address- a. IN ORTON, 59 4 611. Chancery Lane, London, W.C. Established 30 Years. 4085 OMEN'S AILMENTS. IRREGULARITIES, Ac.—A Lady, having tried in vain every advertised remedy, has at last dis- eovered a Simple Cure. which will act in a few hours, no matter how stubborn the case. Bona-flde sufferers •an get it FRKH OF CSUBGB by enclosing stamped envelope. Don't experiment with Worthless Pills, Mixtures, Cones, and other injurious nostrums. Write at once with full HOP. AND COHFIDKROS to IIn O. ST. CLAIR. 46; Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London 4154 X SPECIAL TO YOUNG MBN. X Just Published, a Medical Work, entitled: "HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH." On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFB, and the CAUSBS, SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart.. Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back, Ac. Sent post free for two stamps'; or by letter post, three Stamps. The Females' Friend and Adviser Will be sent to any address on receipt of Two Stamps Address Messrs BARNES & Co., 48, Lonsdale-square1 jfenabury, London, X. A4; Public 4otices. r REGI MARK w DIWYDRWYDD Y CYMRY." -'IN PARRY AND ROCKE, WELSH WOOL MANUFACTURERS, SWANSEA. Manufacturers of Guaranteed Welsh Hosiery, Flannels, and Knitting Yarns. All our goods are labelled with our registered trade mark for protection of users. Should there be any difficulty mobtaining our manufactures, please drop us a postcard, and we will at once send you address of nearest draper or dealer. Support your home industries. Wholesale only. To be had of retailers in every town in Wales. 4321 The above Photo is that of Professor DESMANE DISEASE SPECIALIST, 23, STATION TBBBACB, PONTYPRIDD Who, about six years ago, came to reside in South Wales, and from a complete stranger hil name has now become a household word throughout Glamorganshire, and many to-day are alive and well who might have been living a LIFE OF MISERY but for him; thousands during that time have received his treatment with tbe GREATEST SUCCESS, and are to-day LIVING TESTIMONIALS of his great skill. His EYE AND EAR treatment is also most wonderful as he has cured in many instances where OTHERS HAVE FAILED; Broken Down Systems where persons feel that life is NOT WORTH LIVING ate built up and made WELL AND HAPPY. Every description of cases taken in charge and a CURF. GUARANTEED. Some idea of his wonderful and SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT may be gathered from the fact that now lie has FIVE CONSULTING ROOMS, where advice is given ENTIRELY FREE. HEAD ADDRESS: 23, Station Terrace, PONTYPRIDD, DAILY. All letters must be addressed here and they will be answered immediately STATE YOUR CASE. ADVICE FREE And strictly private. FERNDALE, -M.OXT)AYS, 18, High Street, 2 until 7. YSTRAD. TTJKSDAX, Commercial Temperance Hotel, until 7. CARDIFF,-THCKSDAT?, 11. Station Terrace, 2 UDt:¡ 8. 4288 rpo ARCHITECTS & BUILDERS. ARCHIBALD D. DAWNAY Keeps at the WALBS A WEST OF ENGLAND GIRDBB WORKS, EAST MOORS, CARDIFF. a LAR&B STOCK of STEEL JOISTS, FLITCH PLATES, TBBS. ANGLES, CHANNELS, to: Manufacturer of ROOFS, GIRDERS, BRIDGES, STANCHIONS, PATBlfT SOLID TILB and CONCRETE FLOORS. Offices EAST MOORS, CARDIFF. Teiegrtms: DAWNAY, CARDIFF. National Telephone, Caidiff, No. 694. 4135 TO Nervods MEN. I HAVE resolved, after much consideration, to give to sufferers who will send me a self-addressed stamped envelope the PRESCRIPTION which CURED ME after 17 years of suffering from Nervous Debility, caused by the Errors of Youth. This Prescription is from my own' experience an infallible GUARANTEED CUBE for Spermatorrhcea, Lost Manhood, Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decay. Youthful Imprudence, Weakness, Despondency, Varicocele, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Energy, Brain Fag, Loss of Memory, Melancholy. Blotches on the Skin, Noises in the Ears, Bladder, Gravel, Kidney and Liver Complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs. It is a SIMPLE, SAFE and CERTAIN CURE. Write to W. H. BROWN, 14, CHESHAU ROAD, BRIGRTO, SUSSEX, ENGLAND. (Name this paper). 4270

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