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A Cigarette Maker's Romance. 0Qe of the most striking wglp':?; features of _-)) the East End JjY of London is uXw manner v Tr~'ii A 'n which it j has become £ vJA ) peopled with u I T\ the Jewish (k /Wol race: many y/r^trades and jS^SSst occupations are almost -^HS» exclusively in their hands and among these, the business of hand-made cigarettes finds employment for hundreds of the Hebrew womankind. A reporter on the East London Advertiser, was recently deputed to find out a young Jewess who for months had been sick unto death; she had to give up her work, and the doctor described her condition almost hopeless. It was tn fimi out the truth about this affair thltThe reporter tailed on Miss Ethel Samuels, at 8, Beaumont Cottages, Beaumont-square, E. A young woman in all the beauty and charm of perfect health met him; it was difficult to believe that her life had been in danger. But the story of her trial was a surprising one. ".It was about Christmas, 1896," Ethel began, that I began to fall a victim to Ansemia! Gradually my condition became worse and worse, until at last a doctor was called in. His treatment, however, did not seem to do me any good, and at last I had to give up my business as cigarette maker. Then I had to take to m: bed, and on one occasion I had to remain there seven weeks, and on a second time three weeks at last the doctor said the only chance I had was to go right away. It was about this time that I called to mind the cures of Miss Da Costa and Miss Emanuel, who live near by, and I thought that if Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People :ured them they might cure me So I bought a box of the Pills. Before I had finished its contents I felt a great improvement. I then gave up the doctor-as he bad given me up- and persevered with the Pills, in all I had three boxes, and now feel fully recovered." She added, "I am now able to go to business again." "It is all true," Mrs. Samuels joined in. Ethel was very ill; she had to give up work altogether and take to her bed. I shall never forget what we owe to Dr. Williams'Pink Pills." Nor shall I," said Miss Samuels. "I shall always remember how ill I was. I would be seized with faiating fits, then have intolerable pains in the limbs and in the head, but now I have no pain of any sort to complain of." Thus concluded a most interesting interview, and though the circumstances may appear extraordinary, Miss Samuels' cure will be under- stood when it is explained that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills act directly on the blood; thus it is that they are so famous for the cure of ansemia, indigestion, consumption, rheumatism, scrofula, general weakness, and to rest-ore pale and sallow complexions to the glow of health. They are also a splendid nerve and spinal tonic, and thus have cured many rases of paralysis, locomotor ataxy, neuralgia, St. Vitus'dance, ana nervous headache. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are obtainable of all chemists, and of Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, 46, Holborn- viaduct, London, at 2s. 9d a box, or six boxes for 13s. 9d.f but are genuine only with the full name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People printed in red on the pink wrapper.


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