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Poaching at Norton Bridge.

Evening Classes at the County…

A Little Girl Finds a Watch




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A Novel Case.

♦ Pontypridd.


♦ Pontypridd. FRIDAY.—Before Dr R. C. Hunter and Mr P. Gowan. Margaret Weed, Hopkinstown, was sum- moned for neglecting to send her child to school. The case had been adjourned on several previous occasions, and Attendance Officer Morgan now asked for a commitment order, which was gran- ted. William Main, repairer, Pontypridd, was fined 2s 6d for not sending his child to school regu- larly. George Bassett, labourer, Rhydyfelen, was summoned for using threats towards John Ed- wards, tinworker, Treforest, on the 26th August. The case was partially heard on Wed- nesday, but as defendant did not then appear, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Complainant now stated when returning home from work on the day in question tihe defendant accosted him near the Castle bridge, Treforest, and said, "Why don't you come up like a man? I have a good mind to knock your brains out." Witness said nothing, but defendant was still threatening, and gripping him by the shoulder exclaimed, "I will make six months for you." Dr Hunter: Was there any quarrel between you and him? Edwards: No, not between me and him, but he insulted my "missis" once. Thomas Hughes and Thomas Thomas gave corroborative evidence. Defendant: The reason I did this to him was this: We were living at Rhydyfelen, and we had about £ 12 worth of pigs between us. When I was in goal he persuaded my wife to sell the pigs and come to live wifihl him. When she was there they quarrelled, an3 she had to go away to Pontymister. I may have said I would knock his brains out without meaning it. Dr Hunter: You have been here 19 times, and you have been in gaol a good deal. Do you think you can keep away from drink if we act kindly towards you? Defendant: I will try, sir. Dr Hunter: Will you promise us you won't drink ? Defendant: I will, sir. Dr Hunter: All we will do with you to-day is to give you another chance. Remem- ber it will be the last. We will bind you over in your own recognisances in the sum of £10 to keep the peace. The costs amounted to 25s, and Edwards asked for his and his witnesses' expenses for Wednesday and Friday's attend- ance. Dr Hunter asked him to act charitably towards Bassett, as did the Bench, and forego his expenses. Complainant refused, and Bassett was then ordered to pay 10s towards the costs. WEDNESDAY.—Before the Stipendiary (Mr J. Ignatius Williams), Dr R. C. Hunter, Alder- man Richard Lewis, and Councillor 7. Gowan, and Mr Edward Edwards. Daniel Davies, boatman, Treforest, for being drunk and disorderly at Treforest on the 3rd inst. was fined 10s. P.C. Williams proved the case. Henry Lucas, labourer, Cilfynydd, was sum- moned for being drunk on the 10th inst. P.C. Daniel Jones said he foundthe defendant lying on the pavement near the New Inn Hotel, in a drunken condition, and about an hour later he saw him in Bridge street in the same state.Whan requested to go home defendant became very violent, and threatened to hit witness. He was taken to the police station, and detained from Saturday until Monday. In consideration of his temporary incarceration, defendant was now discharged. John Hunt, tin smith, Pontypridd, was, on the evidence of P.C. Walkley, fined 10s for being drunk on the 9th inst. The lad named Peters was again brought up charged with stealing a brass tap. Inspector Ruff, N.S.P.C.C., stated that he had been unable to finS a home for the boy, as he was of unsound mind. Under th circumstances he asked to withdraw the summons against the mother for neglect, and to allow him to go back to her.To this course the Bench agreed. Enoch Morgan, greengrocer, Cymmer, was summoned for using two false and unjust weights on the 2nd September. Inspector Mor- gan proved the case ,and defendant was fined 5s for each weight, which were ordered to be destroyed. Samuel Windsor, baker, Porth, was summoned for using an unjust scale on the 2nd September. Inspector Morgan said the scale did not comply with any of the provisions of the Act, and it registered two ounces for or against the custo- mer. He was fined 10s and costs, and the scales to be confiscated. John Davies, baker, Porth, was fined lOa for selling bread from a cart without carrying weights and scales. Defendant said that by some means he had fbrgotten to place them in his trap. William Passmore, hawker, Pontypridd, was fined 5s for allowing his donkey to stray on the highway on tfie 28th August.



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