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ffjustard and Cress. .


ffjustard and Cress. THE NEW TOPIC. When everything's torpid and stale, When the ssa-serpent's furnished its sport, When the deep with its shark or its whale Has furnished each seaside rasort, When at two-headed calves with six legs We have ceased chewing wonderment's cud, When creation is drained to the dregs, We can always fall back on the Flood. When the giant tomato's arrived, And the Animal Kingdom for weeks Has kindly and nobly contrived To weigh in with bushels of ireaks. When Nature's exhausted her store, And marvels no longer will bud. We can always fall back upon Noah. And resourcefully turn to the Flood. It's a subject extensive in range Which For hot disputation will oall, We can daringly ask for a change, Was there ever a deluge at all? And as no one an answer can give, Since we're all more or less in the dark, We can argue, did Noah ever live? And debate, was there really am Ark? WEen the season has yielded its orop, It is really an excellent plan For a subject that's novel, to drop On the era of primitive man; When the wonders no longer will bud, And the freaks and the sea-serpent's leave, There's the Flood !-And when tired of the Flood We can fall back on Adam and Eve. "I am told," remarked Councillor Roberts at Tuesday's meeting of the Pontypridd" District Council, "that since the strike theJle has really been found salmon in the river Taff." "Salmon tins, probably," was the quick reply of Council- lor Edward Williams. Mr Joseph. Bowen, G.T.S.C,, Cilfnydd, who is a prominent figure in local musical circles, has been appointed as examiner of the Tonic Solfa classes organised under the auspices of the Ithondda Valtev Congregational Singing Asso- ciation, and has also been appointed teacher of Solfa music in connection with the Pontypridd Technical Classes. A phenomenal fowl, whose oviferous perform- ances certainly deserve public recognition, is a black Minorca hen owned by Mr Alfred Smith, of 3, Sunny Bank, Merthyr Road, Pontypridd. True, it doesn't lay a golden egg every day, but those which it does produce daily weigh over two ounces apiece. Occasionally, too, she goes in for record smashing, and the writer hero had the pleasure of seeing an egg laid by her which weighed over four ounces. The total weight of seven eggs of her production during the season was no less than 291 ounces. Naturally, Mr Smith is more than a little proud of this eggcen- tric treasure. By the way, it was one of several splendid chickens hatched from eggs supplied by Mr Simon Hunter, the Poultry Farm, North- allerton, Yorks. CRESS No wonder the coal dispute was settled last Thursday. That morning there appealed in the "Western Mail" an article by "Morien" on the strike, which terminated with the words: "Let me utter one phrase in oondusro.-it wiM be understood by the delegates this (Thursday) morning—Tanjyiefedd i chwi. The fanciful pic- ture of the Great Ardbruid placing his hands upon the heads of the disputants, and devoutly praying "Peace be unto yuu." must have exer- cised a mú" pacific upon the leaders on each side in the momentous struggle. A Pontypridd young lady staving a.t Portlicawl is much annoyed because her lover teases her by reciting the following lines after she returns from her morning bathe: — Mary had a little calf. And took it to the sea; And, oh! It made the people laugh. It was so very wee. On Thursday evening last a couple of "strikers' at Treorky. on hearing of the settlement that evening, were so elated that they immediately went in for a little apesulation, and hastened down to the neighbouring town to a cycle depot, with a view of hiring machines for the evening. "What an hour do you charge for hiring a machine?" asked one to the shop-keeper. "Shil- ling for the first hour, and ninepence for the second hour," was the reply. "Oh, please let me have the second hour!" was the iianooent de- mand, after which there were ructions. Not a little consternation has been caused at Pentre lately by the rumour recently floated, and more recently substantiated, that a certain chapel has engaged a squad of "detectives" whose entire duty during the evenings is to keep sentry with owl-like eyes on the immediate vicinity of the sacred edifice, to detect any night visitors entering the chapel. It is assured that this is rendered inevitable owing to the fact that some ambitious young gentlemen are anxious to make an effort to master the great organ there placed. We learn that the shop-assistants of Ponty- pridd will not allow their former hon. sec., Mr G. P. Roberts, to leave the town without shew- ing in some tangible manner their appreciation of his earnest labours on their behalf. The shop assistants of Pontypridd have been fortunate in their selection of a successor to Mr Roberts, their ex-secretary Mr Isaac Wil- liams is a young man who has always evinced a warm interest in the reform movement, and has in him the making of a capable secretary. "You can see with half an eye" that FRANK Tiffom"'(" My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Hat. The chief characteristics of G. F. HACKKR'S Photo- graphs are Fidelity and Artistic Finish. Samples may be seen at his Studio-12 and 13, The Arcade, Pontypridd.; 4219 ANY Photograph enlarged and finished in Black and White. Crayon, or Oils by Taos. FOBBEST & SONS, Cambrian Studio, Pontypridd.




Pontypridd Police Court.


"I Would father Die!"

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