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What the Sweep Said. -


What the Sweep Said. A lady who owes probably her life, certainly her health and happiness, to a sweep who came t oher house "on business," has been visited by a. "Newark Advertiser" reporter. For fourteen years Mrs Pegg (of Cotiiam, near Newark) had been through the fires ot affliction. "For twelve years," she said, "I was like a woman three-parts dead." She had a combination of complaints, chief of which were a very bad digestion and a torpid liver. She could not digest her food, and every meal used to bring on severe pains. Her blood be- came impoverished, and doctors could do no- thing for her "I cannot refrain," said Mrs Pegg, "from ex- pressing the great gratitude of my heart. For fourteen years I, suffered much. So weak did I become that to walk up stairs gave me very great difficulty, and I had to gasp for breath. Whatever I ate caused me intense suffering,and I soon became unable to do my work; life was a burden to me. One day, when our sweep came to sweep our chimneys he noticed how ill 1 looked, and he said, 'Why don't you try Dr Wil- liams' Pink Pills for Pale People?' I had tried nearly every medicine advertised, and the doc- tors could do me no good, so I had little faith in anything. However, after talking it over with my husband, we determined to give the Pills a trial. That is three years ago now and you would hardly know me for the same woman. The first box began to do me good, and. per- severing with them. I quickly got well. Dr Williams' Pills have done wonders for me; there is nothing like them. They are our family doctor now. Whenever I feel run down, instead of sending for tihe doctor, I fly to Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People." The old, unscientific days, when all family medicines were simple purgative pills or mix- tures, are one by. It is recognised that an aperient is onlv a temporary remedy; the medi- cine tha. is to cure must cure not symptoms but th causes of diseases. Dr Williams' Pills,the saf- est and most universally useful family medicine ever compounded are not a purgative at all.They strengthen, instead of purging and weakening; hence iheir^worl^wide celebrity for he cure of anaemia, rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, con- sumption, and dccline, scrofula, and chronic erysipelas. They are also a splendid nerve and spinal tonic, and thus have cured -many oases of paralysis, locomotor ataxy, neuralgia, St. Vitus' dance, and nervous headache. It is necessary to take care not to take a substitute: pMls coloured pink in imitation of Dr Williams' and sometimes actually e^Hod Pink PilK are offered by OTC. herwise r?$yvctable tradf nwn.Not one person wa. ever euro! by a substitute, however; therefore do not be derived into payin for anything that does rot bear the full name, Dr Williams' Pink Pilli for Pale People, on the wrapT>er. In of doubt it is better to send direct to Dr Williams' Medicine Company, 46, H-llxun-viAJuct., London, E C. inclosing 2s 9d. for one bcf.. 13s 9d for six. The pills can be obtained oi most chemists, but it is important to look or the. full name, so a* not to ri-k tak- ing a siib-it ante, and readers should r-av no fit- tention to anvihing that, is said to induce them to accept such substitutes.


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