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RHONDDA SCHOOL BOARD. The monthly meeting of the Rhondda. School Board was held at the Council Offices, Pentre, on Monday, Mr T. Bevan presiding. These were also present: Rev W. Morris (vice-chair- man), Rev W. Charles, Rev W. Lewis. Miss A. Jones, Messrs W. W. Hood, Daniel Thomas, D. R. Jones, H. Rowling, D. Williams, J. E. Jones, W. Jenlglns, Rev Thomas Williams; with the clerk, Mr W. G. Howell. WELCOME HOME, MR HOOD1 Before the commencement of the ordinary business, the Chairman said they were all very pleased to see Mr W. W. Hood back among them after his long Illness, and he proposed a resolution to the effect that the Board desired to express their sincere satisfaction in seeing Mr Hood with them once more, and hoped he would long continue to enjoy good health. (Hearr, bear). The Rev W. Morris seconded. He had had the pleasure of sitting continuously upon the Board since the commencement in company with Mr Hood. That now amounted to over 20 years. Mr Hood had brought his intelli- gence, education, and experience to bear on all matters which came before the Board. He was sure the members would agree with him when he said that Mr Hood had done his work conscientiously, faithfully, devotedly, and self- sacrificingly. (Hear, hear). Although Mr Hood was engaged in multifarious duties he very kind- ly devoted a portion of his time in the ameliora- tion of the Rhonddaites. He was pleased to second the motion, and hoped Mr Hood's good health would continue, and that they would have his company as often in the future as in the past. (Hear, hear). The resolution was passed unanimously, and Mr Hood suitably responded, saying that the little service he had been able to render had been a souree of pleasure to him. Business appoint- ments and luness had prevented him from attending the meetings of late, much to his dis- gust, but with renewed health he hoped to be able to attend regularly and conscientiously in the future. Hear, hear). THE HAFOD SCHOOLS DISPUTE. A letter was read from Mr Walter 11. Morgan, clerk to the Rhondda District Council, with re- gard to Hafod Schools. His Council had ap- pointed a committee of three members to meet a committee of three members from the Ponty- pridd School Board, and suggested that the Rhondda School Board should also appoint three members to meet the other committees on Wednesday at the Pontypridd District Coun- cil Offices. The Chairman, Vice-chairman and the Rev W. Lewis were appointed, and in the event of the Rev W. Morris being unable to be >>v<\sent, his place was to be filled by the Rev W. Charles. An application was received from Mr Evan Tretiarne ,on behalf of the Welsh Baptist Chapel at Tonypandy, for a further grant of the use ef the school at Tonypandy until the 30th June next. The application was granted. PATRIOTIC CYMMRODORION. The secretary of tha Rhondda Cymmrodorion Society wrote enclosing a resolution passed at a recent meeting. The resolution was to tie following effect: "That this meeting of the Rhondda Cymmroderion Society respectfully suggest to the members of the Rhondda School Board the desirability of granting a day or half-day to the scholars in their several schools on Saint David's day each year. (Signed), E. H. Davies, president; Tom Davies, secretary. The letter also pointed out that a similar request had been made to the Cardiff School board, and the request was granted. Rev W. Charles: A whole day or half-day? The Clerk: I can't say. Rev W. Morris: Why not present each scho- lar ? (Laughter). Rev W. Lewis: St. David's day is on the 1st of March. The Clerk: Yes. Rev W. Morris: I move that a half holiday be granted on the 1st March. P. 3v Lewis: Which half? Rev W. Morris: The latter half; the after. noon. We can't make it annual. The motion was carried. FERNDALE HIGHER GRADE SCHOOL. Th- Building Committee reported:- "We have received a letter from the Rev A. C. Pearce stating that the trustees of the Wes- ley Chapel, Ferndale, had consented to graat the Board the use of their vestry for the tem- porary accommodation of .e Ferndale Higher Grade School. "We have received a communication from the Education Department emquiring what proposals the Board have to make with regard to the premises of the Porth Board Girls' and Infants' School. We recotnmigrtd that the Clerk be in- structed to reply stating that the alterations omitted to be carried out by the Llanwonno School Board, according to the approved plans, will be carried out in due course, but that, with regard to the suggested enlargement of the Porth Girls' School, the consideration of this matter is deferred pending a settlement of the Hafod School question. CLAIM AGAINST THE LLANWONNO BOARD. "We have received the estimate of the archi- tect in which he states that it will cost the sum of L130 to complete the Porth Girls' and Infants' departments in accordance with the plans submitted by the Llanwonno School Board and approved by the Department, and the Clerk reports that he has accordingly instructed Messrs Walter Morgan, Pruce, and Co., to claim this sum, together-Nithi the balance of rates from the Llanwonno School Board. We recommend that the action of the Clerk be confirmed. "We have received a communication from the Education Department rr-hiplan of pro- posed temporary accommo laiion for the Porth Deaf School at St. Paul's schoolroom (basement), Porth, and stating that their Lordships could not regard the proposal as satisfactory, and en- quiw^ what steps the Board are taking for providing permanent accommodation. We re- commend that, under these circumstances, the occupation of the present temporary premises be continued, and that their Lordships be in- formed that the question of providing perma- nent aocommodation is deferred pending the settlement of the Hafod School question. "The Clerk reports that he has not yet re- ceived a reply from Mr A. O. Evans, Pontypridd in answer to the Board's letter accepting the terms for and asking for draft lease of the pro- posed additional piece of land adjoining Tylors- town School. We have instructed the Clerk to write again to Mr Evans pressing for a reply. "We recommend that Mr Rowling and the architect be asked to visit the Williamstown School, and submit to us a report, plan, and estimate of cost of improvements required to be made to the playgrounds. "We have perused the architect's report, in which he states that the contractors at Pont- rhondda continue to make satisfactory progress; that the contractors at Cymmer School are now making better progress, and that he (the archi- tect) is having the old drains improved as far as possible; the progress at the Ferndale Higher Grade School has improved to the extent of the addition of two men, but is still unsatisfac- tory; that a length of about 80 feet of the boundary wall of Porth Girls School is built on a bank which has been so seriously washed away that the ground is now lower that the bottom of the wall, and that a little more wash- ing away will endanger the wall. The architect recommends that the Board's workmen should excavate the bank away, and underpin the wall to make it secure. We beg to recommend that tho architect be instructed to submit an esti- mate of the probable cost of excavating: the bank on the inner side of the boundary wall of the Porth Girls' School, and underpinning the wall. "We have perused the workmen's time-sheets, vhich appear satisfactory." On the motion of Mr J. E. Jones, the report was adopted. FINANCE. The Finance Committee recommended pay- ments amounting to zC4,324 15s 6d. The Com- mittee further reported.: "We have examined the treasurer's books, and find that the General Account this day shows a balance of £7,338 9s 3d in favour of the Board, and the Loan Account a credit balance *f ;L.L,4 6s lOd. After to-day's payments there will be a balance of £ 4,246 19s 3d in the General Ac- count in favour of the Board, and in the Loan Account a credit balance of £ 661 Is 4d. The Overseers have paid to the treasurer of the Board the second instalment due under the last precept, amounting to £ 5,000. The report was adopted on the motion of Mr Daniel Thomas. The Attendance Committee reported the aver- age attendance during January to be 80.2 as against 80.4 the previous month, and 78.6 the corresponding month of last year. The School Management Committee reported: RESIGNATIONS AND APPOINTMENTS. The following assistant-teachers have written declining to accept the appointments offered to them, viz., David Owen, fee. Dogmell's (appoin- ted ex-P.T. for Hafod Boys'; Mary Roberts, Llanelly (appointed certificated assistant for Cwmclydach Infants'). "We have received the resignation of Miss Ethel Bywater, assistant mistress at the Pupil Teachers' School. We have also reoeived a letter from her asking to be allowed 10 leave on the 5th instant. "We recommend that her notice be accpted as from 1st February, terminating on the 28th February. We also recommend that the clerk be instructed to advertise for a teacher in her place, with the special qualifications needed for that post." Miss Bywater now WN asking to be released during the last week of February, and offering to provide a substitute in her place. On the motion of the Rev W. Morris, seconded by Mr D. R. Jones, her request was acceded to. The report continued: "The head teachers of Williamstown Girls 'and Aberllechau Mixed Schools have applied to us for additional sfcaff, but we find that those schools are at present staffed according to scale. "We have received a communication from the Science and Art Department, stating that the administration of the grants for drawing and lIlnu.a.1 instruction in Public Elementary Schools will be transferred to the Education Department from the 31st Ma»ch, 1898, and that ki all schools of which the school year ends later than 31st March, 1898, inspection by the Education Department will take the place of the annual examinations, fn drawing and manual work, hitherto held by the Science and Art Depart- ment and that the grants ia aid of instruction, in both subjects, will be paid by the Education Department as part of the annual grant to the managers of all Public Elementary Schools of which the School year eads after the 31st March next. THE SALARY QUESTION. "We defer the eonsideration of the question of amending the Scale of Salaries paid to teach- ers under Artiol'e 68, and propose to discuss the two following questions affc our next meeting, viz., the desirability or otherwise of employing teachers under Article 68; the question of salarv (if it be deemed desirable to employ such teachers). "Two applications have keen received from head teachers for transfer to the new Pont- rhondda Mixed School, namely from 81. Davieg, Blaenrhondda Mixed; Henry Harris. Ponty- gwaith Mixed. We have, however, received a letter from Mr Harris desiring to withdraw his application, inasmuch as when he made his ap- nlica.finn he vmss Tint, T.}¡"t. Mr Davies was also an applicant for that post. We recom- mend that Mr S. Davies' application be granted, and that Blaenrhondda Mixed School be sub- stituted for Pontrhondda Mixed, as one of the schools for which head teachers are to be ap- pointed at the next meeting of the Board. "We have received 57 applications for the post of head masters of the Blaenrhondda Mixed and Williamstown Boys' Schools, and beg to recommend those of the following for the consideration of the Board: L. M. Davies, certificated assistant, Llwynypia Mixed; W. E. Davies, certificated assistant. Ton Boys'- B. Gabe, certificated assistant, Yistrtad Higher Grade School; J. R. Jones, certificated assist- ant, Pentre Boys'; J. T. Lewis, certificated assistant, Tonynandy Mixed; W. H. Owen. certificated assistant, Treorky Boys' On the first round of voting J. R. Jones re ceived 12 votes; W. H. Owen. 3; L. M. Davies, 12; B. Gabe, 5; W. E. Davies, 9; and J. T. Lewis, 0. The names of Owen and Lewis were thereupon struek out, and in the second round the voting resulted: J. R. Jones. 12; L. M. Davies, 9; B. Gabe, 5; and W. E. Davies, 5. Gabe and W. B. Davies were then voted for, with the result that the former obtained six votes and the latter seven. Gabe's name was, therefore, struck out, the three left in then being J. R. Jones, L. M. Davies, and W. E. Davies. The Chairman proposed that the highest of the three be appointed to Williamstown, the second to Blaenrhondda, the third being, of course, not appointed. Notwithstanding several objec- tions to this course by Mr Daniel Thomas, the Rev Thomas Williams. and others, the motion was carried. The final voting resulted: J. R. Jones, 11; L. M. Davies, 8;*and W. E. Davies 7. The first was, therefore, appointed to Wil- liamstown School and the second to Blaenrhon- dda. The renort continued: "We have received five applications for the post of certificated assist- ant master at the Ystrad Higher Grade School, and beg to recommend those of the following for the consideration of the Boardc J. W. Curtis, Jersey; W. E. Davies, Cymmer Boys' School, and W. D. Evans. Trealaw Boys' School." The Rev W. Lewis proposed Mr J. W. Curtis, and Mr H. Rowling seconded. The Rev T. Williams proposed Mr W. E. Davies, and the Rev W. Morris seconded. Mr W. Jenkins then proposed, and the chairman seconded, the name; of Mr W. D. Evans, but this was afterwards withdrawn. The Rev W. Lewis and Messrs W. W. Hood, and H. Rowling voted for Curtis, and the rest of the members for Davies, who was appointed." The report went on: "We submit the only three applications received for the post F f supernumerary (infants) for the consideration of the Board. The following aN the names of the applicants: Miss M. A. Buckley, Penrhiw- fer; Miss T. G. Dutton, Nlelson Lancashire and Miss F. E. Mitchell, Bettws-y-coed." On the motion of Mr Daniel Thomas, secon- ded by Mr D. R. Jones, Miss Buckley was ap- pointed. The Committee further reported: "The ex- tended apprenticeships of the following teachers expired on the 31st December last, viz., Rachel Reynolds, Trehefbert Infants; Edith Mosely, Ynyswen Infante'; khannah Lewis, Ton Girls'- Elizabeth Davies, Gelli Infants'; George Harris, Ynyshir Boys'; Margaret A. Davies, Tylorstown Infants'; NV, am J. Davies, Maerdy Boys'; andCaroline L. Bamford, Mardy Girls'. "We recommend that the following teachers be retained in the schools in which they now are, namely: Rachel Reynolds, George Harris, Margaret A. Davies, William J. Davies. and Caroline L. Bamford, at the salaries of fourth year pupil teachers, pending the result of the recent Queen's Scholarship Examinatio-a being made known; and if it then appears that they have passed that examination, that their salaries be in accordance with the Scale as from the 1st day of February instant. "We also recommend that the following teach- ers be appointed for the undermentioned schools upon the terms set out above, viz., Edith Mose- ley, for Bodringallt Infants'; Hannah Lewis for Pentre Girls'; and Elizabeth Davies for Cwmclydafch Infants'. "We recommend that the following appoint- ments be made: Celia John, Ton, certificated assistant ex-P.T., for Gelli Infants'; W. C. Price, Llwynypia, assistant ex-P.T., for Cwm- clydach Boys'; Mary Louisa Thomas, Aberyst- wyth, assistant ex-P.T., for Pentre Girls'* Ro- bert Cecil Roberts, Grimsby. certificated assis- tant, for Hafod Boys'; Morris Jones, Oak, cer- tificated assistant, for Williamstown.^ Salary in each case according to Scale. Maggie Orchard, Treherbert, as teacher under Article 68, foi Cwmclydach Infants'. Salary, £ 22 per annum, plus L6 per annum towards travelling expenses. Mr R. C. Roberts and Mr Morris Jones de- clined the appointments. "We also recommend the appointment of the following assistant teachers, viz., Martha Ann Richards, Ferryside, for Blaenllechau Infants'; and Katie Maria Rhys, Pontyclun, for Fern- dale Girls' School, at the salaries of fourth year pupil teachers, pending the result of the recent Queen's Scholarship Examination being made known, and if it then appears that they have passed that Examination their salaries shall be in accordance with the Scale as from the date when they shall have commenced duties. We recommend that Mr U. Salmon, certifica- ted assistant at Williamstown Boys' School, be transferred to one of the schools where there will be a vacancy consequent upon the appoint- ment of head mtster. "We recommend the transfer of Myfanwy Jones. assistant (ex-P.T.). from Ferndale Girls' to Trealaw Infants' School. "The sub-committee appointed by us on the 5th January last have submitted to us the fol- lowing report: 'We have thoroughly gone into the matter referred to us by the Board, and have had a conference with the head and assis- tant teadhers of the Ystrad Higher Grade School, and we are glad to state that, as a re- sult of such conference, matters have been satis- factorily arranged, and the utmost harmony pre- vails.' We recommend the adoption of this re- port." On the motion of the Rev Thomas Williams, seconded by Mr Daniel Thomas, the report was adopted.


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