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TREHERBERT AND DISTRICT POULTRY SHOW. The balance sheet of the first Treherbert Dog and Poultry Show has just been published, and it is gratifying to note that this committee in their first attempt have been able to bring it to a successful issue. The responsibilities of wciking a show on the same scale as the Tre- herbert show were by no means small, and very often committees in their first attempt, when the balance sheet is brought out have found themselves below water. But with the Tre- herbert show such is not the case, for after clearing all expenses there is still a sum of 243 6s. 2d.. in hand. This, in itself, speaks volumes for the assiduous and zealous manner in which the committee and officials have worked, and it is a source of pleasure to find that their efforts have been rewarded with success. The arrangements were complete in every respect, and the show went- off without a single hitch, thanks to the labours of the secretaries, Messrs Williams and Morgan. The success of the show is to be much more appreciated for the fact that the promoters did not receive due support from the mining class of the district. The number of tickets sold in the various collier- ies was comparatively smal, the total amount of money received from the collieries being R31 10s. 6d., and were it not for the takings at the gate, and the entrance fees, the affair would have been a failure as far as the collieries of the neighbourhood were concerned. A heavy item in the receipts is Z103 8s. 6d., received from guarantors but a redeeming feature in the ex- penditure column is the payment of Liu-i 8s 6d back to i&e guaran- tors. This is another pearl in the crown ef the committee and it is a feature which is seldom seen in any other holding. The entry fees amounted to £ 95 18s. 2d.. which speaks well of the number of entries received in the show. The takings at the gates amounted to jE97 15s. 9d., while the subscriptions amounted to £ 18 12s- The total receipts were £ 365 8s. In the expenditure column the heaviest items are for prizes, E116 15s. 6d., ..le amount return- ed to guarantors £1038d. 6d., while the servioes of the secretaries are rewarded by the sum of LIO. Advertising, etc., makfes up a total expenditure of JE320 Is. lOd. The result is exceedingly satisfactory, and has gone a long way beyond the expectations of its most sanguine supporters. A great share of the credit is due to the secretaries Mr D. Williams (M.R.S.B.). and Mr Dewi Morgan, grocer. Treherbert, both of whom have been untiring in their efforts. I c, has not yet been definitely decided to hold a show this year again, inasmuch as the Agri- cultural Show will, in all probability be held at Treorchy.

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