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The World of Pastime.I


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ICorrespondence I —♦-—


Porth Cottage Hospital.

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—. Every Man His Own Policeman-


— Every Man His Own Policeman- A CIVILIAN'S POWER. AN IMPORTANT DECISION. On Wednesday, at the Pontypridd Police Court—before the Stipendiary and other magis- trates—David Williams and James Towell were summon by Mr Rhys David Griffiths, a law student, living at Brynteg, Pontypridd, for com- mitting a nuisance near his house on the 31st ult. Mr Griiiiths complained that the meit were in a very conspicuous position. There were ladies passing at the time, and there were also ladies sitting in their front windows. Williams argued that there was no conven- ience near the place, and Towell stated that the complainant had pulled him right around. '1 hEn" were fined 5s. each. Towall was then charged with assaulting the complainant on the same occasion. >- Mr Griffiths said that after he had sent his groom for a policeman tha two defendants went away. The ma* Williams he knew by sight. He kept "the niaa Towell" there; he would not five his name and address. The Stipendiary: Yon are not a policeman. Witness: I know I am not, sir. Continuing, the oomplaicanfc said that Towell raised his hot and struck another man, and then pulled out a pint and a haif bottle and threw it at kia (witupess#) head. His straw hat, which he produoed, was indented by the blow. Defendant: He wanted to arrest me. The Stipe*diary, I don't know that anyone has a right to hold a man to have his name and address. Mr Giiffit6: I didn't have hold of him in any way. Towell: You had hold of my sleeve. The Stipendiary asked Mr Griffiths if he held the defendant in order to obtain his name and address, and received a. reply in the negative. Defendant: You ran away m-etty fine, didn't you, when I threw the bottle? You went as it you were going for the Sheffield handicap. I threw the bottle away, because lie was trying to arrest me. After a loag consultation with the other magistrates the Stipendiary said: "According to my view of the law—and the Bench agrees with me—Mr Griffiths had no right to detain you or take you into custody, and I don't know that he has any right to insist upon vour name and address. It is a right reserved for the police. Idon't believe Mr Griffiths was detain- ing you at the time you threw the bottle, and you seem to have acted recklessly. Probably it was because you were under the influence of drink at the time. A fine of 10s was imposed.

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V •; "The Virtues of Tea Drinking

Pontypridd Free Library.


Cwmpark Flower Show.

String Quartet Competition.

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