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PONTYPRIDD DISTRICT COUNCIL. The fortnightly mooting of the Council was held on Tuesday. Councillor James Roberts, J.P., "resided, and there were also present: Councillors P. Gowan (vice-chairman), Wat—n Williams, F. G. Edwards, W. Jones-Powell, T B. Evans, W. H. Gronow, R. T. Richards, H. Bramwell, R. L. Phillips, Hopkin Morgan, T. Taylor, with the clerk, Col. Grover, and the deputy-clerk, Mr J. Sprague. THEATRICAL LICENCE FOR THE TOWN HALL. An application was received from Mr Thomas Davies, on behalf of the Pontypridd Markets' Company, asking the Council to grant him a theatrical licence for the New Town Hall on November 15th, 16th, and 17th,and December 8th 9th, 10th, and 11th. On the proposition of the Chairman it was decided not to holdthe next fortnightly meeting, but to postpone it for a month to suit the con-' venience of those members who were on theii holidays. The application of Mr Davies was, therefore, adjourned until then. THE ISOLATION HOSPITAL. A letter was read from Messrs Morgan and Bruce, solicitors, stating that their clients, the Messrs Crawshay, had decided to accept the terms of the Council with regard to the site for the proposed Isolation Hospital. The matter was [referred to the Hospital Committee. INSPECTORSHIPS. Superintendent Coles wrote thanking the, Council for the recent appointment of inspector of hackney carriages, petroleum, and lodgings houses, conferred upon him by the Council, and stated that the Chief Constable allowed him to accept it. COLONEL GROVER'S HEALTH. The Chairman referred to the presence of their Clerk, Colonel Grover, and said he was glad tb see him back in his old chair again. He was sure that everyone of them werctglad indeed to see him,for now they had a certain weight taken off their minds. Colonel Grover thanked the Council for the kindness and good feeling shewn towards him. They had been patient, and it was now eight months since he had attended a meeting, during which time he had been ill. He was much obliged for the good feeling shewn him, and this was very cheering to him. (Hear, hear). PWLLGWAUN BRIDGE. The Clerk reported that on Thursday last the Local Government Board inspector held an in- quiry into the application of the Council for per- mission to borrow the sum of £ 350 for the pur- pose of erecting a. bridge over the river Rhondda, and the enquiry passed off favourably. DIPHTHERIA Sx READING. The Sanitary Inspectors reported 22 cases of diphtheria in the district, five of which had ter- minated fatally; and five cases of scarlatina. WIDENING BERW BRIDGE. The question of accepting the offer of the Taff Vale Railway Company to widen the Berw Bridge, conditionally upon the Council subscrib- ing the sum of £1,400 towards the cost, was dis- cussed at some length, and it was ultimately decided to offer the Taff Company 21,250. "LACK OF to iSTEM." Councillor Watkin Williams proposed that the chairmen of the various committees be asked to draft out rules for the better carrying out of their work. He complained that the work was greatly delayed owing to the lack of system. The Chairman said that this would mean that the whole business would have to be re- arranged, and it would be necessary for Mr Wil- liams to give notice of motion. THE STATE OF MARKET SQUARE. Mr Jones-Powell desired to call the attention ot the Council to the present state of Market Square. The tradesmen were allowed to leave their goods on the pavements to the danger of the public. Such a state of things was disgrace- ful-he hoped he was not treadinv on any- body's corns—and if anyone received an injury through that cause the Council might have to suffer. The Chairman said this matter had been before the Council several times previously, but they could do nothing. The Market Company en- joyed certain privileges, and he did not know that the Council had any remedy. The remedy proposed some time ago was to buy the Market Company's property, but that fell through. Mr Jones-Powell: Have the Market Com-any the leasehold rights of the streets? The Clerk explained that some time ago the opinion of a most eminent counsel was taken on this matter, and that was that they could not interfere with the Market Company in -.cir market rights. Mr Powell: And we keep the roads in repair ? The Clerk: Oh! yes. The matter then dropped.


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Daring Theft at Senghenydd.

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