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Te Bathirjg Fatality at Barry…

"I Am Coing For a Stroll."




Driving Without Reins.

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+ Llantrisant Woman in Trouble.

Speech by Mabon, M.P.


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Light Wanted.



THE COMMON AS A PARK. Another Discussion by the District Council. SENSIBLE MOTION BY MR F. G. EDWARDS. TRENCHANT CRITICISM OF THE CHAM- BER OF TRADE'S RESOLUTION. OPPONENTS TO THE COMMON SCHEME SHOWN UP. THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT A PARK AT ALL. At Tuesday's meeting of the Pontypridd Dis- trict Council, Mr James Roberts, J.P., presiding, a letter was read from Mr George Marehant, secretary of the Pontypridd Chamber of Trade, stating that at a recent meeting of the Chamber a resolution waa passed asking the Council to endeavour TO PURCHASE LAND on Ynysangharad for the purpose of a public park. Mr F. G. Edwards said lie would like to move a resolution on this question, and asked to be allowed to. do so now. Permission having been granted, Mr Edwards moved that the Clerk e instructed to write to the trustees of the Llanover estate asking- the price per acre of the Llanover fields or any por- tion thereof, that they would be prepared to sell. His first object was to CLEAR THE GROUND for a better discussion on the question of provid- ing a park for Pontypridd. In the first place he thought that before they pledged themselves to any particular spot they should know something of the initial cost. He was himself not pledged to any particular scheme, but he thought the least thing the Chamber could have done before condemning the proposal of the Council to lay out money on the Common would have been to suggest asking the price of land on Ynys- angharad instead of condemning the spending of any money on the Common, as tihey did. In this resolution sent to the Council the Chamber did not condemn the laying out of money on the Common altogether. There was no reason why they should have proceeded in the manner they did. He was under the impression that it waa proposed to convert the Common into a park. but he was afraid he had been misled, because he noticed at the last meeting of the Chamber of Trade one gentleman said it was impossible TO RAISE A POTATO on the Common. (Laughter). He did not l.u..nk they intended making a market garden of the place. Mr Jones-Powell: I don't think anything of the kind has been said. Mr Edwards: Then he has been mis-reported. Mr Jones-Powell: Not a word was said about it. The Chairman: Mr Edwards is referring to the meeting of the Chamber of Trade and not to the Council meeting. Mr Jones-Powell: I understand it now then. Mr Edwards, continuing, said that it was stated on the same authority that the land on Ynysangharad could be purchased at the same price for park purposes as it was offered for the County Offices by the trustees. He hoped THE PROPHETIC GENIUS who made this statement was right on this occasion; but he had reason to remember the same gentleman making the statement that the land in Gelliwastad would be given free for the County Offices. Enquiries had been made as to -is site, but they found they would have to pay a pretty high price for the land there. He thought that before they were asked to form an opinion on these speculatiozis--for those sug- gestions were pure speculations—they should have facts and figures before them. The rate- payers would then be able to JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES between the two sites, and he thcught they would then have common sens9 enough to know how to spend the money on the right spot. Mr Hopkin Morgan seconded. Mr Jones-Powell desired to say a few words on the matter. He had no objection to having Ynysangharad laid out as a park. It would cost a considerable sum of money to lay out either the Common or Ynysangharad; but, be- fore carrying out any such proposals, he thought there were other things which WERE MORE NECESSARY. He bcliaved the public would appreciate other things being done before they entered into a discussion with regard to a park for Pontypridd He thought they should spend money in making a bridge across the Berw, where the public wanted it. He considered that they should attend to tho requirements of the public first before taking up the park question. The Chairman: Then you consider it ia pre- mature to have a park? Mr Powell: Yes, I do. The Chairman: I must say I am miles away from you in that respect. I am of the opinion that it ought to have been done 20 years ago. Mr Watkin Williams: Mr Powell is mistaken with regard to the Berw Bridge. We are wait- ing a reply from Mr Crawshay. We intend carrying out the work immediately. The Chairman: I must say this: I think the Council ought to have some idea of the acreage of the place before asking the price. He sug- gested they should ask the price of 25 acres. Mr Edwards pointed out that his resolution simply asked for the price of the land, but they wcire now able to see that there were certain people OBJECTING TO HAVING OPEN SPACES. for Pontypridd. Mr Watkin Williams: Some of them said that they were in favour of a park. Mr Jones Powell asked what had become of the report the Council had received from the expert with regard to the Common. The Chairman: I don't know that we have had it. Mr Sprague confirmed this statement. Mr Powell I beg your pardon. On being put to the vote, the resolution was carried.


Daring Theft at Senghenydd.

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