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Speech by Mabon, M.P.



4, ODDFELLOWSHIP AT PONTYPRIDD. Anniversary of the "Loyal Fraternity" Lodge. SIXTY-ONE YEARS OF USEFUL EXIST- ENCE. During the period mentioned many a veteran of the Friendly society movement in our town has been gathered unto his fathers; but their mantles have fallen on worthy shoulders, as is evidenced by the enthusiasm. On Saturday, the members of the Loyal Fraternity Lodge of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity, assembled to- gether at their magnificent club-room, in the Park Hotel, for the purpose of celebrating their sixty-first anniversary day. There was a fairly good attendance of the members, many of whom do not experience the pleasure of meeting each other for social enjoyment except on the feast day. A procession was formed at one o'clock, headed by the Volunteer Band, the Oddfellows wearing full regalia, and carrying the metallic symbols of the Order. The procession took its course along Taff street, and along some of the other principal streets of the town, returning by way of Gelliwastad road, and Mill street, to their tastefully arranged lodge-room, where a dipner, which fully sustained the splendid repu- tation of the house, awaited them, and to which ninety-eight sat down. Among the honorary members present were Bro. William Seaton, of Tyvica Crescent, and Bro. William Jones Powell, District Councillor, of Gelliwastad road. Letters regretting ina- bility to attend owing to other pressing engage- ments, were received from'Alderman W. H. Mor- gan, Forest House, Treforest; County Council- lor H. S. Davies, Mr L. G. Lenox, Ynysangharad and Dr J. L. Leckie. In the evening a public meeting was organised, and on a proposition made by Bro. Josiah Lewis Bro. William Seaton was unanimously chosen as the presiding officer of the day, a duty which he very satisfactorily performed. In a short opening address, the Chairman stated that he had been connected with the Manchester Unity for nearl" forty years, and when a young man, living in town away from home, he found much pleasure and benefit from that connection, although he had not thought proper to draw any sick-pay curing his life-time when in bad health. (Hear, hear). He strongly recommended the Friendly Societies to the sym- pathetic attention of the trauesmen of the town, as deserving of their financial support. (Ap- plause). In response to a call from the chair for a few remarks regarding the lodge, The Secretary stated that the lodge was still in a flourishing condition, and was steadily ad- vancing especially in regard to its finances. There were 160 members, with an accumulated capital of I.CE30,756-a large sum for a club to gather together in small amounts, and that too in a mining district, after meeting all liabilities fully and promptly during the career of over sixty years. (Hear, hear). Well might it be said that the lodge has stood the battle and the breeze, while many societies of a similar nature, during that time, in our town, fallen to pieces, and the old members left to the cold charity of the world. Regarding the Manchester Unity he stated that strong and prosperous lodges were to be found in all our colonies. In those lodges many a young emigrant had found a welcome, and in some degree a home, when far away from Motherland. Even in Johannesburg, Trans- vaal, there was a Manchester Unity Lodge of Oddfellows, consisting of nearly 300 members. (Hear, hear) In the towns of the United States situated on the Atlantic Sea coast, there were lodges which had a total membership of nearly 7,000 in sound financial condition. The harmony of the evening was considerably enhanced by the artistic services of Mr Edwards, the popular musician of Hopkins town, who presided at the piano. A clarionet solo by Mr Llewelyn, a member of the Volunteer Band, was loudly encored. Many pleasing songs were given, and were interspersed with short ad- dresses given by Bros. Edmund Dawkins, George Williams, and Richard Martin, of the Hope Lodge, on the advantage to the country of the Friendly Society movement, and on the duty of those ratepayers, who occupy good positions in life to look with more favour on institutions which we are told, by no less an authority than Mr Goschen himself, saved at least one shilling in the pound of poor-rates. (Applause). After a hearty vote of thanks to the Host and Hostess for the excellent dinner provided, a pleasant meeting was brought to a close by sing- ing the National Anthem, i-ro. Edmund Daw- kins rendering the solo.

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Daring Theft at Senghenydd.

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