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Pontypridd. WEDNESDAY, -Before the Stipendiary, Coun- cillor James Roberts, Dr R. C. Hunter, and Alderman Richard Lewis. Five lads from Gyfeillon, named Edward Davies, David Thomas, John Rees Jenkins, George Hitchings, and Abraham Moore, were summoned for bathmg in the river Rhondda, on the 1st inst., without proper attire. P.C. Needs proved the case, and added that the lads were running about on the river side perfect1- nude. To bathe in the river at this spot was enough to give anyone a fever. The elder boys, Hitchings and Moore, were fined 2s 6d each Davies, who did not appear, 2s 6d and the smaller lads, Jenkins and Thomas, Is each. John Edwards, brake-driver, Norton Bridge, was summoned for furious driving on the 31st July. P.S. Davies, Cilfynydd, stated that at 6.5 p.m. on the day in question he saw the de- fendant driving a two-horsed brake through Cilfynydd at a furious rate. Three little boys who were on the road had a very narrow escape from being run over. At seven o'clock when witness came out of the police-station at Norton Bridge he saw the defendant standing with his brake outside, but when he saw witness he immediately drove off at full gallop. The de- fendant was under the influence of drink. Edwards admitted going "a bit fast," but he was not galloping the horses. One of the horses weighed 14cwt. and the other 9cwt. and he (defendant) was half drunk. He was fined 10s. Abraham Ashcroft, labourer, Norton Bridge, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly on the 31st July. P.C. Lewis stated that he saw the defendant in a drunken condition, and he took him into the house. When they got inside the passage defendant struck at him. In a few minutes Ashcroft came out and said he wanted to fight the officer, and witness again put him indoors. Whenever the defendant was under the influence of drink he was a "little blackguard." A fine of 10s was imposed. James Burke, a Merthyr man, was, on the evidence of P.S. Stibbs, fined 10s for being drunk and disorderly at Rhydfelen on the 24th August. For a similar offence, Abraham Jenkins, PwU- gwaun, was fined 10s, evidence being given by P.C. Ham. Mr J. Bryant, solicitor, Pontypridd, made an application for the adjournment of a case which arose out of a County Court case at Porth two months ago. He was acting for the Public Prosecutor, and the case, which was one of perjury, was reported by his Honour Judge Williams. The woman was ill, and a medical certificate was put it. The case was adjourned for a week. Mary Watkins, Hopkinstown, was summoned by Hannah Rogers ,of the same place, for assault Mrs Rogers stated that on Wednesday, the 4th inst., her daughter went to see the defendant because she had beaten her son. The defendant then scratched the little girl. so witness went down herself, and she was beaten by the defen- dant. Elizabeth Rogers, a rather cheeky young girl, said she had asked the defendant why she had beaten her brother, and by way of reply the defendant scratched her, jumped on her, and seized her by the throat. Defendant said she could not stand the cheek of the e-irl. For the defence Sarah Young said the girl had called Mrs Watkins a b cow, but she did not see Mrs Watkins do anything. Evidence was also given by Florrie King. The case was dismissed. Mrs Fussell, a lady residing on the Tram road, Treforest, was summoned by Mary Ann Adams for assaulting her. Complainant deposed that she and Mrs Fussell had a tussle" in the afternoon, and a handful of defendant's hair got pulled out. In the evening defendant waylaid her and another fight ensued. Defendant stated that Mrs Adams struck her when she (defen- dant) was carrying a baby. Elizabeth Thomas and Mary Williams said they saw the defendant striking the complainant. Fussell was ordered to pay the costs. James Gwinter, Rhydyfelen, was charged with assaulting William Cleland on the 30th ult. Cleland said that on the day in question he was walking along tho road near the tinworks, Tre- forest, when the defendant came up and asked him to pay for a drink. He refused, and de- fendant struck him a blow on the nose. At the time the defendant was neither drunk nor sober. Gwinter wanted to fight him. but- he replied that he would summon him. P.S. Stibbs said that on the night in question, the complainant came to the police station. He was then bleed- ing from the nose. On Saturday morning, when he served the summons the defendant told hirll that Cleland had challenged him to fight, and he had given him a blow on the nose. The Bench I a fine of 10s, including costs. Thomas Prosser, Norton Bridge, was sum- moned by Marv Greenwav for using threats towards her on the 19t,h July, and 3rd Augusti. Complainant stated that on the days in question the defendant threatened her, and used filthy language. Defendant said he never saw the woman on the first, mentioned date, but -rr was a row on August the 3rd. He had bc Pontvoridd for 25 years, and this was tJp fi time for him to appear in Court. Ha" na Jenkins said that Mrs Greenway was helping her to move when Prosser came down and wanted Mrs Greenway and her husband to come out. Prosser thought Mrs Greenwav was run- ning away, but she was not doing so. Henry Evans c-ave. what he termed, a second edition of the affair. Mrs Greonway was on the "sccnery" Dr Hunter: Perhaps she was on the win~s. (Laurhtei^ Mr James Roberts: Perhaps she was behind the scenery. (Laughter). Defen- dant was bound over in a sum of jE5 to keep thq peace.




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