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PWLLGWAUN BRIDGE. THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD INQUIRY. WHY MR DEWI LLEWELLYN OPPOSED. -w—— To the Editor. Sir,—In the report of the above inquiry,which appeared in your last issue, it is stated that 1 offered opposition to the scheme, and that I disagreed with the principle of any kind of bridge; also that I stated that it was not re- quired by the public. Being that these statements are utterly un- true, I must ask you to publish this contradic- tion of the report. My objection is not to the scheme, but to the site. I have been among the foremost in agitttt- ing for the bridge, but have all along objected to that particular site, as there were other places better adapted for the purpose, and quite pro- bably would not be so expensive as the selected site. In reply to Colonel Marsh I stated that a bridge was wanted. I am not alone in my objection to this site, and if the inquiry had been held in the afternoon instead of in the morning, there would have been more opponents to the site. present. Myself and many others have been waiting for an opportunity to express our views on the ques- tion, but the Councillors of our district have thought it wise to have more than half the work done before giving the people, who are most interested, a, chance to express an opinion. You also state "that it did not transpire how far we were authorised to lay the objection in the name of a large section of the public." My reply to that is—First, I did not object in the name of a large section of the public; I simply attended as a ratepayer, as I had a right to do. Secondly, it is not necessary to be authorised by the public to object to such a scheme; the inquiry was held in the interest of the ratepayers, and each and everyone, in- dividually or collectively, had a right to attend and object to, or support the scheme, according to his or their opinion. As your report has been widely discussed, and has done me considerable harm, I trust you will -ve this as much publicity as you did the other I am, etc., Pwllgwaun. DEWI LLEWELLYN. MR ARTHUR SEATON'S OBJECTIONS EXPLAINED. To the Editor, "Glamorgan Free Press." Sir.—I was rather surprised on reading your paper of August 7th to find such and unfair construction placed on the opposition offered by me to the loan of £ 350 for the purposes 01 erecting a bridge near or next to the Caste 11 Ifor Hotel, Hopkinstown, and thought that such a report was due to either your readiness in pub- lishing inaccuracies, or, on the other hand, that it was given you by officials or parties interested in the loan being granted to do so. The follow- ing are the objections raised by me, which ex- plains fully my action in the matter, and if it is not taking too much of your space, I will also give the expressions made use of by Col. Marsh R.N., after he had visited the site where the bridge previously stood, and the site where erected at present. Such expressions were freelv made before the surveyor, Councillor Gowan, Mr D. Llewellyn, and myself. I objected, first, on the ground that the Urban District Council did not fully enquire into the state of the bridge before purchasing, two-third of the ironwork being corroded or rusted away, and that iron straps formerly half an inch thick were now no thicker than a penknife. Colonel Marsh, aft-er thoroughly examining the ironwork, stated that, it was in a far worst condition than stated by me, most of the rods or stays being completely corroded awav. and no strength there whatever, and some of the cross girders hardly safe to carry their own weight. Councillor Gowan thereupon remarked that he would not mind driving the steam roller over it. to which the Insjxctor replied that he would prefer being one side or the other on solid grou ndwhen such a. trial was being done. thereby clearly demonstrating his views as to its strength. My second objection was that the span at Hop- kinstown; was greater than where it, previously stood, therebv considerably weakening the struc- ture. Col. Marsh, after trving the respective widths, found that what I stated was correct, the span at Hopkinstown being some feet wider thnn at Treforest, on which he commented very strongly. My third objection was tiiali there jw»s no provision made for wing walls on the Pwllgwaun side of the river, and that the roadway now in course of construction was in danger of being seriously interfered with on every high flood, which is common in the river Rhondda. The Inspector pointed out and severely com- mented on the fact of the serious encroachments upon the ground bordering on that side of the river, by the continual scouring of heavy floods and thought it necessary that such wing walls should be built immediatoely. I do not intend to enter into my other objections, as I consider the Inspector's opinions on the foregoing objec- tions are reasons enough why I should have attended that enquiry and raised opposition to such a scheme. I was rather surprised at the question put to me by the Clerk to the Council as to whether I had tendered for the removal of the bridge, which I had not, thus trying to lead the Inspector to believe that it was jealousy cn my part that had prompted my opposition. I still adhere to my general statement at the en- quiry, that the bridge does not serve any good purpose erected where it is, that its proper posi- tion was higher up the river, where there would have been a good junction with the Rhondda road and not a square angle and bad approach as at present, and that it would have been better to have gone in for a new bridge instead of buy- ing old iron much rusted at new iron price; also that when the Council decides to lay out money on such schemes, that the feelings of the rate- payers be consulted as to position, etc., and that the enquiry be held before the money is spent, and not afterwards, a point taken notice of by the inspector, and that separate men should be employed on the work so as to ascertain full cost, and not try to minimise such expenditure as has been done in this case, by employing men thereon whose duties are road cleaning and not new road makmg.-Thanking you in antici- pation, I am, etc. Weston Hill, ARTHUR SEATON. Cadoxton, Barry. Builder.











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