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FUflEML OF MRS CILfyOUH, LLWYPPIA. On Thursday, with painful suddenness, the news was spread through Mid-Rhondda and x enrhiweeiber that Mrs G-ilmour, Llwvnvpia, had passed away. She was the second wife of Mr John Gilmour, of the Glamorgan Collieries and the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Bevan, of the Lee Hok-ol, Penrhiweeiber, Great and widespread sympathy has been expressed for the husband and parents. The deceased ladv had been married only three years, and was well- known in the district, having been brought up in Tonypandy from childhood; and although her parents had removed to Penrhiwceiber some years ago, the early connection, mainly through family ties, had been intimately maintained. Mr Gilmour has also been most prominently situ- ated under the popular firm of the Glamorgaa Coal Company for the last 25 years, and has endeared himself to all who have had the privi- lege of co-operating with him, either co-ordinate- ly cr mibordinately. Also, the Bevan family, of which Mrs Gilmour was a member, are great- ly respected, because they are well-known m the district. On all sides, therefore, the death elicited very many condolences. For the last year Mrs Gilmour's health had been most in- different, and iher medical advisers were not sanguine that her young life would be a long one. She had been a painful subject to a dropsical tendency, and the contraction of a cold in so recent a drive as last Bank Holiday accelerated one of these attacks, and on Thursday monring she succumbed. She was much beloved for her hearty generosity to one and all. Her good and benevolent qualities were well-known to all who knew her, and many recipients of her con- stant charity are left to mourn her death. The funeral on Monday spoke unmistakably the re- spect she had won both at Penrhiweeiber and at Llwynypia, and the manifestations of grief were many and intensely sincere. The service at Llwvnypia House was conducted by the Rev T. G. Jenkyn, Salem, and at the cemetery by the Rev T. H. Williams, curate, Bodringallt. We observed also the Rev Josiah Thomas at the funeral, while the Rev R. Thomas, Penrbiw- ceiber, was unavoidably prevented by an en- gagement in North Wales from being present. Among the friends present were Messrs W. Walter Hood, Glyncomel; A. J. Anderson, Llwynypia; Geo. Beith, Pontypridd; W. Ram- sey, Upper Boat; Lewis Williams, Upper Boat; T. John, Llwynypia; Ed. Hughes, Llwynypia; J. H. Chalmers, Trealaw; D. Howells. station master; J. H. Jones, Llwynypia; David Jones, assistant overseer, Llwynpia.; J. D. Hughes, Thistle Hotel; Mr and Mrs W. Pritchard, IvaI" Hael; Messrs David Richards Partridge road; < James Richards, Salem Terrace; T. Evans, ( Naval Colliery; Councillor W. Williams, Coun- cillor John Thomas, Llwvnypia; Councillor Rhys Griffiths, Edward Jenkins, L!wvnypia; Edwin Thomas, post office; J. Price, Tonvpandv; A. W. Penduck, Llwynypia; J. W. Richards, Llwynypia; Mra Rees and Mrs Beith, Butchers' Arms, Penygraig; Mr James Lawrence, Pen' rhiwfer; Mr and Mrs Lax, Pontrhondda; Di* Edwards, Llwynypia; Dr Jennings, Llwynypia5 Messrs David Evans, Penyeraig; D. W. Rich' ards, Tonvpandv; John Vvuiiams, Trealatf Foundry; D. W. Jones, Pentre; R. Griffiths Ystrad Foundry; Rev W. Thomas, Treherbert; Messrs W. Davidson, Great Western Colliery; David Thomas, Naval Colliery; W. Lewis. Mer thyr Vale; L. N. Williams, Aberdare; Ed. Daw" son, Cardiff; W. Beith, P^ntvnridd; R. MeTii- tosh, Pontypridd; John Evans, draper, PontY- pridd; George Golight-ly, Newport; W. B. Pattison, Treharris; Mr and Mrs J. R. Evans. Llwynypia; Mr W. Salmon, Cardiff; Mr Thomalf John, Trealaw; Mr and Mrs Sam Evans. Tre- ferig; Mrs Gomer Evans, Gilfach; William Evans, Penygraig; J. Parry, Llwynvnia Post Office; Mr and Mrs Mathews, Penrhiwceiber; Messrs S. Shipton, Penrhiweeiber; E. T. Wil- liams, Penrhiweeiber: John Smith, Tonyrefaii; Mr W. Edmunds, Clydach Vale; Mr J. P- Davies, Rev D. Llovd, Mr E. Morris, Mr V- Davies, Mr Phillips, Mr and Mrs E. T. Richards, Master David JamesRichards, Mr W. A. Mof gan, Misses Phillips (Tanvbryn), Mrs ThomaSf Mrs Mainwaring, Mr W. Richards, Mr Tort1 Price, Mr J. Long. Mr William Davies, and W Bevan, Penrhiweeiber; Mr T. Rosser, RuperØ Hotel, Mr W. Thomas. Westfield, Portlicawl: Mr W. R. Hushes and Miss P. Hughes. HiJI'" side; Mrs R. W. Hughes, Llwynypia; Mrs Os- terb, Cardiff; Mr Edwin Thomas, mason, LlwyT" ypia.; Mr T. Griffiths, overman, Llwynmia". Mrs Jones, Gwaunadda, Dinas; Mrs R. Lewis, Penygraig; Mr Evan G. Richards, Tonypandy; and Mr Griffith Evans, Pontypridd. The chief mourners were: Mr J. Gilmoaf (husband), Mr and Mrs R. Bevan (parents), M1" Tom Bevan (brother). Mr Richard Evans. 1\1(' David Evans and Mr and Mrs David Rees. Glvn' fach, Cymmer; Mrs Rosser, Bridgend; Mr an" Mrs Plummer and Mr Plummer, jun., Penvcoed- Miss Rosser, Bridgend: Mr and Mrs"Jona& Davies, Maesteg; Miss Williams, Upper Boat: Mr Thomas. Glynogwr; Mr Moses Rowlands- Treforest; Mr and Mrs Jenkins, Black Mill; Mrs Evans, Black Mill; Mr and Mrs JenkinSt Glvnogwr; Mr and Mrs Thomas Davies, MaeS" yrhaf Mrs Howell Llewellyn and son, Clydaf* 0 Vale; Mrs W. Morgan, Trealaw; Mrs Thom grocer, Cwrt street; Mrs Davies and dauehte*8' Coedymeihion; Mr T. Williams, Miskin Hotel 1 Mr Isaac Prothero,Bridgend Hotel; Mr Gv.il. James, Cymmer; Mr William Thomas, Pontf pridd; Mrs W. Davies, Dunraven street, Toof pandy. The bearers were prominent workmen at tiy colliery, viz., James Lloyd, Lewis i'lull ins, Davies, W. Davids (Pontrhondda), T. ThoniO W. Brimfield, John Goodridge, David Thorn a-1 Jenkin Rees, T. Evans, Fred Fowler, W. Dal# more.. The hearse was covered yith costlv and bea«»l ful wreaths and flowers sent by the follo\ri«» sym,patbisers: -yr J. Gilmour, Mr and 3(0 Bevan, Mr T. Bevan, Mrs Williams, HillsidfJ, Mr a«d Mrs Evans, Glvnfach Farm; Llewelyn. Clydach Court; Mr and Mrs T. W'j liams, Miskin Hotel; Mr and Mrs J. D. W" liams, Clydach Court Mr and Mrs T. Dttviei Maesyrhaf; Mrs A. Davies, Roval Hotel. Mil dv: Mr I. Protheroe, Bridgend • Mr and 11 Morgan, Trealaw; Mr W. W. Hood Gltf cornel; Mr and Mrs Dawson, Cardiff; Mr Hughes and familv, Hillside; Mr and W} Evans, Treferig; Mr R. J, M. Pritchard. Bi$ gend; Mr and Mrs S. J. Bertram, Cardiff: and Mrs R. W. Simpson, Cardiff; Messrs and Sons, Ystrad; Mr and Mrs G. Beith, Powm pridd; Misses Oueenie and Louie Beith: and Mrs W. B. Pattison, Trehams; M George Parker and George Peckham. if At the close of the service, the decease. favourite hymns—"Aberystwyth" and "Babel y were sune. The departed lady so late as day week had attended a service at the TO Hall, and was particularly srrieved that J/ second versft of ''Aberystwvth" had not ft guntr as well as the first in the benedictory iro When she returned home she pressed MJS." I liams. daughter of Mr L. Williams, Upper to play her this national hymn on the piano. V was soothed and made calmly reposeful by service. She was unceasing in her enjoyrof? the last verse, and their perusal is .sign"*<flf of a preparatory state of mind and hearth 0f consolatory comfort, and i tis no wotwfer, they are: O na allvvn tra fawn byw, j Rodio bellach gyda'm- Duw; Treuho f'oriau iddon lhvyr, (I foreuddydd hyd yr hwyr: Iesu hawddgar, tyr'd i ;tlwr, Gad im' wel'd dv wedd vn awr; Yna. canpf am dy 'I Nes meddianu'r nefid wlal."

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