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- IVJustard and Cress. -+


IVJustard and Cress. + We wish to heartily congratulate the Hooligan Band on the last addition to their rank and hie. The aristocracy of the Cemetery road ware at the ir wit's end endeavouring to explain why tnej exhibited such antics at their performances, but their sell-convicting evidence of reclining aCt- misMon tc "Relative," while admitting the miss- ing link," coupled with that fact well-known to «rventi«t3—that everything attracts its own kind—"Birds of a feather flock; together,"— clearly explains why they displayed such fpn- niosities. "Relative" docs not grieve at the loss of the- uniform contract ,inasmuch as he does not emplov qualified tailors to enable him to guarantee "fit and style" for the aborigines of mankind. The "love-sick lover," while not wishing to refute the assertion that he was "disturbed and "disappointed," proudly asserts tnat it such an incident as an "overflow of tears' should happen on the part of any member of the Hooli- gan Band, probablv nothing would b? left but empty suits of clothes going homewards after the oucasion. Amongst the successful candidates at the preliminary Law Examination of the Incor- porated Law Society held on tlxe til °l11 instant, we observe the name of D. Hid Lewis, son of Mr David Lewis, Caerphilly. Some folks have a notion that any of gossip will do for "Mustard and Cress. But we are most particular ,and especially on all pars that are of a personal character. We have had a couple sent us this week from tne Upper Rhondda. One refers to a young man inviting his sweetheart to do his house-keeping because his parents have gone to Builth Wells. The other is about a married man going m for mild flirtations. We do not care to say more, but ask our correspondent to writo something more edifving in the future. It is only truth that did we insert what he sends our lives would not, be worth many days. The Rhondda Cymrodorion have decided to make a presentation to Mr Tom Davies in re- cognition of his many years' fidelity as secre- tary to. the society. There can be no denial of tho" fact that Mr Davies has been most diligent in furthering the interests of the Cymrodorion of th3 Rhondda. The occasion of his marriage has therefore been taken as a suitable opportunity to give expression to the appreciation which has out-grown his labours for the Cymrodorion. We lic&rtilv wish the movement the success it de- c,ei-ves. Mr E. H. Davies, J.J., Pentre, is chair- man; Rev E. W. Davies, Ton, treasurer, and the genial Mr Yorath (Eos Hafod) secretary. The subject is good ,and with such leading officials -we expect a most successful issue. Mr W. Evans, the Miners' Agent, has been most successful in his busy efforts for the Ma- bon's Fund. It is surprising how men of every shade of opinion agree that Mabon is the right man in the right place. He is admired by op- ponents for his fairness and moderation in pro- moting the principle most dear to the men, but in doing so he acts consistently with the best eanona of procedure. The Eglwysilan School Board had a row at their last meeting, but the storm was anticipated and our reporter was asked to suppress the de- tails of the rounds that were fought. It is a pity, for we could do with a few sporting pars very well,though we confess it is a point gained when the Board is conscious that some of its doings are better suppressed than otherwise. We have hopes yet of Caerphilly School Board, for Mr W. Davies has told us tkat he means education—"codi'r hen wlad yn ei hoi"—in all that he does for Caerphilly. Very good, the sooner the better pleased we shall be. Perhaps we may as well warn the Board that any future scenes of this description will be fully described. Ald. W. H. Morgan, our respected townsman, and the elected Liberal candidate for South Gla- morgan, presided over an Eisteddfod held at Cadoxton-Barry, on Bank Holiday. He was accompanied by Mrs Morgan. We regret to find that Mr William Davies, junior, of Court Villa, Tonypandy, is not in the best of health, and that it has been neces- sary for him and his wife to take a trip to the Antipodes for the benefit of it. We sincerely trust that he will return fully recruited to his native heath. Mr Davies has spent the last few years in London pursuing his medical studies. The lastest news to hand shews that he is getting on very steadily, and we join in hoping that the improvement will continue. They say that Trealaw requires no news papers, and that the deficiency is supplied by a certain retired fraternity who, finding time hanging heavily on them, do the -newspaper business by daily visitations round the district. They make good story teller, we are told, and we also hear that they spin and spin until the original is almost in obscurity. Well, we are not offended, but as long as they follow the maxim of "Y gwir yn erbyn y bvd," we shall not interrupt the even tenour of their gossiping ways Colonel H. LI. Grover, clerk to the Ponty- pridd District Council, attended the Local Gov- ernment Board enquiry at the Council Chamber on Thursday. This is the first appearance the galianfe colonel has been able to make since Christmas, and on all hands were heard expres- sions of delight at the improvement which has taken place in his health. We sincerely trqst that it will not be long betore he will resume his familiar seat during the Council's meetings. His genial and ample form has been greatly missed. A:-bil,ion should we not say "h-ambition?"— in the police force is a very desirable quality, but it may sometimes be overdone. Recently an aspiring "boy in blue" was transferred from a local village to a busy centre in the Rhondda. Anxious to see the fact chronicled in the "Free Press" he buttonholed one of our reporters and hinted in a very seductive manner that he should like to see a little par. about the event. He didn't want a mere bald announcement, but was hopeful that the much desired "par." would be of a very complimentary nature, similar to the one leferring to his predecessor's removal. Reporters meet with a; good deal of bounce in their daily work, but this "modest" request fairly stageered our man. Apparency, some people have the idea that newspapers are insti- tutions existing for the purpose of airing the virtues of certain jvublic officials, or, if there are no virtues to air, to make a few for those who would like to possess them. The young man in question is a very meritorious officer, no doubt, but when he gets older he w-, probably find he must wiia, his spurs before be can wear them. The "Shop Assistant" for August savs: "There are signs of an awakening in the Rhondda Val- ley. The assistants in the numerous towns and villages of the clsh Coalfield are beginnin7 to enquire about the rules and objects of the Na- tional Union, and a meeting has already been held at Tonypandy with a view of forming a central branch. I hope tueir efforts will" be successful." We rejoice to find, from tnis month's "Shop Assistant," that even sleerv,\ conservative, re- main-as-we-are, Aberdare is being stirred b the early closing movement. Surely, the millenium is at hand! The Town rings with the news that FRANK THOMAS ("My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Hat. 283o PHOTOGRAPH STANDS.—New patterns just ar- nved. Artistic and inexPeusive.-FoaREST AVD SONS, Cambrian Studio. 2871 The chief characteristics of G, P. HACKER'S Photo- graphs are Fidelity and Artistic Finish. Samples may be seen at his Studio—12 and 13, The Arcade Pontypridd. 32eot For freshest of tinned goods and richest of jama. Go to T. Harris for primest of hams, Central Stores, Taff street. 1341


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