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PONTYPRIDD LIBERAL CLUB. Anuual Meeting. — SATISFACTORY BALANCE-SHEET. MR CHARLES MORGAN ON TORY TACTICS. A HOME THRUST FOR "MY FRIEND THE ENEMY." The annual meeting of the Pontypridd Liberal Club was held on Friday evening, Mr Charles Morgan, the outgoing president, occupying the chair. The following gentlemen were elected officers for tha ensuing year: President, Councillor Watkin Williams, vice-presidents, Mr D. Mc- Gregor, Mr John Lewis, Top Hill, and Mr T. Rees, "South Wales Daily News." Mr Ivor Howells was re-elected secretary, and Mr Ithel Thomas, honorary secretary. Mr Mayberry Williams drew attention to the fact that the Club was conducted on temperance lines, and said it was not supported as it should be by the Temperance Party. This led to a dissension ,and several members expressed the hope that the members of the Temperance Party would bcome members of the Club. Last year there was a very adverse balance against the Club, but all this HAD BEEN WIPED OFF. and the statement of accounts now showed a balance of over LIS in hand. Mr Mayberry Williams was given a hearty vote of thanks for the steps he had taken in placing the club upon a sounder financial posi- tion, and votes of thanks to the officers were passed with acclamation. Mr Charles Morgan, the Liberal Registration Agent, referred to the work of registration in East Glamorgan, and said that everything that was being said by the other side should not be believed. Their opponents said they were doing everything. If what some of their politi- cal opponents wished was true, then they were doing everything and the Liberals nothing. (Laughter). Last week, for instance, it was editorially stated in the Conservative organ that during the registration court last year the Con- servative agent had successfully opposed between 600 and 700 lodger Radical claims. The state- ment was also made that several of these claims were impounded, but he (the speaker) asked for these statements to be received"cum grano salis,' and with very much "salis," because, as a mat- ter of fact, he did not think that he had put in 70 lodger claims during the last two years. If the statement made was correct the result would be that he had not sustained a single claim. Then, again, with reference to the alleged im- pounding of several claims. That was incorrect, as only one Liberal claim had been impounded, and he would like to make an explanation re- specting that one. Two years ago a well-known Congregational minister living at Vochriw put in a claim for his old lodger vote on the supposi- tion that was very generally held that to re- move from one house to another did not dis- qualify the claim. Before the commencement of the court at Bargoed he received a registered letter asking if it was necessary that a person claiming a vote should live in the same house for twelve months. He replied that it was, and he was thereupon requested to withdraw the rev. gentleman's claim. He did so, but the Conser- vative agent, with his USUAL BOUNCE AND BRAG, would not allow it to be withdrawn. The claim was impounded, but the revising barrister asked them not to make any ado about tue matter. He also asked the pressmen present not to make any note of it, as it would not do any pood. He (the speaker) gave his word not to make any fuss about it, and he understood his oppo- nent did likewise. A few weeks later, however, at a meeting held in the Rhondda, Mr Jeffrey made one of the most disgraceful attacks upon Nonconformist ministers that he ever knew of, and stated the rev. gentleman referred to swore in court that he had lived in the same house for twelve months, and that he (Mr Jeffrey) proved he had only lived there three months. As a matter of fact, however, the rev. gentleman was not in the court at all; he had lived in the same place for 15 months, and the mistake was Chat he had put in a claim for a successive lodger, which was not allowed. There was another point he would. like to mention. Living in the same valley WERE FOUR CURATES, i^k? ,PU^ claims for lodger votes, stating they had lodged in the same place for twelve months. TheIr claims were, however, struck out on the ground that they had not lived there for twelve months. These"cases were exactly on all fours wnn that of the Nonconformist minister, but he would not say one word against the curates because it was possible that they filled in their claims under a misapprehension. In the case of a curate lodging at Tirphil he enquired of his landlady how long he bad lodged there, and the reply he had was "I don't know, ask the Vicar of Pontlottyn." That was a case of one clergy- man making a claim and another attes-n? it. The revising barrister placed that particular claim in his pocket, and THAT CLERGYMAN'S NAME annear upon the lodger's list this year. 'J; JS* ISer)included that it lia/1 Snck Sat"bS he would not that ele,B5man strucK om, jwcrraeeful manner and m a way had acted m aSuch reckless state- UI1TSM> Jdfrev had made might possibly im- Sf th«t £ Z^U^t lU he « Would ceo him (Mr Morgan) befo o he ZOth August but he did not want intants to do ,o. The Conservatives tried to place several INFANTS ON THE LIST last year, but they were unsuccessful LodS™ claiming votes must be 21 years of Page; must have lodged in the same house for twelve months.