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Rhondda Man Drowned.

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The World of Pastime. ♦


The World of Pastime. ♦ By The Sporting Scribe." CRICKET. TREORKY v. PETRE-This contest was brought to a conclusion on Saturday, on the Athletic Grounds, Treorchy. There was exceptional interest centred in what was termed on flashy posters through the district as "The match of the season The performances of both teams against Porth were instrumental in attracting a crowd of curiosity seekers," and the good form of the homesters in the previous league matches attracted a splendid crowd to witness the fray. The wicket was in a fine condition, and the elements were favourable. There were several absentees on both sides, but efficient substitutes were forthcoming. Pentre batted flrst, and W. D. Morgan and D. T. Morgan were cheered as they preceeded to the wicket. Falcon bowled from the lower end, Chalke taking the upper side. The batting was extremely careful, W. D. Morgan making the majority of runs. D. T. Morgan was eventually out, being caught by T. Morgan at cover point. Ben Rees followed but had only scored two when Falcon spreadeagled his wickets. The next man was G. E. Davies, who gave an exhibition of stonewalling for some time. He and W. D. Morgan stayed in for some time though making few runs, the bowling and fielding being almost irreproachable. Morgan, however, after compiling 13 was out to a. beautiful catch by Falcon. Hughes joined Davies the former making 7 in two hits, but soon left, Ashford securing the ball turned to slips. Matters went all right for the homesters, who really played superbly. Falcon followed on bis previous success by quickly disposing Edmunds for a duck," and D. Hughes after scoring four was given out l.b.w. to Chalke's bowling. Davies alone played the bowling with con- fidence and managed to snick a run occasionally. Timothy, a promising youngster, after hitting Falcon to the boundary for four, was splendidly caught by Thomas. 0. Royall, the captain, found Falcon too difficult for him, and returned without scoring. S. Royall hit a three and then Chalke found his wickets. Eynon, the last man, joined Davies, who had been in for an hour doing ten, being caught by T. Morgan, the innings closing for 53. Chalke and Falcon bowled unchanged, and were remarkably successful. Treorky started their venture with B. D. Williams and Tom Morgan, to tbebowling of B. Rees and W. D. Morgan. Morgan cut Rees for two, and then got bowled. Williams, though playing carefully, snicked one right into Hughes' hands, and A. G. Tribe was bowled for a single-a very unpromising start. However, the next wicket proved costly, for the brothers Falcon became associated, and treated the spectators to a fine exhibition of batting, W. Falcon, in particulaar, playing a great game, his strokes being perfect in their accomplish- ment. M. Falcon was content to play a waiting game, whilst his brother let out, making some ■] capital hits. That particular stroke of his— the late cut-was a treat to watch. The pair seemed quite set and "at home," but to the dismay of the home partisans, W. Falcon was given run out" in attempting a run, a decision which, from reliable authority, was distinctly unfair, for the man was in ground in sufficient time. This decision did not commend itself to the majority present, and it was extremely unfortunate for W. Falcon, who, with his brother, added 30 for the fourth wicket, the 23 of the former being the prettiest innings ever seen in the locality. T. R. Thomas partnered M. Falcon, and both added runs. The latter was eventually bowled by a breaking ball from j W. D. Morgan. W. D. Jones hit a two, and j both he and Thomas fell in immediate sue- j cession. The game became qcite exciting at 1 this juncture, for Davies, the wicket keeper, after hitting for four, got dismissed, and there were still eight runs required. A few byes were run by Ashford and Davies, and G. Chalke joined the former. The crowd were in a state of perfect anxiety, and each run was enthus- iastically cheered. The score crept up to 52, and another bye brought it to a tie—a signal for hearty clapping. From the next ball, Ashford made a tremendous effort, making a six for a winning hit amidst loud and prolonged cheering. Ashford's hit was the biggest of the match and the biggest of the season, the ball being knocked right up to the entrance. Runs again came steadily, and after several changes in the bowling, Ashford was bowled. Cbalke and Austin were the the last pair, and after an additional five runs were scored, Chalke was bowled, the innings closing for 70, leaving Treorky winners of an exceedingly interesting game by 17 runs. Treorky defeated Pentre by better all round play. Their bowling, batting and fiilding wero altogether mor2 consistent, and they deserved an easier victory. This would, no doubt, have been achieved, but for the lamentable decision of the visiting umpire in giving W. Falcon out in such a manner. The homesters are to be complimeuted on their magnificent display, and they have had their revenge on the former encounter. Chalke and M. Falcon deserve special praise for their fine • bowling, while W. F Icon and Ashford take a big share for their batting, the former espscially. The fidlding was good in all points. Pentre never shone in any particular departmeut, though Ben Rees deserves credit for his fine bowling. The win gives Treorky another two points, bringing their aggregate to 11 points. Appended are the scores PENTRE. W D Morgan c M Falcon b Chalke 13 D T Morgan cT Morgan bM Falcon 1 Ben Rees b M Falcon 2 G E Davies c T Morgan b Chalke. 10 G E Hughes c Ashford b Chalke 7 M Edmunds b M Falcon 0 D Hughes Ibw b Chalke 4 T Ti mothy c T R Thomas b M Falcon 4 0 Royall b M Falcon 0 S Royal! b Chalke 3 D S Eynon not out 2 Extras 7 Total b3 TREORKY. BDWilliamscG Hughes b BRees 0 T Morgan b B Rees 2 A G Tribe b W D Morgan 1 W Falcon run out 23 M Falcon b W D Morgan 9 T R Thomas b W D Morgan 5 W D Jones c Morgan b B Rees 2 D C Davies b B Rees 4 0 G Ashford b B Rees 11 G Chalke b D Hughes 4 J T Austin not out 2 Extras 7 Total 70 DINAS C.C. v. FERNDALE C.C. This match was played on Saturday at Dinas, and resulted in a win for the visitors by seven runs. Both teams were fully represented. P J Thomas for the homesters and T Kingston and W Jones for the visitors rendered good service to their respective sides W Jones taking 6 wickets for 10 runs. Appended are the scores FERNDALE D Morgan c P J Thomas b Fell 6 R Phillips b P J Thomas 0 W Alexander run out 4 J Bailey b Coles 5 W Jones b Fell 0 S Thomas b Fell 2 T Kingston c Fell b Coles 12 G Davies b Gale 2 G Llewelyn c Fell b Coles 2 J Whittaker not out 4 H Kingston c P J Thomas b Coles O Extras 9 Total 46 DINAS. G Davies c T Kingston b Alexander 0 F Kerslake b W Jones 2 S Fell c G Llewelyn b W Alexander 8 J Gale c Alexander b W Jones 3 P J Thomas c Alexander b W Jones 9 H Coles c Alexander b W Jones 3 J Lingford c G Davies b W Jones 4 J Rowlands b W Jones 0 T Prosser run out I D Meredith not out 0 M Jenkins b D Morgan 0 Extras 9 Total 39 Fixtures can be arranged by F n i ile with good teams by applying to the Secretary, J. Bailey, 2, Elm street, Ferndale. TENNIS. TAFF PARK 2ND V. Y.vy.^ynjharad 2nb.— This match was played on the ground of the former club on Thursday, and resulted in a win for the Taff Park Club by five events to four. The following are the results TAFF PARK. TNYSYNGHAHAt). W H Todd beat R Jones 5-7, 6-4, 6-1. J G Roberts beat E John 3-6, 64, 6-1. E E Roberts beat E Arnott 6-4, 9-7. J W Thomas lost to W Jones 8-10, 3-6. H John lost to M John 4-6, 4-6. D McGregor lost to S Jones 5-7, 3-6. Thomas & McGregor beat Jones & sub. 6-3 6-3. John & E Roberts beat John & Jones 6-1, 6-3. Todd & G Roberts lost to Jones & John 6-3, 4 0, 5-7. 1 [CONTIXUSD ON fAQE 8-1