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PONTYPRIDD FOOTBALL CLUB SPORTS. Another Successful Meeting. The second athletic meeting of the Pontypridd Football Club was held on the Taff Vale Park (the use of which was gratuitously given by Councillor James Roberts, J.P.), on Monday, and was an even greater success than that of Whit-Monday. Extensive preparations had been made by the Club to provide good sport, and their efforts were crowned with success. The weather was glorious, and left nothing to be desired, and the gate was probably the largest ever seen on the Taff Park. Much interest was centred in the appearance of F. E. Bacon, the champion athlete of the world, and H. Watkins, the Southern Counties champion, in the 440 yards and one mile handicaps, and on turning out for their events both men were accorded an enthusiastic reception. Perhaps the most popu- lar win of the day was that of Eli'Joseph in the 120 yards handicap. In tnis heat he had no one of exceptional merit to beat, and in the semi-final he ran second to H. Lacy, New Swin- don, defeating Mil ward, Merthyr; Lewis, Pen- darren, and Chris. Jones, Pontypridd. In the final he was only receiving a yard from D. Jones Ebbw Vale, and conceding two yards to Lacy, but running grandly he defeated Lacy by two yards, Jones being close up. The victory of Joseph was hailed with delight by the large crowd. The Town Band (under the leadership of Mr Foxall) was in attendance, and played selections between the various events. The en- tries received were exceedingly numerous, being no less than 180, or an average of over 22 for each event. Many of the finishes were very ex- citing, particularly that in the three miles' bicycle handicap, when T. Osman and Hopkin Davies dead heated on the tape. The officials were: Judges (foot), Dr Howard Davies, Lieu. T. Morgan, Messrs M. Wayne Moragn, Tom Wijliamte, W.F.U., Alun Morgan, and Ack Llewellyn, W.F.U.; cycle, Messrs W. M. Mor- ris H. Williams and J. G. Morgan; the foot events were handicapped by the committee, whilst Mr J. Griggs, N.C.U., acted in a similar capacity in the cycle races; treasurer, Mr J. E. Brooks, Mr Ted Lewis, who acted as starter, manipulated his pop gun in fine style, and suc- ceeded in getting his men off beautifully. Mr Gwilym L. Morgan, the secretary, upon whose shoulders the bulk of the work fell, deserves to be complimented upon the success of his efforts, and certainly the Pontypridd Football Club have every reason to be proud of having such a zealous gentleman as secretary. Results: 100 yards boys' race: First prize, value 15s; second, 7s 6d; third, 5s. First heat, E. J. Lott, Pontypridd; second heat, Oswald John, Blaen- garw; third heat, W. Doran, Pontypridd; and Thomas Hughes, Pontypridd, dead heat; fourth heat, Fred Bodman, Bedminster. Final heat: 1, Oswald John; 2, W. Doran; 3, Thomas Hughes. 120 yards flat handicap (open): First prize, £ 12; second, 93; third, jEl. First heat, A. J. Weeks, Weston-super-Mare, 9 yards; second heat, Tom Rees, Pentre, 8 yards; third heat, Lewis Walters, Treherbert, 13 yards; fourth heat, L. T. Parry, Merthyr Vale, 10 yards; fifth heat, D. Jones, Ebbw Vale, 8 yards; sixth heat, H Lacy, New Swindon, 11 yards; seventh heat, Eli Joseph, Hopkinstown, 9 yards; eighth heat, Chris. Jones, Treforest, 16 yards; ninth heat-, E. Millward, Merthyr, 7 yards; tenth heat, Wil- liam Lewis, Pendarren, 11 yards. Second round, first heat, 1, D. Jones; 2, A. J. Weeks; second heat, 1, H. Lacy; 2, Eli Joseph. Final, 1, Eli Joseph; 2, H. Lacy; 3, D. Jones. A grand race, Eli Joseph catching up Weeks and Lacy in the first few yards, and was never again headed, winning by two yards, Jones close up. Joseph's win was a very popular one, and lie received a good deal of cheering from the crowd on his victory. One mile novice bicycle handicap: First prize, value JB2 2s; second, value, £ 1 10s; third, value 10s 6d. 1, J. R. Evans, Treforest Cycling Club, 70 yards; 2, T. Osman, Treforest Cycling Club, 65 yards; 3, W. J. Rees, Treharris Cycling Club, 35 yards. Time, 2 min. 35 sees. W. J. Evans, the scratch man, was too heavily handi- capped to be able to do anything, and J. R. Evans won by a foot from Osman. Had the distance been about twenty yards further Osman would have won as he was rapidly picking up Evans on the tape. 120 yards flat handicap In this race each com- pel itor had to pick up a football at halfway and carry it to the winning post. First prize, value, 93 3s; second, value j61 Is: third, value 10s 6d. First heat, Gwilym Jones, Pontypridd, 8 yards; second heat, Eli Joseph, Pontypridd, one yard; third heat, Walter Davies,Pontypridd 7 yards; fourth heat, Chris. Jones, Treforest, 10 yards; fifth heat, Lewis Wride, Pontypridd, 6 yards. Final, 1, Gwilym Jones; 2, Eli Joseph 3, Walter Davies. One mile bicycle handicap (open): First prize, value jS6 6s; second prize, value P,2 2s; third prize, value £ l 10s. First heat—1, T. Os- man, Treforest Cycling Club, 180 yards; 2, T. Lewis, Treforest Cycling Club, 160 yards; second heat, J. Evans, Treforest Cycling Club, 170 yards; third heat, J. R. Evans. Final, 1, J. R; Evans; 2, T. Lewis; 3, T. Osman. Won by a couple of lengths, the same distance separa- ting second and third, Lewis had only got into the final by virtue of his being fastest loser. 440 yards flat handicap (open): First prize, L6; second, JE2; third, £1. First heat, Joseph Brimble, Blackwood, 25 yards; second heat, F. E. Bacon, Manchester, It yards; third heat, Ernest Gould, Treforest, 29 yards, w.o.; fourth heat, John James, Cardiff, 38 yards; fifth heat, T Bryant, Llantwit, 45 yards; sixth heat, J. Salter, New Swindon, 25 yards; seventh heat, J. Collins, Merthyr, 29 yards. Final, 1, J. Salter; 2, F. E. Bacon; 3, Jerry Collins. Much amusement was caused by a number of the com- petitors refusing to turn out in their heat, think- ing that their chances were hopeless against Bacon. The seven heat winners, however, com- peted in the final, and a capital race was seen. Bacon ran well, and about 1l^ yards from home lie caught up all his men, with the exception cf Salter, and sprinting finely from here to the post he was only defeated for first position by a few inches. Three miles bicycle handicap: First prize, value £6 6s; second, j62 2s; third, El Is. First heat, 1, T. Osman, Treforest Cycling Club, 425 yards; 2, J. R. Evans, Treforest Cycling Club, 395 yards; time, 8 min.; second heat, J. Evans, Treforest Cycling Club, 400 yards; 2, H. M. Davies, Treforest Cycling Club, 420 yards; 3, E. Thomas, Treharris Cycling Club, 442 yards: time, 7 min. 37 1-5 sees. Final, 1, Hopkin Da- vies and T. Osman, dead heat; 3, J. Evans. In the first heat T. Lewis retired after completing three laps, and in the seventh lap D. Davies Llantwit, sprinted and took the lead, onlv to come a cropper, and he then retired. W. J. Evans retired in the sixth lap in the second heat and left J. Evans to take the lead, followed by Hopkin Davies and E. Thomas, and this order they maintained to the finish, Thomas getting into the final as fastest third. The final was, undoubtedly, one of the finest cycle races ever seen in the principality, the lead being taken for a time by J. Evans, followed by J. R. Evans, T Osman, Hopkin Davies, and E. Thomas, in the order named. About half distance Osman rode into second place, and soon after went to the front, attended by Hopkin Davies. In the last lap the men sprinted at a tremendous bat, the result being one of the closest finishes ever seen. The judges, after a consultation, give itas a dead heat between Osman and Davies (Evans being yards away), and sun^ested that the two shou", run off the race again for first position. To this course Davies assented, but Osman would not agree to it, the result being that the first and second prizes were lumped together and divided, each taking £4 4s worth. At the finish of the event the excitement was intense, and both men were loudly cheered. One mile flat handicap: First prize, L6; second, jE2; third, Ll. Interest was chiefly centred in this race in view of the fact that Bacon and Watkins were competing therein. The gate had by this time swelled to immense proportions to see the performances of the two champions. Nine competitors started, Bacon being on scratch and mark. The first to fall out was J. Nicholas, 17 yards, and shortly afterwards he was followed bv several more. Ai, tlie commencement of tlie last lap A. J. Pimm, of Bed mister, with a hundred yards start, had still a lead of about 60 yards* and was going strongly, Bacon being next and Wat- kins third. In tha last half >1 Bacon sprinted, but failed to reach Pimm. who ran out a win- nor by about 25 yards, Bacon second, and Wat- kins third. Time, 4 min. 23 2.5 sees.





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