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IMPORTANT NOTICE. DELIOIOUS JUTAYPOLE TJUTTER NOW ONLY lid. PER LB. MAYPOLE BUTTER, lid. PER LB. MAYPOLE BUTTER, lid. PER LB. DIRECT FROM DAIRIES — FlliESr QUALITY PROCURABLE. FRESH CHURNED MARGARINE, 4D., 6D, & 8D. PER LB. Guaranteed to give Satisfaction. BRANCHES IN ALL LARGE TOWNS. London Offices: ELDON STREET, E.C. NOTE THE ADDRESS- MAYPOLE DAIRY COMPANY, 83A, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. 1735 PONTYPRIDD. JOHN EVANS & CO.'S SUMMER SALE OF DRAPERY IS NOW ON. IMMENSE REDUCTIONS- IN MILLINERY, MANTLES, CAPES, JACKETS, COSTUMES, BLOUZES AND SKIRTS. The Whole Stock of Children's Clothing must be Chared Regardless of Cost. GREA T JJABGAINS IN DRESS MATERIALS AND HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY. REMNANTS VERY CHEAP. 3378 TRANSFER OF THE DRAPERY BUSINESS OF D. W. LLOYD & J. E. LLOYD, DRAPERS, HANNAH STREET, PORTH, TO D. JONES (From Messrs J. JONES & SON, Manchester House, Merthyr). The "premises will be closed on Monday, August 9th, and the following four days for Valuation and Transfer of the Stock-in-trade. D. JONES respectively beirs to announce Itot OD completion of the Transfer the whole Stock will be remarted Sd Mid at sSch prices as will ensure a speedy and complete clearance. See further advertisements for commencement of sale. Di JONES, COMMERCE HOUSE AND TEMPLE OF FASHION, STREET, pORTH. Public Notices. SAFE FOR CHILDREN. f*ISSBE§BBsN STOPS COLD CURES COUGH Having a violent cough I took two doses of HAYMAN'S BALSAM and felt greatly relieved. After one bottle my cough had quite gone. T. MARLES, 484, Caledonian Road, lt, Speedy cures of colds In the head (Influenza) re- lieving me from a state of misery to my normal con- dition, lead me to express my high opinion of your medicine. It afforded me prompt relief and com- plete cure.— ALFRBD MBAGHR, London, B.C. TRY ONE BOTTLE. BOLD EVERYWHERE, Pnce Is lid. & 2s.9d. 15 TEETH. TEETH. GENUINE & PAINLESS TEETH. TEETH. AMERICAN DENTISTRY. The AMERICAN DENTISTS' Co., Regd., LONDON. PARIS. NEW YORK. W. ADAMS, R.D.S., ENG. 4, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, ATTENDANCE DAILY—10 to 8. COMPLETE SET- TEETH. ONE GUINEA. TEETH. Guaranteed for Six Years. TEETH. Single Tooth-2s. 6d. TEETH. TEETH. Genuine Treatment. TEETH. Prize Medal Teeth. TEETH. All Work by Skilled Mechanics. TEETH. Consultations Free. RAILWAY FARES ALLOWED. Note Well our only Addresses. CARDiFF-4, Queen Street: Attendance Daily-10 to 8 NEWPORT—20, High Street: Every Saturday—10 to 6 MimRTityn-67, High St.: Every Friday, 10 to 5. PONTYPRIDD—19, Market Square Every Wednesday, 10 to 6. All Consultations Free. Write for Pamphlet. TEETH. TEETH. TEETH. TEETH. 2530 TEETH. w. C. PEACE, BEDWELLTY HOUSE, 78, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. SUMMER STOCK OF BOOTS & SHOES AT MODERATE PRICES. 3190o A large assortment of Wreaths, Glass INEXPENSIVE AND RESPECTABLE FUNERALS. J. T. LLOYD, UNDERTAKER. 50, HANNAH STREET, PORTH. Funerals completely Furnished in su- perior style to suit all customers. Shades, Tablets, etc. 3149n Public Notices. >■ .JOSIAH JJILL, Having resigned his position as Manager of The Pontypridd Debt Collecting and Purchase Company, Limited, WILL CONTINUE BUSINESS on his own account as Accountant, Purchaser of Book Debts, &c., at CHURCH STREET, PONTYPRIDD. 3391 ¥ SAM .8. GRIFFITHS, 13, YORK PLACE, BARRY. HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE AND INSURANCE AGENT. SHOPS, VILLAS AND COTTAGES In desirable positions to Let and for Sale. BUILDING SITES TO LET WIrHIN EASY DISTANCE TO THE DOCKS. Mortgages negotiated. Rents personally collected. Reference:-London & Provincial Bank, Barry. 3370 BARRY ISLAND Refreshment Rooms, WHITMORE BAY. —I ADDITIONS TO PREMISES — LUNCHEONS AND TEAS PROVIDED AT MODERATE CHARGE?. Large and small Parties, Schools, &c., catered for. All comm unications to be addressed to- E. LONG, Manageress, Refreshment Rooms, 3371 BARRY INLAND. I TREHERBERT EXHIBITION THURSDAY, AUGUST 19th. OWING to the scarcity of Entries the closing has been extended until August 12th. FANCIERS, DO HELP US! 3411 Public Notices. THE WEST END TAILORS IN DUKE ST. (Facing St. John's Square.) I The Only (Bona Fide) West End Tailoring I Establishment Out of London I for High-Class I Tailoring ¡ At Up-to-Date Prices, i LADY'S COAT A SAVING AND OF SKIRTS 25 TO MEASURE PER CENT. AT £3 3s. GUARANTEED. Fit and Finish to Perfection. PATTERNS SENT POST FREE. Telegraphic Address— | West of England Branch Revolution," Cardiff. I „ rr i i an. I 3' WINE ST., Telephone 834. | ElilsiTOL. 3359 PORTHCAWL FLOWER SHOW. THE Second Annual SHOW (under the auspices of the Chamber of Trade), will be held at Porthcawl on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18tlt, 1897. _Qrt H PRIZES, for Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy Produce, Pigeons, Rabbits, &c. Show open to subscribers of 2s. od. and upwards, at 1 o'clock. PRICES: From 2 o'clock till 5 o'clock, 1,. Od from 5 o'clock till 8 o'clock, 6d. For Schedules, containing full particulars, apply :-Mr. WM. J. PHILLIPS, Hon. Sec., Newton, Porthcawl, R.SO. 3379 IMPORTANT VISIT TO PONTY- PRIDD. WAIT FOR THE BIG SHOW. FOURPAWR'S GIGANTIC CIRCUS AND HIPPODROME COMBINED WITH ANDERTON AND HASLAM'S MAMMOTH MENAGERIE Will visit the PEOPLE'S PARK, PONTYPRIDD, On WEDNESDAY, August 11th, RHEOLA FIELD, PORTH, On THURSDAY, August 12th. RECREATION GROUNDS, TON PENTRE, FRIDAY, August 13th, and PARTRIDGE FIELD, TONYPANDY SATURDAY, August 14th, Positively Largest Combined Shows in Europe 10° Horses, Ponies and Mules, 40 Star Artistes, C^arnages, Waggons, &c. 300 Beasts, Birds and Reptiles, amongst which will be found 12 noble Lions. Two Distinct Bands, 8 Funny Clowns, Herd of Camels and Dromedaries, Won- derful Performing Elephants. Also, see the Baby Camels, born in the Menagerie, only three weeks old. Another novelty, the Motor Car, or Horseless Carriage, on view daily on the Circus Field. Two Grand Performances at 2.30 and 7 30 Admission 3s, 2s, Is, and 6d. The Mammoth Two-Pole Circus Tent is ab- solutely Waterproof, and will seat 5000 People. Seats may be inspected and booked from 10 a.m. Sole Proprietors Messrs. ANDEBTON, HASLAM, AND FOURPAWR. Advance Agent G. A. RAMPLING. WAIT FOR THE BIG SHOW. 3409 THE MAERDY PRIZE DRAWING. y 1ST OF WINNING NUMBERS :-4943,1455, 3547, 2123, 3287, 7544, 4979, 2659 6377 6866, 1081, 7600, 2065, 5804, 3250, 20, 3197 554 5886, 1498, 1279, 1929, 3385, 3263, 2911, 1786, 4723, 2119, 1577, 296, 2011, 5190, 205, 179 610 2083, 4857, 3755, 378, 2099, 2339, 5920, 4769 CI ?' 3 614' 2833» 2672< 3810. 3396,1100, oXIF 2238* We wish to warmly thank everybody who has given their support and patronage on behalf of our poor fellow-workman in the above cause. All Prizes will be forfeited if not claimed by August 26th. J On behalf of Committee— THOMAS A. DAVIES, Chairman. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Treasurer. SAMUEL EDWARDS, ) Joint LEMUEL DAVIES, J Secretaries. 3406 ART UNION DRAWING. BENEFIT OF DAVID WILLIAMS, PENY- GRAIG. WINNING NUMBERS :-1326, 1342, 1568, 4134,1221,1578,1987, 1661, 1693, 1939, 692, 1882, 358, 1202, 3587, 1494, 3899, 2707, 1344, 1151, 764, 4351, 2309, 1330, 74, 1148, 1950 1931, 1144, 812, 3573, 1324.3915, 1484, 945, 3574 2079, 86, 2725, 278, 2070, 5, 932, 878, 288, 1173 2342, 2639, 121. 2873, 2069, 739, 2875, 1827 3893, 1218, 4346, 3040, 1824, 479, 1649, 1227, 1174, 930, 2548,2876. If not claimed within fourteen days from this date, the prizes will be forfeited. Tickets must be produced. J „ T- D- J0HN, Sec. Dated August 7th, 1897. 3404 Eisteddfodau. EISTEDDFOD DREFACH-VELINDRE AWST 18fed, 1897. Prif Ddarn Corawl—" Briton's Rejoice" (Jenkins), X55. Parti Gwrywaid-" Llewellyn ein Llyw Olaf" (T. Price), X30. A wdl- Y Tair Gardd-Eden,Gethsemane a Gardd Joseph, X7, a Chadair gwerth £ 3. Pryddest a Chofiant i'r diweddar Barch- edig W. E. Jeffreys, Saron, £5 5s. a Choron gwerth £2 2s. D. JENKINS, 1 „ J.LEWIS, }lsS-> 3060 Velindre, Llandyssul. TUDOR HALL, FERNDALE. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD on MABON'S MONDAY, November 1st, 1897. Adjudicators :-Wm. Thomas, Esq Treorky T. Young, Esq., Blaina and J. Probert Evans, Ferndale. Chief Choral, Tro ataf, a thrugarha (J. R. Lewis) prize, £5 and a beautiful Medal. Also 10s 6j will be given for the Trio. Juvenile Parties, to number 12, and under 14 years of age prize 10s, and a challenge Silver Cup. Brass Band Competition, Y,14 in prizes. Champion Marching Contest, prize, Silver Medal for each player. Send for Programmes at once to the Secretary, H. T. RICHARDS, 3397 7, Lake Street. Tenders. PONTYPRIDD BURIAL BOARD. TENDERS are required for the construction JL of a Culvert on land adjoining the Cemetery, Pontypridd. Plans and Specifications can be seen at the office of the surveyor, Arthur Owen Evans, Post Office Chambers, Pontypridd. Sealed endorsed tenders to be sent to me. the undersigned, on or before 6 p.m. the 18th August, 1897. The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. JAMES E. SPICK 15TT, 3412 Clerk. Licensing Notices. GLAMORGANSHIRE. To the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Llantrisant, in the County of Glamorgan, and to the Superintendent of Police of the Division of Bridgend, in the County of Glamorgan: and to John Blandy Jenkins, of Llanharran House, Llanharran, in the said County and to John Brothers, Abergarw Brewery Company, Limited, Aberkenfig, in the said County and to all others whom it may concern. I JOHN DAVIES, now residing at the Blandy Arms, Gilfach Goch, in the Parish of Llan- trisant, in the County of Glamorgan, licensed victualler, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that it is my intention to apply at the GENERAL ANNUAL LICENSING MEETING, to be holden at the Police Court, in the Town of Pontypridd, in the Division of Pontypridd, on the 25th day of August next, or any adjournment thereof, for an order sanctioning the removal of a licence no.w..mr force and held by me for the sale by retail of all intoxicating liquors to be consumed either on or off the house or premises thereunto belonging, situate at Gilfacb Goch, and known by the name or sign of The Blandy Arms (of which house and premises John Brothers, Aber- garw Brewery Co., Ltd., whose registered office is at Aberkenfig, in the said county, are the owners), from the said house and premises to a house and premises erected at Gilfach Goch aforasaid, and called or known by the name or sign of the" Blandy Arms Hotel," for the purpose of selling by retail all intoxicat- ing liquors, to be consumed either on or off the said last-mentioned house and premises, and of which licence, when so removed, I desire to be the holder, and of which house and premises John Brothers, Abergarw Brewery Co., Ltd., are the owners. Given under my hand this 29th day of July, 1897. JOHN DAVIES. 33991 GLAMORGANSHIRE. To the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Eglwysilan, in the County of Glamorgan and to the Superintendent of Police of the E Division of the said County; and to Cross- wells Cardiff Brewery, Limited and to all others whom it might concern. I JOHN CHIVERS, of the New Inn, Caer- pnilly, in the said Parish of Eglwysilan, DO HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that it is my intention to apply at the GENERAL ANNUAL LICENSING MEETING for the Division of Caer- philly Lower, to be holden at the Court-house, Caerphilly aforesaid, on Tuesday, the 24th day of August next, or any adjournment thereof, for an order sanctioning the removal of a licence held by me and now in force in respect of the house and premises situate at Caerphilly afore- said, and within the Licensing District and Division of Caerphilly Lower aforesaid, and known as the New Inn (of which house and premises Crosswells Cardiff Brewery, Limited, whose registered office is at Caerphilly afore- said, are the owners), for the sale by retail of intoxicating liquors, to be consumed either on or off the said house and premises, from the above-mentioned house and premises to a certain house and premises situate and being in Station road, Senghenydd, in the Parish of -Eglwysilan aforesaid, and called or known by the name or sign of the "Pare Hotel," for the purpose of selling by retail intoxicating liquors, to be con- sumed either on or off such last-mentioned house and premises, of which licence, when so removed, I desire to be the holder, and of which said house and premises Crosswells Cardiff Brewery, Limited, are the Owners. Given under my hand this -9t,h day of July, 1897. JOHN CHIVERS. 3401] To the Overseers of the Pocr of the Parish of x 0ntypndd, and to the Superintendent of Police of the Division of Pontypridd, in the County of Glamorgan. I JOHN EVANS, now residing at the Turber- ville Arms, Penygraig, in the Parish of Ystradyfodwg, in the County of Glamorgan, licensed victualler, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that it is my intention to apply at the GENERAL ANNUAL LICENSINO MEETING to be holden at the Police Court, in the Town of Pontypridd, in the said Division, on the 25th day of August next, or any adjournment thereof, for a licence to hold any excise licence or licences to sell by retail under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act, 1828, and Acts amending the same, all in- toxicating liquors to be consumed either on or off the house or premises thereunto belonging, situate and being in Merthyr road, Cilfynydd, in the Parish and County aforesaid, of which house and premises I am the owner, and desire to be the holder of the said licence under the name or sign of The Commercial Hotel." Given under my hand this 30th day of July, 1897. JOHN EVANS. 3400] Sales by Auction. On TUESDAY AND THURSDAY, AUGUST 10th and 12th, commencing at Two o'clock precisely each day. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MESSRS. J. G. MADDOX & SON will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at their SALE ROOMS, 25, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, on the above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. (Removed from various residences for absolute sale), including Valuable Pianofortes, Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft and 4ft Wardrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, several excellent Carpets, Fenders, Brasses, superior Drawing and Dining-room Suites, Rose- wood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 5ft. Side- boards, Book-cases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut and Gilt Overmantels, &c., &c., in all about 400 lots each day. On view day prior to aad morning of each day's sale. Ar- rangements made to pack and forward all goods purchased by country buyers. The Goods can be purchased any day privately if desired. Complete or Part Houses of Furniture Bought for Cash. Sales and Valuation of every descrip- tion undertaken. For Terms, apply at the Auction Rooms, as above. Established 1860. 2756 ROATH PARK MEWS, COTTERELL ROAD, CARDIFF. Two Minutes' walk from Roath Omnibus Terminus. IMPORTANT TO JOBMASTERS, LIVERY STABLE-KEEPERS, & CAB PROPRIETORS. M/J ESSRS. BAILEY & GILLER have been favoured with instructions from Mr. Wakeham, who is leaving the Town, to Sell by Auction, without reserve, upon the premises as above, on Tuesday, August 10th, commencing at two o'clock, the whole of the Plant used in his Cab Proprietor's and Livery Stable-keeper's Businesses at the above Mews, and also latterly at the Windsor Mews, and comprising more par- ticularly 11 HORSES, quiet to drive in any harness, and in regular work up to the day of Sale 4 BREAKS, by well-known makers, to carry 25, 20, 14, and 10 persons respectively 12 CARRIAGES, including a very superior, nearly-new pair-horse landau by Marston, landau by Hatt, and 2 others private brougham by Fuller, well-built hansom by Marston, 3 dog- carts, 2 wagonettes, phaeton 14 SETS OF HARNESS, brass and plate mountings, single, double, and 4 horse, some of it nearly new Horse Clothing, Lamps, Whips, Brushes, &c. Chaffculter, and the miscellaneous Saddleroom and Stable Utensils. On view Monday prior to Sale. Catalogues, ready four days prior to sale, can be obtained at the Auctioneers' Offices, Castle street, Cardiff. N.B.—The Windsor Mews, Windsor-lane to be Let, and the Roath Park Mews to be Let or Sold.—Apply to the Auctioneers. 3370 Sales by Auction (Continued)- CAERPHILLY, GLAMORGANSHIRE. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PRO- PERTIES. MESSRS. STEPHENSON AND ALEXANDER lr'str"eteii to Sell by Auction, at the Market Hall, Caerphilly, on THURSDAY, the 12th day of August, 1897, at o o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other lots as may be arranged at the time of Sale LOT I.-All that most valuable premises known as the MARKET HOUSE, MARKET HALL, and CHEESE MARKET, with the liberty and privilege of holding and keeping fairs and markets, and also the pickage and profits of standings, coops, or pens for slieep and cattle toll tollage, and all other profits and advantages of fairs and markets in Caerphilly, excepting the site of the Pig Market. The tolls are let to Mr Lane at 215, expiring on the :31st December, 1897, payable in advance. The Market Hall and Cheese Market are in hand, and produce au annual income of £ 90. This lot is sold subject to a ï farm rent of £2 ICs, payable to Lord Bute. LOT 2.-All those FOUR VALUABLE PREMISES adjoining Lot 1, in the occupation of Mr Thomas Morgan, Butcher, and others, including the ante- room facing Cardiff-road, Caerphilly. LOT 3.-All that valuable FREEHOLD PREMISES known as the CORN MARKET, Caerphilly, with the Schoolrooms, etc., together with the premises now used as a reading-room (held on a tenancy at will), being the block of buildings situate in front of the Parrot and Blue Bell Inn, Caerphilly, with the site of tha Pig Market. „^ir~AU that most va'uable FREEHOLD PRE- MISES known as the TWYN COTTAGES, Caerphilly, in the respective occupations of Mr. Owen Jones, Printer, and others, on monthly tenancies, producing a rental of 460 per annum. LOT 5.-All that valuable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE DOUBLE-FRONTED SHOP and Stabling siLate in Castle-street, Caerphilly, jn the occupation of Mr John lb vans. Shoemaker, on a monthly tenancy. I,OT 6.-All th,it valuable FREEHOLD SHOP and STABLING. situate in Castle-street, Caerphilly, in the occupation of Mr William Davies. Saddler, on a monthly tenancy. LOT 7.-All that Valuable FREEHOLD SHOP and STABLING adjoining the last lot, in the occupation of Mr Anthony Powell. !^at Valuable FREEHOLD SHOP and « T G adlolnlng the last lot. in the occupation ot Mr James, Saddler, on a similar tenancy. 9-~AU that valuable FREEHOLD SHOP and « V; °* ad'oinin8 the last lot, in the occupation of Mr Herbert Rees, Butcher, on a monthly tenancy. LOT 10.-All that Valuable FREEHOLD SHOP ad- joining the last lot, in the occupation of Mr Williams, Hairdresser, on a monthly tenancy. LOT II.-All that Valuable FREEHOLD SHOP, ad- joining the last lot, in the occupation of Mrs England, Grocer. LOT 12.-All that Valuable FREEHOLD FACTORY known as BRIDGE FACTORY, now let to Mrs Rachel Samuel at a rental of 920 per annum. This lot is sold subject to a right of way at the front and back thereof to the other lots. The mines and minerals under all the above lots are reserved. The Auctioneers desire to draw special attention to this Sale as the properties are situate in the centre of Caerphilly, and in view of the large railway works and colliery operations offers an opportunity to in- vestors and others seldom to be obtained. For further particulars apply to MR. DAVID LEWIS, Solicitor, Caerphilly or to the Auctioneers, 5, High-street, Cardiff. [3387 BEAUTIFUL VALLEY OF THE WYE. THE MOUNT, CHEPSTOW, MONMOUTHSHIRE A CHARMING MANSION, From the MAGNIFICENTLY TIMBERED GROUNDS Of which are LOVELY VIEWS OF CBEPSTOW CASTLE, THE WYE, and SEVERN. The accommodation of the Mansion includes Hall, Drawing-room, connected with Conser- vatory, Boudoir, Morning-room, handsome Dining-room, Winter and Summer Smoking- rooms, Study, Ten Bedrooms, Dressing-rooms, Bathrooms, Lavatories, excellent Domestic Offices, capital Arched Cellars,Grooms' Rooms, good Stabling and Coach-houses; excellent Vegetable and Fruit Gardens, with Vineries, Peach-house, Greenhouse, &c., &c. THE FREEHOLD ESTATE OF PASTURE LAND, On which are the Picturesque RUINS OF ST. KYNEMARKS PRIORY, From which has been erected the HOME FARM, DAIRY, AND BUILDINGS, Attached to which is the Priory Garden and a Few Fine Old Timber Trees, also a CON- VENIENT COT fAGE, with Garden and Stable. The neighbourhood is noted as a health resort, and situated near are such delightful spots as Tintern and the Wyndcliff. Good Hunting and Excellent Fishing in the Usk and Wye, near Church, Post-office, and Chep. stow Station, G.W R. A Portion of the Estate near the Home Farm has an important frontage to the road from Chepstow to Tintern, stands on high ground, and forms excellent BUILDING SITES, For which purpose it could be utilised without encroaching on the privacy or impairing the beauty of the Mansion or Grounds. ESSRS. S. HERN and PERTWEE are in- structed to SELL the above by AUCTION, at the Beaufort Arms Hotel, Chepstow, on Tuesday, the 10th August, 1897, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon. Illustrated Particulars, Plans, Conditions of Sale, Further Information, and Cards to View may be obtained of Messrs T. and F. Evans, Solicitors, Chepstow or of Messrs S. Hern and Pertwee, F.S.I., Land and Estate Agents, Car- diff. 3398 ANGEL HOTEL YARD, WESTGATE STREET, CARDIFF. MONTHLY SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, &c. MESSRS. BAILEY & GILLER will hold their next Sale in the above Yard on August 19th. Gentlemen are invited to enter their Lots as early as possible to ensure due publicity. Terms and Entry Forms on application at the Auctioneers' Offices, 3, Castle-street, Cardiff or at the Sale Yard. 3402 Excursions. A R D I F F AND BRISTOL. THE MARCHIONESS." AUGUST. From Bute Docks, Car- From Bathurst Basin, diff, to Bristol. ) Bristol to Cardiff. 7aSatur. 9.15 morn I 7 Satur.1.15 after 9ailon 12.15 after 9 Mon 4 15 lOaTues 1.45 ( 10 Tues 5.30 llaWed. 2.45 „ 11 Wed 6.45 „ (afternoon excur.) 12aThur. 3.30 „ 12 Thur 7.15 „ 13 Fri. 4.30 mom 13aFri 7.45 morn and 5.0 afternoon I (a) To and Fro. FARES :—After Cabin (single), 2s 6d To and Fro (available for Seven Days), 4s; Fore Cabin (single), Is 6d; To and Fro (available for Seven Days), 2s 6d. JOHN THOMAS, Agent, 3259 Packet Office, Bute Docks, Cardiff. P. & A. CAMPBELL, LIMITED. DAILY SERVICE between CARDIFF and WESTON by the WAVERLEY (weather and circumstances permitting). AUGUST. Leave CARDIFF. ) Leave WESTON. Sat. 7—*9.30,11.15am, I Sat. 7—*10.10a.m., *12 *1.15, 3.15 p.m. noon, *2.0, 8 30 p.m. Mon. 9—6.20,11.45am, Mon 9 -11 15 am, *12.30 1.45, *3.30, 5.15 p.m. *2.0, *4.10, 6.15 p.m. Tues. 10—*7.45 a.m., Tues. 10—12.45, *2.0, 1.10, 3, *4.45, 6.30 pm *3.45, *5.30, 7.15 p.m. Wed. 11—8.45am, 2.10, Wed. U—1.45, *3 0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0 p.m. *4.45, 6.45, 8.15 p.m. Thur. 12—*8.10 9.20 Thur. 12—9 a.m., 2.15, Thur. 12—*8.10 9.20 Thur. 12-9 a.m., 2.15, a.m., 3, 4, G p. m. 1 4.45, 6 45, 9.0 p.m. Fri 13—8.45, 10.15am, Fri 13-9.30 a.m., S30, 4.0, 5.0, 6 45 p. m. *5.45, 7.30, 9.15 p.m. The steamer leaves Penarth Pier Ten Minutes after leaving Cardiff except trips marked REGULAR SERVICE TO AND FROM CARDIFF AND PENARTH TO LYN- MOUTH AND ILFRACOMBE By tho magnificent Saloon Steamers BRITAN- NIA, CAMBRIA, WESTWARD HO, &c. AUGUST. Leave CARDIFF. Leave ILFRACOMBE. Saturday-7 9.30 am I Saturday-7.G,:W pm Tuesday—10. 8 0 am Tuesday—10.J 0 pm Wedues.—11. 9 0 am Wednes.—11.2.15 pm Thursday—12 9 30 am Thursday—12 3 0 pm Friday—13 9.4a am ) Friday-~43 ",33(\ pm Excursions (continued). SPECIAL CHEAP THROUGH FARES TO DEVON AND CORNWALL, In conjunction with the London and South- western Railway Company. For further particulars, fares, &c., see bills. SPECIAL SAILINGS. THURSDAY, August 5th. WATCHET and MINEHEAD.—Leave Cardiff, 8.30 a.m.; Minehead, 10 a.m. and 9.0 p.m. Watchet, 10 45 a.m. and 8.30 p.m. MINEHEAD, LYNMOUTH, ILFRACOMBE, and CLOVELLY.—Leave Cardiff, 9.30 a.m. Clovelly, 5.0 p.m. Ilfracombe, 6.30 p.m. Lynmouth, 7.5 p.m. TENBY.—Leave Cardiff, 10.45 a.m., Tenby, 5.0 p.m. Clevedon (via Weston), leave Cardiff 1.50 p.m. Clevedon, 6.0 p.m. EVENING TRIP TO WATCHET AND MINE- HEAD,—Leave Cardiff, 7.0 p.m., Watchet, 8.30 Minehead, 0.0 p.m. fare Is, FRIDAY, August 6th. MUMBLES.-Leave Cardiff, 11.0 a.m. Mumbles, 5.0 p.m. CLEVEDON via WESTON.—Leave Cardiff, 2.45 p.m. Clevedon, 7 0 p.m. LYNMOUTH and ILFRACOMBE. Leave Cardiff 9.30 a.m., Ilfracombe 6.0 p.m Lynmouth 6.35 p.m. Return fares, this day only, 2s. 6d. all over the boat. SATURDAY, August 7th. HALF-HOLIDAY TRIP TO ILFRACOMBE.— Leave Cardiff at 2.30 p.m., Ilfracombe 7.45 p.m. Note.—Steamers call at Lynmouth down trip only. CLEVEDON, via WESTON. -Leave Cardiff 3.15 p.m., Clevedon 7.30 p.m. A limited number of Season Tickets are now being issued. For further particulars apply Mr WM. GUY, 3284 70A, Bute-street, Cardiff. LOR N ADO 0 N E COMPANY, DAILY SERVICE BETWEEN CARDIFF AND WES rON (Calling at Penarth) by the favourite steamers, LORNA DOONE, SCOTIA, &c. Wind, weather, and circumstances permitting. AUGUST. Leave CARDIFF. I Leave WESTON. Sat. 7—9.20,11.20a.m., Sat. 7 *10.10 a.m., 1.20, 3.20 p.m. *12.10,*2.10,8.45 p.m Mon 9-11.40 a.m., 2.0, Mon D *12 30, 2.50, 4.0 p.m. I 6.0 P.M. Tues 10 12.50, 2.45, Tues 10 1.40, 3.35, 5.0 p.m. 7.20 p.m. Wed 11-8.30 a.m., 2.10 Wed ll- 45, *3.0, 3.50, 5.40, 7.20 p.m. I *4.40. 6.30, 8.20 p.m. Thurs 12—9.20 a.m., Thurs 12—*2.30, *5.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8 p.m. 6.50, 9 0 p.m. Calling at Penarth Pier ten minutes later than Cardiff except steamers marked thus -v- SPECIAL SAILINGS. THURSDAY, August 5th. DAY TRIP to CLEVEDON (direct).—Leave Cardiff 8.30 a.m. Clevedon, 6.45 p.m. LYNMOUTH and ILFRACOMBE. — Leave Cardiff, 10.45; Penarth 10.55 a.m.; Ilfracombe, 5.0 Lynmouth, 5.35 p.m. FRIDAY, AUGUST 6th. ALL DAY TRIP to ILFRACOMBE, by Scotia, leave Cardiff 9.20 a.m., Penarth 9.30 a.m., Ilfracombe 7.30 p.m. Fare, this trip only, 3s, all over the steamer. NOTE.—A limited number of Monthly Tic kets for August are now being issued at 10s. each for all trips advertised by the Company (Bank Holidays excepted). For Further Particulars apply to J. and M. Gunn and Co., 11, Mount Stuart-square, or to the Agent, A. LOWICK 3260 Box Office, Pier.head, Cardiff. Shipping Notices. Lowest Fares TO & FROM CANADA,SOUTH AFRICA and Baggage Insured. Passengers met at^he various ports and conducted to the steamers. Friends advised of their arrival at destination free of cost. ONE POUND will secure berth, balance can be paid any time before leaving. All intending passengers are advised to get their tickets from J. ROBERTS, Passenger Agent, 24, High street, Pontypridd. Parcels sent to all parts of the world. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prompt! Reliable Confidential! N.B.— Send stamped and addressed eavelop,3 for reply. [606


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