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RHONDDA DISTRICT COUNCIL. Typhoid Fever at Williamstown. ITS SPREAD ACCOUNTED FOR. A DIPHTHERIA EPIDEMIC. THE PROPOSED RE-ARRANGEMENT OF WARDS. OPPOSITION FROM PENYGRAIG. Councillor T. Griffiths, M.E., J.P.. presided at the fortnightly meeting of the Rhondda District Council on Friday. There were present Coun- cillor Rhys Griffiths (vice-chairman), Alderman W. H. Matthias, J.P., Alderman W. Morgans, J.P., D. Williams, Daniel Evans, W. T. Jones, Dr W. E. Thomas, W. D. Wight, M, Llewellyn, J. Thomas, and M. Morris; with the clerk (Aid. W. H. Morgan), the surveyor (Mr W. J. J. Jones)) and the medical officer (Dr Herbert Jones). PROPOSED RE-DIVISION OF WARDS. Mr T. D. John, schoolmaster, Penygraig, pre- sented a memorial against 1, proposed altera, tion of wards from the Penygraiz electors. The Chairman said the Council had not yet ccme to a definite conclusion on the matter, but he assured Mr John that the Council would do its utmost to meet the wishes of those whom he represented. INCREASE OF SALARY. Mr Roderick, road inspector, wrote stating that he had lately passed the examination of the Sanitary Institute, and he thought he was en- titled to renumeration for services rendered as Sewer Inspector. It was decided that Mr Roderick be paid £5 for services rendered as Sewer Inspector. BYE-LAWS BROKEN. The Medical Officer reported that a man named Price, of Maerdy, 'had erected a shed near the Maerdy Railway Station, on the ground of the T.V.R. Company, without having sum- mitted plans. The shed was used as a store- room for Showell's beer. It was decided that seven days' notice be given to Price to remove the shed, or legal pro- ceedings would be taken against him. x The Vice-chairman also reported that a store room at Trealaw had been converted into a shop without proper plans having bepen submitted. It was decided that Mr Davies, grocer (the owner of the room) be served with a notice inti- mating that he had committed an offence. FEVERS, DIPHTHERIA, DEATH. Dr Herbert Jones, in the course of his able and comprehensive report, stated: There were registered 287 births, 160 of males and 127 of females, equal to a birth-rate per 1,000 per annum of 30.7. The number of deaths from all causes was 134, 75 of males and 09 of females, equal to a death-rate per 1,000 per annum of 14.3. The rate during the same period of 1896 was 23.5. From the principal zymotic diseases 31 deaths were registered, equal to a death-rate per 1,000 per annum of 3.3, compared with a death-rate of 4.8 during the corresponuing period of last year. Measles caused 18 deaths; scarlet fever, 1; diphtheria, 4; typhoid fever, 2; diarrhoea, 6. There were registered 22 deaths from bronchitis and inflammation of the lungs, eqaul to a death-rate per 1,000 per annum of 2.3, compared with a. death-rate of 2.6 during the corresponding period of last year. Phthisis (pulmonary Consumptioti) caused 6 deaths, equal to a death-rate per 1,000 per annum of .6. During the corresponding period of 1896 there were 7 deaths and a death-rate of .5. The deaths of children under one year of age were equal tol91 per 1,000 of the children born, com- pared with 341 during the corresponding period of last year; and the number of deaths under five years were equal to 67.9 per cent. of the total deaths, compared with 66.2 per cent, in 1896. There were held 4 inquests during the month. In 1896 15 inquests were held during the corresponding period. There were notified during the momh 94 cases of infectious diseases, viz., scarlet fever, 40; typhoid fever, 28; diph- theria, 25; erysipelas, 1. SCARLET FEVER. Of the 19 cases notified from No. 1 District, 6 are in Treherbert and 13 in Treorky. All the cases from No. 2 district are in Ton. One of the two cases notified from No. 4 district is a child on a visit to Porth from Chester, who developed the disease two days after her arrival. I have communicated with the Medical Officer of Healtn for Chester, who informs me that there I- -ttel swo znmni eco time. It is most likely, therefore, that infection has taken place on the journey from Chester here. Of the seven cases notified from No. 5 district, three were from Ferndale and four from Ponty- gwaith. I have arranged to have the three schools, Ynyswen, Treorky, and Ton, disinfect- ted during the holidays. TYPHOID FEVER. The 28 cases notified are in 23 houses. Five of the patients in Nos. 1 and 2 districts are employed in the Cwmdare Pit. Four of the 9 cases in No. 3 district are from Upper Williams- town; in another paragraph I have dealth with the surroundings of the houses occupied by these patients. Five of the cases in No. 4 district are from Bedw street, Cymmer. A Justice's order has been obtained to close the houses occupied by four of these patients. The two notifications in No. 5 district were from Ponty- gwaith. DIPHTHERIA has appeared over nearly the entire district, and fatal cases have occurred at Treorky, Penygraig, Porth, and Ferndale. From Dumfries street, Treorky, ten cases have been notified in eight houses. There appeared to be nothing in com- mon between the patients attacked beyond the contiguity of resiaence. There is no common milk supply, and the children o fthe families do not all attend the same school. Behind the houses on the north siue the street is an open ditch, quite dry at the time of my visit, mto which drain eleven pigstyes. This ditch is piped when opposite 60, and terminates as a culvert in the river. When passing between Nos. 67 and 68 this culvert receives the drainage of 12 houses, in which 4 of the cases of diphtheria occurred, and in the course of testing, the drains of the houses in question a very large accumulation of faecal matter was found. It is very important that all the houses in this treet should be con- nected with the main sewer without delay. The open ditch mentioned should also be cleaned out and piped. MEASLES. Although 18 deaths were registered from measles during the month, there is some evidence of the epidemic subsiding. There are still isolated cases at Treorky, in No. 3 district, and at Fern- dale. SARON STREET, UPPER WILLIAMSTOWN On the west side of this street are 24 houses practically without any drainage system at all the slop water, the contents of 24 privies, the drainage from a stable and from a pigstye all soak into the ground, or accumulate in a ditch about 20 yards from the back of the houses. It is not surprising, therefore, that when a case of typhoid fever occurred at No. 31 the infection spread to No. 32 (where four patients were re- moved to the hospital), and to No. 33, where there is at present one case. I consider that we must take prompt measures to secure tne proper drainage of this property, and the conversion of the privy-closets into water-closets if we would prevent the disease spreading from house to house. Your surveyor will be better able to advise you as to the precise method of carry- ing our the work, but I may state for your in- formation that the distance from the further- most house to the manhole near the G.W. -.ail- way bridge is about 230 yards. REGENT STREET, TREORKY.SLAUGHTER- HOUSE. Plans for four houses on either side of this slaughterhouse were referred to me, at t he Coun- cil meeting on July 16th last, to report as to whether the houses would be injuriously affected by being built so near the slaughterhouse. I have visited the premises upon four occasions during the past three months, and have each time found them kept in an exceptionally clean condition. Provided, therefore, we could en- sure the same careful management of the build- ings, I consider that there noed be no objection to putting up the four houses on th3 site nro- posed. I would suggest .however, in order to safeguard the future tenants of the houses against, any nuisance arising from the slaughter- house, that the' present owner should be re- quired to authorise the cancelling of the existing licence, and that the Council should then grant a fresh licence for the use of the premises as a slaugterhouse for a specified time, and renewable from time to time, in accordance with the terms of sec. 29 of the Public Health Acts Amend- ment Act, 1890, which reads "Licences granted after the adoption of this part of this Act for the use and cocupation of places as slaughterhouses shall be in force for such time or times only, net being less than twelve months, as the urban authority shall think fit to specify in such li- caiees." Tii; £ lani;wcrc rejected. SCAVENGING. I have had several complaints of the manner in which the scavenging is done in the Tony- pandy and the Tylorstown districts, and I have seen for myself on more than one occasion that certain streets have been neglected. I have in- structed the inspectors to enforce the fines upon the contractors, but this does not seem to have much effect, and I would suggest that before the new contracts are let, a careful revision of the fines should be made. BUILDING WITHOUT SUBMITTING PLANS. A wooden erection upon wheels has been placed upon Ynyscynon road. I understand it is proposed to use it as a shop. No plans have been submitted to the Council. It was decided to serve the owner with the regulation notice. On the report of the Medical Officer, notices were ordered to be served upon the owners with regard to nuisances on the following premises; 79 to 84, High street, Treorchy; 13, William street, Ystrad; 32, Ystrad road, Ystrad; 7 and 8. Lower Alma-place, Pentre; No 1, Lletecca: I to 8, Davies street, Blaen- llechau; Trealaw Goods Station; and 7 and 11, Oll.e8 street, Clydach Vale. THE FEVER HOSPITAL. The number of patients in hospital on June 26th was five Pjid on July 24th, eight. Five were admitted during the month, one was dis- charged, one died. INSANITATION AT DINAS. As the result of a report submitted by Dr Jones upon the sanitary requirements of 64 houses in the Dinas road, it was decided to call upon the owners to connect with the main sewers. A very instructive report was given by Dr Herbert Jones with regard to the public street conveniences, as well as timely advice in regard to the best means of preventing them being such intolerable nuisances. It was decided that the members of each ward, accompanied by Dr Jones, should visit these necessary evils and present a report to the next meeting. THE COUNCIL'S NEW NAME. It was decided that the name of the Council in future shall be the "Rhondda Urban District Council," and that the district shall be known as "Rhondda Urban District." The question of the alteration of the electoral divisions and the wards of the district was ad- journed until the next meeting.


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