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Eisteddfod at Gilfach. Goch.




The World of Pastime.

Prince Ranjitsinhji on Fielding.


Llantwit Major Eisteddfod.

Cycling flotes. yb


Cycling flotes. y b By Pedalphast. Lamplighting times: July 30th, 8.49 p.m. July 31st. 8.47 p.m. August 1st. 8.45 p.m. August 2nd, 8.44 p.ur. August 3rd, 8.42 p.m. August 4th, 8.40 p.m. August 5th, 8.38 p.m. Treforest Cycling Club riins: July 31st, August 2nd, Tour to Monmouth via Hereford; August 5th, Caru~i, 3 p.m. At midnight on Saturday eight members of the Treforest Cycling Club turned out for the all night run to Chepstow. A start wag made at 1.15, and on reaching Machen the rain came down in torrents, compelling the riders to seek shelter under the hedges. Hav- ing at last found a dryer shelter they were foroed to remain there until after 3 a.m.. when the rain stopped. On re-starting, however, the roads quickly dried, and Chepstow was reached shortly before six o'clock. Here breakfast was partaken of, after which three of the members continued the ride to Tintern Abbey, the re- mainifig niders, in the meantime, stretching themselves on ic floor of their room, there 11, sleep. Rain again descended before dinner, but they were merely showers, and the return iourney was commenced shortly after two o'clock. By this time the wind had increased into a gale, which blew direct into the teeth of the n ers, but with grim determination they plodded 00, and Newport was reached in due course. From here the wind was not quite so keenly felt, and all went well until Upper Boat was reached, when rain descended in torrents, drenching the wheelmen to the skin. However, Treforest being only about a couple of miles away no no- tice was taken of this. and the riders continued until home was reached, thankful to be able te get rid of their dripping garments and into dry ones. Notwithstanding tke inclemency of the weather the ride was thoroaghly enjoyed by aM the party. To-morrow (Saturday) ke annual tour of the club will be held, the destination this year being Monmouth via. Hereford, returning home OR Monday wight. Thirty-one entries have been received for the cycle races at the Football Club sports on Mon- day ,and these include Frank Barkaway, Hop- kin Davies, David Davies (Llantwit), T. Lewis, J. Evans, J. R. Evans, W. J. Evans, T. Osman, R Francis, Eddins, Cardiff, and others. In each raca a time limit will be fixed .and unless the race is ridden within the stated time the riders will be disqualified or the race will have to be re-run. Which of the two courses will be adopted will be decided to-night. A somewhat novel event will take place at Coventry on Tuesday. A cycle race meeting is to be held on the track there, and one of the items of the programme is an hour's race be- tween J. W. Stocks, who holds the world's record for one hour of 32 miles, 448 yards, and an oil motor cycle. Of course, ib would be easy enough to make a motor bicycle which no man breauj_ng could livr with after it had once got full pace, but the machine which will be ridden against Stocks is as nearly as can be estimated just about as fast, or, perhaps, a little speedier, that is to say, the imotor machine unpaced ie calculated, to do abonfc 32 miles an hour, and Stocks, when paced or led by quintettes, can do about the same speed. Last Thursday morniRg, at the Swansea Police Court, a number of cyclists were summoned for obstructing the footpath by allowing their bi- cycles to remain standing alongside the pave- ment. In one case a cyclist swore he had JeH his bicycle in charge of a lktle boy whilst he entered a shop to obtain some refreshment. The Stipendiary said he womd take a week t. eonsider the application of the law to this form of obstruction. This is a new phase of the law which makes a bicycle into a carriage. If every time a cyclist stops or wishes to make a pur- chase, he must leave the machine on the road in charge of someone, we shall find the policemen throughout the country engaged in donig nothing but obtainm* convictions against cyclists for leaving theiK carriages (?). This is by far the most ridiculous act with whicfi policemen, armed with official authority, have perpetrated upo* cyclists. As our readers are aware, it is now necessary when taking bicyc.cs by train to have a label, with the name and address of the owner there- on, attached to the cycle. With their usual enterprise the Hammond in Com- pany, Pontypridd, are marketing a neat little German silver name plates to Ix'! attached to the head of the machine, and this useful little article they are selling, with the name and address en- graved on it,for the insignificant sum of eighteen pence. Apart, from its utility when going by train, it is a handy means of identifying one's machine in a crowd of others.


--------Preliminary Law Examination