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PONTYPRIDD FOOTBALL CLUB, ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. SATISFACTORY POSITION OF AFFAIRS. The annual general meeting of the Pontypridd Football Club was held at the White Hart Hotel on Monday evening. Mr Ack Llewellyn presided ever an exceedingly large attendance, v. hiciT included all tho prominent football enthu- siasts of the town and district. Judging by the enthusiasm shewn at this meeting the officials of the club will not have any cause to grumble at the lack of support during the coming seasoc. The secretary, Mr Gwilym Morgan, read his balance sheet, which we append; Reoeipts. s. d. Gate receipts—1896—1897 187 1 6 Season tickets 20 17 6 Subscriptions 16 14 0 Touring guarantees (a) Barnstaple 25 0 0 (b) Cinderford 10 0 0 Proceeds of prize drawing 7 211 Thursday Foot-ball Club, rent 6 0 0 Compensation from Ferndale Club 2 0 0 Refunds from T.V.R. Company 0 18 9 Refunds from G.W.R. Cempany 0 9 0 Use of Jersiea 0 10 0 Total 276 13 8, Expenditure. £ s. d. Brake and train fares 46 17 7 Refreshments 30 9 1 Rent of ground (two years) 40 0 0 Jersies and knicks 23 15 6 Expenses to Barnstaple 25 0 0 Expenses to Cinderford 9 5 0 Referees 8 9 6 Visiting teams 20 18 0 Boots 16 9 9 Repair to grounds 12 19 1 Printing 9 5 0 Postages 4 10 Police account 5 5 0 "3r Washing jersies 4 4 2 Billposting 2 3 6 Taking balls from river 19 6 Caretaker of dressing room 16 0 Advertising 16 8 Embrocation 1 4 2J Sec'y's expenses to W.F.U. meetings 12 6 Telegrams 0 18 2 J Stationery 013 2 Glamorgan County Club 110 Glamorgan League 0 10 6 Lemons 0 8 6 Caretaker of ground 10 0 Sundries and incidentals 4 10 3 Balance in hand 1 10 0 Total 276 13 8 At the end of the 1895-6 season there was £f27 15s 9!d. owing to tradesmen, but at the end of the last season this had been reduced to jE91 16s Id, and this not withstanding the fact that in 1895—6 the gate receipts amounted to JE224 17s 7d, and in 1896-7 only to JB187 Is 6d. Thus with an income decreased by JE37, no less than £35 of the old debt had been wiped off. In these figures the profit on the last sports are not taken into account, neither is the balance owing to the late treasurer, Mr J. D. Jones. The reading of the balance sheet was re- ceived with applause, and OR the propositioM of D. W. Davies it was unanimously adopted, the Chairman remarking that their financial position was much better L toon they anticipated. Considering the meagreness of the gate he did not think they would be able to wipe off any of the debt. The election of captain was then proceeded with, and the following gentlemen were nominated: Messrs William Rees (P.C.), Ernest George, Wayne Morgan, amd Alun Mor- gan. The latter, however, withdrew, as did also P.C. Rees, who said he had not sufficient. time to devote to the duties. The result of tho voting was: Ernest George, 49, and Wayne; Morgan, 29. Mr George returned thanks in a manner far more appreciated by the crowd than speech. For the post of vice-captain three nominations were received, viz. T. Bryant., Wayne Morgan, and P.C. Rees, the voting re- suiting: Wayne Morgan, 34; P.C. Rees, 31, and T. Bryant, 14. The voting for the eaptaincv of the second fifteen resulted in the election of Abe. Davies, with 31 votes, D. L. Davies being the nmner up with 24 votes. The position of vice- captain of the seconds seemed to be a most popular one, there being no less than ten nomi- nations received. W. Roes obtained the post with 21 votes, D. L. Davies again being second with 20 votes. Mr Gwilym Morgan was unani- mously re-elected secretary, Mr Jake Rowlands proposing a vote of thanks to him, and remark- ing that he had done his work in a most energe- tic manner. The Chairman complimented the meeting upon the wisdom of their choice, and said Mr Morgan was a most efficient and hard- working secretary, and the meeting could not have made a better selection. Mr Morgan re- sponded, and said he was prepared to do every- thing he could for the welfare of the club in the future as he had in the past. Messrs David Williams, George Parfitt, J. McGregor, and J. E Brooks, were nominated for the treasurer- ship, but Messrs Williams and Parfitt withdrew and as Mr Brooks failed to find a seconder, Mr McGregor was declared eIecied: It was decided to increase the number on the match committee from five to seven, and the following gentlemen were nominated: Messrs W. Williams (Maltsters' Arms), John Harris, Ack Llewellyn, Evan Richards, David Williams, T. E. Lewis, Ivor Howells, W. Haines, W. M. Lewis, George Parfitt, and Gwilym Hughes, While the nominations were being received much merriment was caused by a young man named Barnett rising to his feet and saying, "I beg to propose Mr George Parfitt, en bloc," adding sotto voce, "I don't know what it means." The result of the ballotting was: Elected, Ack Llewellyn, 81; J. Harris, 70; George Parfitt, 63; T. E. Lewis, 62; William Williams, 62; David Williams, 60: and Ivor Howells, 57. Non- eleetod, Evan Richards, 44; W. M. Lewis, 28; W. Haines, 18; and G. P. Hughes, 13. Messrs Arthur Arnott and Tom Phillips were proposed to the new position of assistant secsretary, and the voting resulted in the appointment of the latter. On the proposition of Mr J. Rowlands, seconded by Mr Ack Llewellyn, a vote of thanks was accorded the police for their: services during the past season, Mr Godfrey L. Clark, J.P., was again re-elected president. The meeting then terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman.

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