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The World of Pastime.


The World of Pastime. 4. By "The Sporting Scribe." ATHLETICS. There are some splendid entries for the Ferndale Sports on Bank Holiday, and granted a fine day, there will be good running. The entries for the Pontypridd Football Club on Monday are coming in at a rapid pace. On Wednesday morning over forty entries had been received for the 120 yards handicap, 24 for the 440, 12 for the mile, and 15 for the foot- ballers' race, but tiie entries did not close until Thursday. Thirty-one entries have been received for the cycle events, .so that there is every prospect of good sport resulting. Among the entries which have been received are :—F. B. Bacon, champion of the world Martin Jones, Failswcrth Tom Newburn, Crrdiff; Albert Jones, Maesteg; Hardman, Manchester; Jones, Ebbw Vile; Williams, Haverfordwest, &c. M is to be hoped that the spectators will turn up in their thousands to assist the old club and again put it in a sound financial position. Certain it is that the tanner spent will not be rpgretted, for it is doubtful whether suoh an army of atidetic talent has ever before been seen in South Wales sports meeting. The sports commence at two o'clock sharp, and the committee intends running off the events strictly to time, thus doiog away with the wearisome waits between the heats. Think of it! Five hours of first class sport for sixpence. F. E. Bacon, who will without fail compete in the 440 yards and mile handicaps at the Ponty- pridd Football Club Sports on Monday is th-a holder of innumerable records and champion- ships, among them being: 1, Mile professional champion of the world; 2, Miles professional champion of the World, 1896; 3 Miles profes- sional champion of the world, 1896; 4 -es professional champion of the world, 1896; 1 Milo champion of England, 4-17, world's record 1893-94-95; Milo steeplechase champion, 1892- 93; 1 Mile Scotoh reoord holder, 4.a; 2 Miles Scotch record holder, 9.27 two-fifths; 3 Miles Scotch record holder, 14.27 two-fifths; 4 Milea Scotoh record holder, 19.45 one-fifth; 5 Miles Scotch record holder, 24.57; 1000 Yards Scotch record holder, 2.17 1 Milo Isle-of-Man record holder, 4.23; 1000 Yards champion, 1892; Essex cross-country champion, 1893-94-95-96; 10 Miles Northern cross-country champion, 1893; 4 Miles champion of England, 1894; 10 Miles cljampion of England, 1883; 10 Miles champion of the world. The visit of this brilliant runnnei to Pontypridd marks en epoch in local athletics, and lovers of pedeetrianism should rise to iliv pcoasion by being present in strong numbers. FOOTBALL. The meeting of the Pontypridd Football Club on Mcnday was a largely attended and enthusiastic one, and the proceedings were harmoniously conducted throughout. The financial position of- the club is steadily im- proving, thanks to the indefatigable efforts of the secretary, Mr Gwilym Morgan, and if the team sticks well together during the coming season, there is no doubt but that the major portion of the debt will be cleared off. Nothwithstandicg the fact that the gate reeeipts last season were considerably less than the year before, the secretary contrived to wipe off no less a sum than f35 from the tradesmen's account. This is only another proof that the club has suffered greatly from bad management in the past, and I have yet hopes of seeing Pontypridd again rank as one of the premier organisations in South Wales, The committee elected is a very strong one' and the election of Ernest George as captain was very popular, and better choice of a vice- captain than Wayne Morgan could not be made. I am told that Alun Morgan intends nailing his colours to the Pontypridd mast, and I hope this statement is correct. Unfortunately, in the past. whenever a player developed first class form he promptly migrated to one of the premier teams instead of remaining at home and assisting to raise the home team out of the slough of despond into Wiich it had fallen. I earnestly hope that this will not be the case this year, but that each player will remain at home and assist to again raise Pontypridd into the foremost rank. The annuaJ general meeting of the Ponty- pridd Crusadfers Football Club will be held at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel on Friday evening, August 6tli, 1897. The balance sheet will be sub- mitted, and shows a. very satisfactory report. Officers, etc., for the ensuing season, 1897-89 will be elected. and other general business. AH mem- bers are earnestly requested to be present, and a hearty invitation is also given to all intending members. The following officers of the Porth Footfoall Club have been elected: President, Mr D. M. Jones, Glladsione House; 'vich-president, Mr Joseph Brooks; chairman of committee, Mr Herbert Maddy; treasurer, Mr Sam Hughes; hon. sec., Mr John Edwards; captain, Mr Dd. Jenkins; vice-captain, Mr George Green. CRICKET. Sackcloth and ashes at I'entre, and Jubilee flags at Porth were the order on Saturday evening. There is not the least doubt that if Porth can get their full available strength to turn out with the veteran talent in their midst—talent which is locally as distinguished as is W. G. in the county ndd- that they will be very near the top of the league. We understand that the veteran scored 35 at Plymouth in his best form, and that his vig a- tis (who is a chip from the old block), showed excellent form also. We shall be very glad to find our old friend David Rees, Ferndale, coming out once more into the cricket field, and then perhaps our chief, the Editor, would not mind putting on the whites. It would be an interesting sight to again see some of the veterans of the old Llwynypia team in the field to do battle as they did in the days when they had an almost unconquerable career, for our friend David Rees was one of the finest wicket keepers in the Rhondda, and is at all times as keen as mustard for a game. Treorky defeated Treherbert on Thursday last after a splendid game. It is quite evident that the former are deing exceedingly well this month, and should they continue at their present rate, they will not be found far from the top. Their last win brought their total to nine points, being bracketed with Mprthyr for fourth place. They possess a fine lot of cricketers, and special mention should be made of their brilliant wicket-keeper, D. C. Davies, who this seasan has acquitted himself admir- ably. It will be a great pity, and unworthy of the league committee, if he is left out of the next league team, which will have been selected by the time this appears in print. W. D. Jones is another fine player-as good a batsman as any in the league. Already in about nine innings he has made an aggregate score of 152 runs. Treorky have two stiff engagements to 'go through this week, having to play two league 11 games-at Porth on Thursday and Pentre on Saturday. The result of the former will be a matter of history when this is in print, but the excitement is all directed to the return league match with Pentre on Saturday next at Treorky. Treorkyites are exceedingly enthusiastic over this match, and much will depend on the result. Not to be over sanguine, not a few anticipate a close game, and a toss up for the winner. The match is advertised to start at three p.m., and there should be a large "gate." The Treorky team is not yet definitely decided upon, but will be selected out of the following Dr. A. G. Tribe çcaptain), M. Falcon, D. C. Davies, G. Chalke, J. Jenkins, T. Morgan, T. R. Thomas, W. D. Jones, O. Ashford, B. D. Williams, J. Sweet, J. Rees, and H. Hood. Cricketers," don't forget! A correspondent writes: The fight between Llwynypia and Pentre on Saturday, at Pentre, as to who should take the lead in the Glamor- ganshire Cricket League, proved a keenly con- tested and erjoyable game. Pentre found Llwynypia playing better cricket than them- selves, but stuck to their guns well, with the exception of one of their well-known members. This young man showed most unsportsmanlike and ungentlemanly behaviour. Finding his team losing he absolutely left the field of play and sat amongst the spectators. His shabby behaviour did not meet here with any sympathy, and, after coolly slouched on to the field of play amidst sundry appeals from the captain and players,and <he jeers of the spectators with his coat on, and continued to read a paper duringplay. The immense popularity and unique success of Prince Ranjitsinhji will ensnre careful attention be:ng paid to his views on the subject of Fielding at Cricket," now appearing in the WINDSOR MAGAZINE. He writes: "Now the quickest and therefore the best way to return a ball after picking it up is different in various persons. Some throw above, some below the shoulder, and no two have quite the same action in throwing. But all who excel in this point have two characteristics in common—they pick up a ball in such a way that the action of picking up seems to be part of the subsequent of hrcw-ng, and t:y thrQv; the Lal: h -l 1 any winding up or preliminary hesitation. A wicket-keeper was once remonstrating with a fielder for net having run a man out. Why, I threw it ia like a book," retorted the latter. Yes, you did," was the reply, but the preface and introduction were too long." Really smart throwers are very uncommon. The value of a run out is sometimes enormous. If fielders took these two facts to mind, and acted accordingly, runs would be harder to get than ever. It re- quires an immense amount of practice to get the knack of a qu;ck return and it must not be forgotten that quickness is of no use without accuracy. The most important point, after all, is to throw in such a manner that the man at the wicket-can take the ball easily and near the stumps. The three tilings to avoid, apart from errors of d-ircction, are sending in the ball so that it must be taken as a yorker, or a half- volley, or what one may call a good-length ball -that is, good length in that it is difficult for the recipient to see and judge it. A return should come to thf man at the wicket either on the long-hop or full-pitch, and that about a foot abGve the bails. Fielders near the wicket-in fact, unless they are in the long country- should return the ball full-pitch. Long-fielders should aim at making the ball arrive first bounce, and long-hop at its destination. With regard to throwing in from the country, the great fault fielders make is to throw the ball too high in the air. Clearly the lower its trajectory the sooner will the ball reach the wicket." TYLORSTOWN V. DINAS. To the Editor. Dear Sir,—Mr Priday has had plenty of time to do something else than trying to prove his case by saying he can do so. This is my last letter on the matter. I will give him another chance to prove that we did not win. Let my ten shillings only be at stake. I will meet him at the FRElo: PRESS offices auy time he likes, the Editor shall have the statements of both sides, and if he says Dinas did not win, I will hand the money over. If the Editor decides in my favour, I demand an apology. Can anything be fairer ? No more talking, Mr Priday. Let the proof of tho turnip be in the eating of it. P J. THOMAS. Mr Priday having opened the debate, he has, of course, the right of replying, but after this reply has been inserted, the cerrespondence on this isubject must cease. It only leads to ill-feeling, and the question as to which team won does notjappear to be any nearer settlement than when it started. THE SPORTING SCRIBE." PONTYPRIDD V. YNYSYBWL. This return match was played on the Ynysyngharad Park, Pontypridd, on Saturday, in the presence of a small attendance of spectators. The scores were as under PONTYPRIDD. FIRST INNIKGS. E J Leyshon c Dr Jones b J W Lane 0 T Williams b J W Lane 4 H Mulvey Ibw b Joe Lane 87 J Mulvey b J M Lane 8 W Mulvey b J M Lane 5 G V Evans b J M Lane 0 M Charles c J Lane b J M Lane 7 J Rogers c Rev G Evans b J M Lane 15 Hooper b J M Lane 4 D Jones b W Wigley 3 H Bull not out 2 Extras 7 Total 92 YNYSYBWL. FIRST unu N G S. J M Lane c J Mulvey b Evalis 1 J Lane c J Mulvey b W Mulvoy 11 T Truman b W Mulvey 0 R Hopkins b Evans I' Dr Jones c H Mulvey b Evans 0 T R Wigley b Mulvey 4 E Williams c Williams b Mulvey 0 Rev G Evans b W Mulvey 2 A Truman bEvans 0 N Other c Bull b W Mulvey 3 D Jones not out 0 Extras 0 Total 22 YNYSYBWL. SECOND INNINGS. Wigley c sub b Evans 0 J M Lane c D Jones b Evans 7 E Truman c sub b W Mulvey 1 J Lane b W Mulvey 0 Dr Jones c D Jones b Evans 5 H Wilkins not out 0 E Williams b W Mulvey 2 Rev G Evans c anti b W Mulvev 0 R Hopkins c W Mulvey b Evans 0 D Jones b Evans 0 Extras 4 Total 19 A Truman to bat TREORKY v. TRE-HERBFRT.-Tiie return league match between these teams was played on the Athletic Grounds, Treorky, on Thursday. There was a splendid attendance when the game started, which was an hour late through the late arrival of the visitors. The homesters batted first, and T R Thomas and 0 Ashford opened the innings. A bad start was made, for Thomas was bowled before lie had scored one, and J R Armstrong was dismissed for nil, both falling in the first over-two wickets for three. Falcon became associated with Ashford, who played a magnificent game, and the pair added 30 runs for the third wicket, Ashford being bowled for a well played 29. Tom Morgan followed, and soon let out with his usual vigour; Falcon in the meantime playing care- fully. This wicket also added 30 runs when Falcon was run out. The next two men were easily got rid of, and Perry made five, the sixth wicket falling for 73. Morgan continued to hit well, having mastered the bowling, but received very little assistance from the other batsmen, the innings closing for the fine total of 90, Morgan being 27 not out. With only an hour left for play, it seemed doubtful whether the match would terminate. Walters and Richards started for Treherbert to the bowling of Chalke and Falcon. The first wicket fell for two, and the bowling being good, the batsmen found it difficult to score, three wickets fell for 12, and then Emlyn Lewis and R. M. Rees made a stand, adding 30 for the fourth wicket before Rees was bowled. Lewis was the only one to play with confidence, the side being eventually dismissed for 61, a total which was reached more through the bad fielding on the Treorky side than by the good batting of the visitors. Falcon bowled exceedingly well, taking five wickets for 17, and Chalke deserved more than two wickets for 16 runs. Treorky added another two points to their credit by winning the match, which was very exciting towards the close, for it only required 15 minutes to time, and five wickets to fall with Treherbert. Luckily, it was obtained by brilliant bowling and improved fielding. It must be admitted that the Treorky fielding until the last 15 minutes was exceedingly bad, and through this fault Treherbert managed to pile up the score, which should only have been about 40. O. Ashford, Tom Morgan, and M. Falcon batted admirably for their scores of 29, 27 not out, and 13 respectively. E. Lewis alone distinguished himself for Treherbert, wto was supposed to have had their best team of the season out. Davies kept wicket admirably, and certainly ought to be in the next league team. Appended are the scores and bowling analyses :— TREORKY. T R Thomas b W Jones 0 o U Ashford b W Jones 29 J R Armstrong b W Jones 0 M Falcon run out 13 T Morgan not out 27 D C Davies b H Jones 1 G Chalke c Lewis b D Rees 0 C Perry c H Jones b D Reea 5 B Hood run out 4 T Ashton c Lewis b W Jones 0 T Davies b D Rees 2 Extras 9 Total 90 TREHERBERT. G Walters run out 1 D Richards c Davies b Falcon 7 R M Rees c Griffin b Hood g D Rees b Falcon 0 Emlyn Lewis b Falcon 26 W Jones b Falcon 2 W Davies b Falcon G R T Jones c Ashton b Chalke 0 Harry Jones b Chalke n J Lewis not out 3 D Evans b Falcon 0 Extras 8 Total 61 BOWLING ANALYSIS. Treorky Inniogs. O. M. R. W. W. Jones 12 0 40 3 D. Rees 6 3 0 12 4 E. Lewis 3 0 12 0 G. Walters 2 0 8 0 H. Jones 4 0 9 1 Treherbert Innings. O. M. R. W. G. Chalke 13 6 16 2 M. Falcon 11.2 2 17 5 T. Morgan 5 1 11 I II. Sued 3 U 9 1 I Pentre League match was played at Pentre at Pentre no Saturday. Both clubs turned out their strongest available teams, Llwynypia. winning the toss, sent in Pentre, and M. J. John anl J. Thomas opened to the. bowling of J. Goodridge aad A. May. The start was very slow,both men playing very careful cricket until the ninth over, when John's wickets were dis- trubed by Goodridge, the total being 5. Gates the next man in,next fell a victim to Goodridge's bowling. With Morgan in, scoring continued very slow. The third wicket fell when the score stood at 17. With Williams in the score slowly rose to 26, then Goodridge clean bowled Williams. B. Rees then partered Thomas, but the partership was not a lengtliy one, Thomas being out for a very carefully played 10. With Hughes and Rees together scoring became faster When the score readied 42, Hughes rose a ball into cover point's hands. With Einou Davies as a partner. Rees was scoring well, and brought his score to 17, when he was dismissed bv Good- ridge. The next three men, D. Hughes, T. Rees, and O. Royall, played most carefii] cricket, and the side was ultimately dismissed for a total of 63. A. Evans and R. C.Walters opened the visi- tors' innings to the bowling of B. Rees and Mor- gan. Evans was missed off the first ball. The partnership had produced 24 runs, when Evans was out. Goodridge then took the vacant place, without any addition to tho scone. Walters was clean bowled. Edmunds then went in, and after scoring two singles was bowled by a shooter fpom G. Hughes. Saunders was next man in. The partnership had produced 24 runs, when Goodridge was caught at cover point, his score of 13 being marred by one chance. Powell then became associated with Saunders, the score rapidly rising. With the addition of 20 runs, Powell was bowled. The next few men gave very little trouble. Saunders was top scorer with 41. The side were all oUt for 97. Ap- pended are the scores: PENTRE. M..T. John b Goodridge 3 J. Thomas c May b Alf. Evans 10 W. Gates c Powell b Goodridge 2 W. D. Morgan b Alf Evans 4 W. Williams b Goodridge 4 B. Rees b Goodridge 17 G. Hugbes c Powell b May 7 G. E. Davies b Goodridge 3 D. Hughes b Goodridge 4 T. Rees b (Joodridge 2 O. Royall (capt.), not out 1 Extras 6 Total 63 LLWYiS iiIA. A. Evans lbw, b Hughes 14 R. C. Walters b W. D. Morgan 10 J. Goodridge c Hughes b Williams 13 I. Edmunds b Hughes 2 T. Saunders, run out 41 A. Powell b B. Rees 8 T. Savage, run out 2 W. Davies 0 and b B. Rees 0 T. Jones, not out 2 C. Williams b W. D. Morgan 3 Alf. May b B. Rees 1 Extras 1 Total 97 ST. DAVID'S V. TREORKY.—This match, played at Treorky, ended in a win for St. David's by ten runs. In their second innings, St. David's scored 61, the chief contributions being 17 by W. Parfitt, 16 by Harding, and 10 each by B. Rees and Morgan. Score :— ST. DAVID'S. B Gabe b Chalke 1 B. Rees c Jones b Chalke 0 Rev G Price b Chalke 0 A Luckett b Morgan 8 W Parfitt b Chalke 0 o Morgan b Morgan 2 W Harding b Chalke 7 A Jones b Morgan 4 W A Richards not out 10 T Moore b Morgan 1 G Miles c and b Morgan 2 Extras 6 Total 41 TREORKY. J Sweet b Harding 3 O Ashford b Morgan 0 Dr Armstrong run out 0 W D Jones b Harding 0 T Morgan b Harding 5 D C Davies b Harding 0 S Chalke b Harding 9 J T Austin c and b Morgan 6 H Hood c Rees b Harding 0 L Thomas not out 3 H Lewis b Morgan 0 Extras 5 Total 31 Porth v. Plymouth. 1TW p--tJo. team journeyed to Pentrebach on Saturday to play tho Plymouth team. Porth were not fully re- presented, but they eventually won a keenly contested game by 15 runs. Bland bowled well for the losers, capturing u wickets for low num- ber of 20 runs. Dr Ivor Lewis and W. S. Da- vies also bowled well for the winners, while in willow wielding Dr Ivor Lewis (Porth), with a total of 35, was a long way above the others. PLYMOUTH. E. Lewis b W. T. Davies 8 W. Biddle o T. Williams b Dr Lewis 3 W. E. Harris b Dr -ewis 0 D. Jones c Saddler T. Davies 12 J. Bland c Davies b Dr Lewis 11 J. H. Williams, run out 0 Tim Jones b W. T. Davies 5 Sam. Jones, run out 1 D. Herbert, not out 9 T. Nash (capt.) c W. Lewis b Dr Lewis 5 Extras 5 Total 68 PORTH. Dr I. Lewis c S. Jonea b J. Jones 35 R. Rickards b J. U-ones 6 Sid. Lewis o Nash b Bland 0 W. Morgan c Lewis b Bland 0 W. T. Davies b Bland a A. Williams c Herbert b Bland 0 T. Williams c S. Jones b Bland 5 W. Morris b David Jones 3 C. Saddler, not out 8 D. Lewis b D. Jones 2 Extras g Total 83 CASTLE THEATRE COMPANY v. FFRNDALE. This match was played on the Athletic Grounds, Ferndale, before a good number of spectators, Alexander for Ferndale, and Barnes for the theatricals, being in good form. The home club won by 26 runs. Scores :— CASTLE COMPANY. Barnes b Llewellyn 32 Clitheroe run out 0 F. Haggar b Morgan 1 Gidaings b Morgan 0 Lloyd b Morgan 0 Charles b Alexander 3 Whittaker b Alexander 0 Leach 1 b.w. b Alexander 4 Everson c Morgans b Alexander 2 Bell b Alexander 0 Carrick not out 5 Extras 6 Total 53 FERNDALE. D Morgan b Haggar 3 J Gurnie b Barnes 11 G Syms b Haggar 3 G Davies b Haggar 0 I Kingston b Giddings 11 W Alexander c Everson b Clitheroe 35 R Phillips b Clitheroe 2 Southwood b Clitheroe 6 G Llewellyn c Whittaker b Haggar 0 S Thomas b Clitheroe 0 H Kingston not out 2 Extras 6 Total 79

Prince Ranjitsinhji on Fielding.


Llantwit Major Eisteddfod.

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