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WJustard and Cress. ■ -<> We have previously had occasion to refer to the eceentricities of Llantrisant poetry. This week again we received a sample of alleged poetry from the ancient town upon the hill. Realising th» sad fact that the agitation for a new public hall has fallen flat, a "Black Army" bard took down his harp and thus did he sing m dolorous pitch: I "THE LOST HALL." (Parody on the "Lost Chord.") "Seated one day by the fireside. My heart beat.ing wild in distress, I beard a loud voice shouting, 'This week's "Glamorgan Free Press; I ran to the window quickly—outside I could see the bov- I opened the door, purchased a copy, unfolded it. and then, what joy! '1 awoke to find I'd been dreaming— I knev. 'twas too good to last- The Nev Public Hall for Llantrisant I found was a thing of the past: It may be in England's History I shall hear of the. bust up scheme, I shall hear of the bust up scheme." Phew! Awful, isn't it? Why, in the name of all that's righteous, was not the .author ot this melancholy dirge also "bust up?" After all, it's enough to make a fellow despar&tc, yea, even desparate enough to attempt poetry or suicide, when he thinks how indiffereJlt the people of Llantrisant are to the needs of tKeir town. We congratulate the well-known Welshman. M. E. H. D ivies, J.P., on his being appointed to give evidence before -the Royal Commission on the basis of local taxation. Amongst others who sat on the Commission were Lord Balfour of Burleigh, Viscount Emlyn, Mr A. J. Balfour, and others. If we are not mistaken, Mr Davies is the first Welshman who lias had the honour, snd we feel sure that the distinction could not have been conferred upon a more worthy gentle. man, for he is well versed in parochial and municipal matters, and devotee almost the whole c-f his time in the interest o [the public. We await the result with interest. The well-known literary postman, "Castell- ydd," of Caerphilly, has been awarded by the Postmaster-General another good oonduct stripe now making four in all. Mr Lloyd has travelled enough ground to go round the world 13 times, having sgent quarter of a century in the Service. We are glad to find his long and faithful ser- vices recognised. Mr T. G. Nash, a collier, employed at the Albion Collfiery, has successfully passed the four following subjects at the science and art examination for May: Principles of mining- first classy advanced; steam, and the steam engine-first class, elementary; machine con- struction and drawing-first class, elementary; and geology-first class, çmtary. Ferndale has again been to the fore in horse-1 flesh. "Go Bang" has been shown at South Molton, Exeter, Taunton, and Weston-Super- Mars, taking ona first and live seconds, showing against the best horses in tho kingdom. Railwaymen have many grievances, not only } •with their management, but with the public in general. Here is a copy of an address-card which was attached to a basket sent frsm the Bhondda to Haverfordwest the other day: "To Havforwes station Pr Great Western Railway for John Evans carrier to Saint David for Mi Iward Carney Live Chickens with care." "John Evans," carrier," must be a lucky man in that he has the patronage of the WeIshpatroo saint. We are pleased to note that Miss Mabel Parry -youngest daughter of Dr T. W. Parry, J.P., Ferndale passed with honours, at the recent examination, of the Trinity College of Music, Cardiff Centre. Miss Parry is only 13 years of age, and was the only one candidate in the Junior Division from this Centre who obtained honours. Miss Parry distinguished herself at a previous examination by obtaining 91 marks out of a possible 100. Congratulations ara pouring in upon our gifted local vocalist, Mr David Jones, R.A,M, Cil- fynydd. Mr Jones' academical career has bpen marked by repeated and brilliant successes, but his latest achievement far eclipses his former splendid record. At a recent examina- tion he competed for the highest award in singing which the Academy can bestow upon him, and, though this was his first attempt, he secured the coveted certificate. Thus Mr Jones has fully justified his own strong ambitions and the fond hopes of his friends, and we heartily join in the chorus of felicitations, feeling, as we do, that he has not only covered himself with distinction,but has gained a great honour for cur town. It is sincerely to bj hoped that as time goes on Mr Jones will climb many more rungs of the ladder of musical fame.. The Town rings with the news that FRANK TnOMAS ("My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Bat. 2838 PHOTOGRAPH STANDS.—New patterns just ar. rived. Artistic and inexpensive.—FORREST AND SONS, Cambrian Studio. 2871 The ckief character*, sties of G. F. HACKER'S Photo- graphs are Fidelity and Artistic Finish. Samples may be seen at his Stuclio-12 and 13, The Arcade, Pontypridd. 3290t For freshest of tinned goods and richest of jams. Go to T. Harris for primest of hams, Central Stores. Taff street. 1349

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