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HONDDA SCHOOL BOARD. The Board and its Appointments. DO THE ATTENDANCE OFFICERS WEAR THEIR UNIFORMS? An extra-ordinary meeting of the Rhondda. School Board was held on Monday, Mr T. Bevan (chairman) presided, and the attendance included the Rev W. 3,lorr.- F.G.S. (vice-ehair- man), Miss Ada Jones, Rev W. Lewis, R.D., Rev W. Charles, M.A., Rev T. Williams, Messrs W. Jenkins, JP., W. W. Hood, Daniel Thomas, D R. Jones, David Williams, J. E. Jones, and John Davies; with the clerk, Mr W. G. Howell, the deputy-clerk, Mr T. G. Jones; and the archi- tect, Mr J. Rees. THE RECENT APPOINTMENT OF ASSIST- ANT MASTER. On the minutes being confirmed, the Rev W. Charles referred to the appointment, made at the last meeting of the Board, of an assistant master for the Pupil Teachers' Centre. The rev. gentleman asked that the advertisement of the vacancy might be read. The Clerk read a copy of the advertisement, which was for a trained certificated assistant master. The Rev W. Charles said that in raisins; the question he was about to put he did not wish in any way to reflect upon the qualifications of the gentleman appointed. The Vice-chairman here interposed, with refer- ence to the advertisement, that it was not in accordance with the resolution to advertise. The resolution having been read, there ap- peared to be a discrepancy between it and the advertisement. The Vice-chairman pointed out that nothing was said in the resolution about a trained assist- ant master at all, but only that the appointed person must be qualified to teach Welsh. Rev W. Charles went on to say that the terms of the advertisement- had been the means of discouraging several of the Board's teachers from applying for the post, and, in fact, had misled many would-be candidates. Mr David Thomas: It is quite clear that the action of the Board in making the appointment is quite consistent with the resolution passed by the Board in June, and no mention was then made as to the words "trained teacher." Mr Charles knows that so anxious were the mem- bers of the Board to recognise the Welsh language at the Centre that it was thought some months ago to appoint a local Welsh teacher to devote a. few hours a week to that subject. But when Mr Burgess left, it was decided to adver- tise for an assistant who was qualified to teach Welsh efficiently, and Mr James was appointed. The committee is not responsible for the terms of lIle advertisement, and it is a pity that Mr James should suffer in consequence. Rev W. Charles: Hitherto we have adhered to the terms of the advertisement. The Vice-Chairman: Yes, when we have authorised that advertisement. I think we should get the terms of the advertisement clear before us henceforth. The Chairman: Hencaforth. It is too late now. We will go on with the next business. Before we advertise next time we had better come to some understanding. Rev W. Charles: I think so. Rev Thomas Williams remarked that a simi- lar difficulty presented itself some time ago over an appointment to the Porth Centre, when the Board offered £10 extra for Welsh. The Chairman: We must be more consistent. The Vihainnan: Certainly. Let the resolution of the Board be the substance of the advertisement. Rev W. Charles: That is why I called atten- tion to the matter. APPRECIATION OF SYMPATHY. The Clerk read aletter from Miss Ada Jones Ynyshir, who desired to convey to the chairman and members of the Board her sincere gratitude for their kind resolution of sympathy with her in her brother's death. THE MISSIONER TO THE DEAF AND DUMB. The Clerk said he had just received a letter from Mr Edward Rowland. According to the report of the committee which investigated this case, and wliich was adopted by the Board at its last meeting, it had been decided to take no further notice of communications from this man. Rev W. Lewis: I think it should be read. It any one threatens you with legal proceedings it should be read. I had a letter from the schoolmistress of the deaf and dumb school, and I think the writer was prompted by the writer of this letter now before us. It was a scanda- lous letter, I think. A long discussion followed in which theVica. j chairman contended 'that the letter ought to be referred to the committee. It was not right, he thought, that, a letter which might possibly be libellous should be read in the Board meeting at which the Press was present, because that Board might thus be the instrument of conveying libel- lous insinuations. Ultimately the letter was referred to the Committee. THE BOARD'S FINANCES. The Finance Committee had examined ac- counta amounting to £4,661 14s (P,4,549 18s in the General Account, and ;11 16s in the Loan Account), and reoommended the same for pay- ment. The Committee had examined the treasurer's books, and found that the General Account shewed a balance of £ 2,157 7s Id in favour of the Board, and the Loan Account a credit balance of £1,566 11s lOd. After to-day's payments there would be a balance of £2,392 10s lid asrainst the Board in the General Ac- count, and in the Loan Account a credit balance of £1,454 15a lOd. There was a sum of £1,500 now due from the Overseers, and they were in- formed by the assistant overseer that this sum would be paid to the treasurer of the Board by the 29th inst. The balance of the precept, amounting to L4,000, would also become due on the 1st August. Adverting to their report of the 2nd ultimo, they begeed to report that Messrs Treharne, the solicitors acting for the Board in the matter of the purchase of the Maendy site, had succeeded in getting the Ven- dor's solicitors to reduce the costs by jE6 Os 8d." Mr Daniel Thomas, chairman of the Finance Committee, said that after that day's disburse- ments the Board would have P,1,197 8s to the good. ATTENDANCE OFFICERS AND THEIR UNIFORM. Paragraph No. 2 in the report of the Attend- ance Committee read "The time has now arrived when the uniforms of the Attendance Officers should be renewed." The Vice-chairman: What is the meaning of No. 2? 0 The Clerk: Simply to call attention to the fact. The Vice-chairman: Doesn't the Committee recommend ? The Clerk: It's a question whether you shall advertise, as was done last year, or we'll accept the terms upon which you bought last year. Mr D. 11. Jones: Do the officers wear their uniforms when on duty? (Laughter). The Chairman: Yes, on our side of the valiey at any rate. Mr John Davies: Yes, and on our side, too. Mr D. R. Jones: I have never had the plea- sure of seeing our officers in uniform yet, except Mr Yorath. I venture to say that the clothes are not worn. The) Clerk: They are worn out, anyhow. (Laughter). Mr D. R. Jones: Well, I move that the officers be ordered to wear their uniforms during their Hours ot duty. Mr J. E. Jones seconded, and the motion was adopted. On the motion of the Vice-chairman, seconded by Mr Daniel Thomas, it was decided to ad- vertise for tenders for the supply of new uni- forms. A CONFIRMED ABSTAINER. "We (the Attendance Committee) recommend that the attention of the authorities of the Truant School be called to the case of Dav Thomas Evans, 17, Marion street, Clydach Va e, who, notwithstanding that he has already been throe times to the Truant School, still persists in truanting." This was adopted. STIRRING UP THE BOARD. The Building Committee reported: "We have had under our consideration two letters written bv Mr Edwards, H.M.I., in which he states that the Grant of the Cwmclydaeh, Ystrad Higher Grade, and Pentre Schools are likely to be delayed, on account of the fact that no im- provement had been effected in the ventilation of those schools. It appears, however, that the requirements at Clydach Vale had been met a few days after the Inspector's visit, and we have given instructions to the architect to have the requirements at the Ystrad Higher Grade and Pentre Schools completed with as little delay as possible." PONTRHONDDA SCHOOL. "We recommend that Messrs Treharne and Treharne, solicitors, Pentre, be instructed to prepare a contract for tho erection of Pont- rhomtUU School." THE MAENDY SITE. "We beg to report the receipt of tho convey- ance of the Maendy rite duly esccutsd by the Venders ,.1 rcecsrjnen'.l 4 ing those of the Vetidor's solicitors and Messrs Treharne) amounting to £50 2s lOd be paid." THE BOARD TURNED "LANDLORDS." "As there is a small piece of unoccupied lareT adjoining the Treherbert Cookery Centre, and belonging to the Board, we recommend that Mr D. R. Jones and Mr D. Williams be authorised to let the same at a reasonable rental." MANUAL INSTRUCxiuN CENTRE. "Having regard to the resolution of the Board at the last meeting to establish a Centre at Llwynypia School, for manual instruction, we have had under our consideration the question of making the room underneath the school suit- able for such purpose, and we recommend that the existing stone floor be left undisturbed, but that it be boarded over. We also recommend that the architect be instructed to order the necessary number of benches and sets of tools for the Llwynypia and lsu-iiu Higher Grade Classes." THE BOARD'S LEu—j ADVISERS, Referring to one of the items in the report of the Building Committee, who recommended that a Pentre firm of solicitors should prepare certain deeds, Mr W. Jenkins asked why that particu- lar firm was mentioned. It was explained by the Clerk that the Board's custom was to go round the local solicitors in turns. Mr Jenkins disagreed wit hthe arrangement. The Board should appoint one firm of solicitors, to whom they could always iook for adviee. If the Board continued to run here and there, to Dick, Tom, and Harry, they would never know their position, and unpleasant complications might arise. The Vice-chairman expressed opinions coin- ciding with those of Mr Jenkins, and suggested that the matter be placed on the agenda for the next meeting, which was agreed to. "EFFICIENCY AND ECONOMY." The Building Committee further reported: "We have had under our consideration the architect's report, which states (1) That satis- factory progress is being made with the work at Dunraven School, (2) That the work at Porth School has been completed at a total cost of L120 19s 9d, to which is to be added jE5 lis JJ (subject to correction) for the plumber. The above figures include the architect's commission (L5 4s 3d), and the value of the extra work done (£26 Is 6d). The tender that was sent in for this work amounted to L109, and if the architect's commission (£4 7s 2d) were added to this sum, the work would have cost bv contract E113 7s 2d, withou the extra work. the differ- ence therefore between the two sets of figures is -0 £14. 9s tu. (3) That the improvements to tho Bodringallt Schools are completed (with the exception of a little plastering) at a cost of £ 295 8s 5d." Mr D. R. Jones: As this is the first. job we have done ourselves, without being contracted for, I should like to have a list of figures shew- ing how much money has been spent in time and how much for materials. It seems to me this paragraph has been got together very hurriedly. I move that the architect prepare a statement shewing the various items of expenditure. This was seconded by the Vice-chairman, and carried. There was standing on the agenda.. in the name of Mr D. R. Jones, a motion in reference to work carried out by the Board's own work- men, and by permission lie now submitted that proposition. It is evident, said Mr Jones, that the proper course to adopt in the alterations and other jobs done at our schools by the Board's workmen, is to consider the work from the dual standpoint of efficiency and economy. This cannot be done except the architect, upon whom we rely for advice in these matters, submit his estimate for any work to be done. It was per- fectly understood, when we employed extra men for carrying out this work, laat estimates were to be submitted and proper accounts kept for the purpose of comparison of cost. It wotuu be impossible, otherwise, to carry out improvements with any degree of intelligence and tact, es- pecially when we consider the arguments pro- duced in favour of employing extra hands some months ago to do any special small jobs. I therefore propose "That no alteration be carried out by the Board's workmen at any time or place until the architect submit his estimate of the amount required for such alteration." This was unanimously agreed to. THE BOARD'S MEETINGS. Mr Daniel Thomas ha,, -riven notice of the following "To consider the present arrange- ments for holding the Board and School Man- agement meetings, and to move a "Olution." Permission was given to Mr Thomas to postpone the matter until the next meeting. A COMPLIMENT FOR CYMMER. The Management Committee reported: "We have received the annual reports on Cymmer, Graigddu, BLtenMchau, and Dinars Scjhools. Tbe grants earned are as follows: Boys. Girls. Infants. T'l Grant. 's, d. s d. s. d. £ s. d. Cymmr-r 20 6 20 6 17 0 608 4 0 Graigddu 18 0 15 0 14S 16 0 Blaenllecbau 15 0 140 5 0 Dinas 20 6 — 15 0 178 17 0 We desire to express our appreciation of the high state of efficiency attained by -the Cymmer School esjpecially the Girls' department." "Mrs Johns and Mrs Jones, the head mis- tresses of the Graigddu Girls' and Infants1 Schools, have appeared before us in reference to the reports on their Schools. We recommend that the Clerk be instructed to write to Her Majesty's Inspector, calling his attention to the staff at the Infants' School during the past year, and to point out that the remark in the annual report does not appear to be borne out by the facts." WHERE THE HEAD TEACHERS LIVE. "We also recommend that the Clerk be in- structed to obtain the following particulars re- specting the head teachers no win the service of the Board 1, Place of residence; 2, Distance of residence from sehool; 3, Whether maraied or single; 4, If single, whether they live with their parents. DRAWING REPORTS. "We have received the drawing reports of th") following schools Porth, "Good; Williams- C town, "Good;" Cymmer, "Excellent;" Dinas, "Excellent." WELSH HYMN BOOKS. "We recommend that a committee consisting of the following gentlemen be appointed to com- pile a suitable Welsh hymn and tune book for the use of the schools under the Board: Rev T. Williams, Rev W. Lewis, Rev W. Morris, Rev W. Charles (members of the Board); Mr M. O. Jones, Treherbert; Mr H. Howells, Pentre; Mr W. Thomas, Treorky."

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