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SCHOOL ACCOMMODATION IN THE LESSER ItyOjlDDA. Te Overcrowding at Tylorstowq PROPOSED NEW SCHOOL AT STANLEY- TOWN. A very large and somewhat heated discussion took place at Monday's meeting of the Rhondda School Board—Mr T. Bevan (chairman) presid- ing—relative to the scheme the Board had in view with the object of relieving the congested state of their schools in the Rhondda Fach. The Building Committee, which met on the 15th inst. (Mr David Williams presiding) now sub- mitted the following report: "We have had under our consideration a com- munication from the Education Department, stating that their Lordships note that the aver- age attendance of the Boys' and Infants' De- partments of the Tylorstown Schools has been allowed to exceed the recognised accommodation and enquiring what reason the Board has to justify the payment of the annual grant. The Clerk has replied to the communication, point- ing out the fact that plans for the enlargement of the Boys' and Infants' Departments have been prepared, and will be sent to the Depart- ment for approval in the course of a few days. We recommend that the action of the Clerk be confirmed, and that the amended plans submit- ted to us to-day, for the extension of these Schools, be approved, and sent to the Education Department for approval. "We have received, a communication from Messrs Williams and Homfray, stating that the piece of land marked out by the Board as a suitable site for a small Infants' School at Stan- leytown, would interfere with the laying out of the building estate, and that Captain Hom- fray could not, therefore, be advised to enter- tain an offer for that particular square. We recommend that the Clerk be instructed to reply pointing out that there is no other suitable site in that district, and to state that unless the Board can have that site at a reasonable nrice lhey will led to abandon the idea of building on that site." The Clerk said he had that morning received a memorial from some of the inhabitants of Pontygwaith. Mr J. E. Jones: They want another depart- ment rather than an enlargement. The Chairman ruled that the memorial could not now be read, as the Standing Orders clearly stipulated that all petitions and memorials must be received at least five clear days before the Board's meeting. The Vice-chapman moved that the whole mat- ter be referred back to the committee for-re- consideration, in order that they might present a fresh report in the light of the memorial. The Rev W. Charles seconded, and the motion was adopted. A discussion was going on with reference to the second paragraph, when The Vice-chairman enquired whether it was now to be understood that the first one was suspended until the receipt of the report of the Btiiluing and Attendance Committees. The Clerk: The Department are pressing us, and I have told them the plans are adopted, and will be sent up in a very few days. Rev W. Lewis: What advantage will be gained by referring back to the Committee? Mr J. E. Jones: None. The Committees had everything before them, and these plans which are now on the table have been before the Board three times. We have had important communi- cations from the Department, and we should certainly take notice of what they say. The Chairman: I think we should adopt the recommendation of the Building Committee. Evidently these plans should go up, because the schools are so overcrowded, and we are being very much pressed by the Department. The Vice-chairman: I think we should facili- tate matters, either by reading the memorial now or by referring the matter back to the Committee. Mr John Davies: I have been informed that the accommodation at Pontygwaith Infant School is far above the attendance. Is that so ? The Clerk: The accommodation is above the average attendance. The Clerk read figures comparing the attend- ance and accommodation in each department, which showed that considerable overcrowding existed. Miss Ada Jones: Is it a fact that children from Margaret street go down to Wattstown Schools ? Mr J. E. Jones: Yes, they go there. Miss Jones: They can cross the river bridge at Wattstown. Mr Daniel Thomas :Yes, they did two or three months ago. The Chairman: They do so now. They go from one school to another in a most awkward way. Sometimes they go down to Wattstown. Then they go back to Pontvgwaith. The Vice-chairman: Is Wattstown school over- crowded ? The Clerk!: The average attendance last month in the mixed department was 169, and 131 in the infants. The accommodation is for 188 and 196 respectively. The Vice-Chairman: Do we understand that children from Stanleytown go down to Ponty- gwaith? The Chairman: No, they go to Tylorstown. The Vice-Chairman: So that building a school there wnuld relieve Tylorstown? In 'he course of a very sharp debate the Rev T "illiams rose and said: The Committee has been appointed to investigate the matter. Now a letter has been received breaking up the report of the Committee, and which vou have ruled out of order, and it has been referred back to the Committee for consideration and report. Now, I beg to suggest that we go on with the work of the Board, and ask the committee to leave the room and consider the report and letter. I believe they could do so in five minutes. Rev W. Charles flea in contended that me report should be referred back. Mr J. E. Jones strongly objected to this course, as all the information contained in the memorial had already been considered by the Committee. The Vice-chairman moved that the paragraphs quoted above be suspended until the receipt of the report of the joint committee appointed to consider the whole question, and that the memo- rial be also referred to them. Rev W. Charles seconded. Mr W. Jenkins, J.P., moved that the meeting proceed with the consideration of the Council's report. Mr J. E. Jones seconded. The amendment was carried by eight votes to two, upon wliieh the Rev W. Morris (vice- chairman) declared "I strongly pretest asa^s* committing atridvas in thb masncr." |


A Change of Air.

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