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The Ynysangharad Street Disturbance.



A Barmaid Assaulted at Diqas.




Funeral of Mr. Ivor John,…

The Trumpeter's Christmas.


The Trumpeter's Christmas. [From the "Wednesbury Herald."] To talk of a trumpeter who cannot blow a trumpet sounds rather anomalous. Yet a bands- man acknowledged that he had been in the un- fortunate predicament of being unable to per- form even this simple and elementary piece of work. "Yes, I was taken with what the doctor- who was called in by my friends—told me was bronchitis and influenza. I felt very low and weak. I had a bad pain in my side, and my head was all wrong. The sensation of giddiness was never absent. Work was out of the ques- tion, and I could not read or do anything to pass the time. I could not even blow my trum- pet—for I am a member of the Aston United Brass Band. I took quinine to strengthen me, besides a lot of doctor's medicine. But no- thing seemed to do me good. One feature of my complaint was persistent diarrhoea, which weakened me very much. Altogether, I was very ill and low-spirited." "But you are looking very well now." "Never felt better. I read in a newspaper about Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and the wonderful cures they have worked in cases which seemed to be like my own. I pro- cured a box, and received immediate benefit. By the time the pills were finished I was quite well again, and able to spend a happy Christmas I am back at work now, and I have had no re- currence of the unpleasant symptoms of my ill- ness. I have no hesitation in ascribing my cure to their action, and if I am ifl at any future time it is to Dr Williams' Pink Pills that I shall fly." This is only one case out of many which Dr Williams' Pink Pills have cured. They are praised amongst all classes as a strengthening and tonic medicine for men, women, and child- ren. They are not like other medicine, nor can they be imitated ,as is sometimes dishonestly pretended take care that the package bears the FULL NAME, Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People ,and in case of doubt send direct to Dr Williams' Medicine Company 46, Holborn-via- duct, London, E.C., as the Pills can be had post free at 2s 9d, or six boxes for 13s 9d. They j have cured numerous case of rheumatism, para- lysis, locomotor ataxy, sciatica, influenza, aim. mia, palpitations, and the disorders which arise from impoverished blood, such as muscular weak- ness, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, pain in the back, nervous headache, early decay, and all forms of female weakness. The trumpeter whose cure is described above kindly consented to the publication of his name and address. He is well-known and widely- respected, and will be instantly recognised by thousands of readers—Mr Alfred Partridge, of 61, Franchise street, King's hill, Wednesbury, a forger by trade. Ha follows his employment at Aston, almost within round of the roar of the traffic in the busy streets, cf Birmingham.




A Change of Air.

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