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MEDICAL CERTIFICATES IN THE RHONODA. Straqge Case at Pontygwaith STRONG REMARKS BY THE SCHOOL BOARD. A medical certificate was the subject of con- siderable discussion and some strong comments at Monday's meeting of the Rhondda School Board, Mr T. Bevan (chairman) presiding. The following paragraph appeared in the re- port of the Attendance Committee, of which the Rev W. Lewis, vicar, is chairman: "We have had under our consideration the case of Geo. Williams, a boy a -ending the Pont- ygwaith School. It appears that the attend- ances made by this boy during the past School Year were only 71 out of a possfble 4s30, and during the present quarter only 13 out of 93, and notwithstanding the fact that the Attend- ance Officer submitted to the local Doctor the list of proposed summonses (including the name of this boy) a medical certificate, which we herewith submit,was presented in Court,and the summons in consequence was dismissed. We submit these facts for the consideration of the Board." Rev W. Lewis: We thou-ht it was only right to bring the matter before the Board, and it is a serious case ,1 think. And this is not the first time we have had to call attention to such cases arising in that part of our district. I think doctors should really try to help the Board. This is not the first time such a thing has happened, although the Clerk has been over there on the matter. The Clerk: Yes, some time ago. Replying to a member the Chairman said the certificate bore the signature of an assistant doctor. The Clerk read the boyfs attendance—or, more correctly, non-attendance—record. From the year 1896 up to the present time he had made 71 attendances out of a possible 430, thus being absent 359 times. During the first quarter of this year he had made 13 attendances out of a possible 93. Mr Harris (Pontygwaith Schools) was of opinion that this was a case ot wilful neglect. He complained that at the time the boy was certified to be ill he was riding about in a local milk-cart, apparently in good health. Three weeks ago Mr Harris wrote to the parents for an explanation of the boy's ab- sence, and they replied that they thought he was in school. The Clerk (continuing); I saw the boy myself last week. The Chairman: Mr Lewis saw the milkman, who has not allowed the boy to follow him since. Miss Ada Jones: And yet he doesn't attend school. Rev W. Lewis:' No, he doesn't. Rev W. Morris. What is the general health of the boy? The Chairman: He seems to be healthy. Rev W. Morris: Then what is the committee's view of this statement? Rev W. Lewis: I should not like to say it was given with the knowledge that it was incor- rect. I think it was given carelessly, thought- lessly. Mr W. Jenkins, J.P. (reading the offending dooument): This is really not a certificate at all. Rev W. Lewis: The doctor says"f saw him last about three weeks ago," and yet the magis- trates dismissed the case. Mr D. R. Jones: There is nothing on this certificate to show even where the doctor lives, or anything else. Mr Jenkins: The doctor is well-known. After a further discussion, ill which the Vice- chairman (Rev W. Morris), Rev W. Lewis, and Rev T. Williams, took part, a resolution was unanimously adopted directing the Clerk to call the attention of the medical gentleman to the certificate, and also to the fact that the magistrates had dismissed the case upon the evidence of this document.

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