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The Ynysangharad Street Disturbance.




♦ Prize awarded this week to A. J. Jones, Tony- pandy House, Tonypandy, for "Just Escaped." JUST ESCAPED. An English newspaper of recent date tells an interesting story of a little Scotch boy, who, while playing on the docks of a well known sea- port. town, fell into the water. An ohlsailor, seeing the accident, jumped to the rescue, and with great difficulty managed to get the boy boy out of the water in an unconscious condi- tion. When restored to consciousness, the boy was soon oi-i his feet again, and appeared as weli as ever. He was about to resume play as if nothing had happened when his rescuer said kindly, "You ought to be glad I was near by when you fell into tho water." "I am," replied the little lad, "an' I'm sa glad ye got me out. What a liekki' I wad a got from my muther if I'd been drooned."—A.J.J., Tonypandy. DIDN'T MEDLE WITH IT. One morning a young man was stamping about the sitting room when the landlady ap- peared. 1 "Terribly cold morning," he remarked. "1 see the glass has fallen again." "The what, sir?" asked the landlady. "The barometer has fallen again." "Well, sir, if it has, it must have been the cat, for I didn't meddle with it," replied the landlady.—D.M., Treorky. HOW HE MANAGED IT. The late Rev Dr Sutton, once said to Mr P., a veterinary surgeon. Well, Mr P., how is it, you have not called upon me for your accounts?" "I never ask a gentleman for money," said Mr P. "Indeed, how do you get on if he don't pay?" "Why, after a certain time I conclude he is not a gentleman, and then I ask him," said Mr P.—D.M., Treorky. AN UNFAIR DIVISION. Mary Lad been to Church for the first time, and on her return her grandmother asked her what she thought of it. "I liked it very much," she replied; "but there was one thing I did not think was fair. One man did all the work, and then another man came around and got all the money."— J.A., Pontypridd. HATING A HAND IN IT. Some unlucky boys at a boarding school were spiteful against the master for what they called unjust punishment. Secretljy one night they went and tarred the rail leading to the master's bedroom. The master coming down in the dark soiled his hands and coat, apd in a rage ke sent for the boy whom he most suspected. We lad denied that he had done it, but he said he knew someone who had had a hand in it. "That's it," said the master, "always speak the truth. Who was it? "Yourself," said the boy. The master could not help from smiling at the boy's cleverness, which saved him from hav- ing a good thrashing. -H..H., Halifax, York- shire. AN AWKWARD INVITATION. A country parish minister, who lately visited Glasgow, met in the street a servant girl who had left his congregation to go to a situation in the city. "Well, Mattie," said he kindly, "how do you like your new situation?" "Fine, sir; but I'm gey lonel yamang sue mony strange folk." "I was thinjring so, Mattie. Well, I'll call and see you before I leave the town." "No, sir," very dolefully; "ye matrna dae that, for our mistress allows nae followers; but-" brightening up—"if ye come tae the back gate when it's dark, I'll try tae let ye in at the windy."—D.H., Birmingham. DR BROWN AND HIS INAMORITA. The noted Dr Brown had been keeping com- pany with a young lady for many years, and in the course of that time he used to drink her health before any other. But one evening he left that toast out. A gentleman present said, "Come, Doctor, where is your usual toast?" Why don't you drink to your dearest?" "Well," answered the Doctor, "I have been toasting her for many years, but I could not for the very life of me make her Brown, so therefore I'll toast her no more.'—D.W., Ponty- pridd. TOM AND HIS MASTER. "Now, Tom," said his master, "I want you to take this parcel to the station, and put on the top of it, 'This side up, with care.' Now, do you understand me"? "Yes, sir," said Tom. In half an hour Tom came back. "Well, Thomas," said his master, "did you do as I told you?" "Yes, master. I took it, and I wrote on top of it, 'This side up, with care,' and to make sure they would not make a mistake I wrote under- neath as well.—D.W., Pontypridd. +

A Barmaid Assaulted at Diqas.




Funeral of Mr. Ivor John,…

The Trumpeter's Christmas.




A Change of Air.

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