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I T STAFFING OF RHONDDA SCHOOLS. The Committee's Report. A HEATED DISCUSSION. PERSONALITIES COMPLAINED OF. The principal matter which came before the Rhondda School Board on Monday, or, at any rate, the one that. gave rise to the longest dis- cussion, was the report in connection with the proposal to re-arrange the staffs of the various schools. The School Management Committee presented the following "In accordance with the instructions of the Ecard at their last mealing, we have carefullv considered the report of our Sub-Committee en the staffing of the various schools, and beg to recommend that the fo31owin~ vacancies"de- clared by tho Sub-Committee be filled as fol- lc,w,-s: BOYS' AND MIXED SCHOOLS. Blaenrhondda, Claudia J. Davies, uncertifi- cated assistant, from Ynyswen Boys', with £ 5 per annum extra for sewing; Ynyswen, Eliza- beth ReynoMs, uncertificated assistant, from Ynyswen Girls'; Gelli, Nellie Cbillington, uncer- tificated assistant, from Gelli Girls'; Llwyny- pia, Alfred Evans, certificated assistant, f i-cii Hafod Boys', and Gomer Evans. uncertificated assistant., from Treherbort Boys', at a salary commencing at £50, according to scale; Cwm- clydach, Margaret J. Mason, uncertificated assis- tant, from Infants' department; Cymmer, Mary H. Rees, uncertificated assistant, from Ynyshir Boys'; Porth, R. WT. Jones, certificated assis- tant, from Tylorstown Boys', and T. D. Maurice, extended Pupil Teacher, from Aberllechau Mixed; Hafod, Humphrey Prosser, certificated assistant, Park Mixed, and Kate, Morris, un- certificated assistant, from Girls' department; Aberllechau, Elinor H. Thomas, uncertificated assitant, from Williamstown Girls'. GIRLS' SCHOOLS. Dunraven, A. L. Williams. certificated assis- tant. from Cwmclydach Girls'; Treherbert, S. J. Charles. teacher under Article 68 at this department, as uncertificated assistant; Tre- orky, Gwyneth Isaac, certificated assistant, from Cardiff College, and Uuve Lewis, certificated assistant from Aberystwyth College; Pentre, Celia John, certificated assistant, from Cardiff College; Ton, Elizabeth Price, certificated assis- tant, from Cardiff College, and Catherine Lewis, uncertificated assistant from Dunraven Boys'; Ferndale, Myfanwy Jones, uncertificated assis- tant, from Tylorstown Girls'; Cwmclydach, Flora John, certificated assistant, from Swan. sea College; Mardv, Martha S. Phillips, certifi- eated assistant, from Cwmclydach Girls'. INFANTS' SCHOOLS. Treherbert, Annie Evans, certificated assis- tant from Swansea College; Treorky, R. A. Evans, uncertificated assistant, from Ynyswen Infants'; Pentre, Frances Thomas, certificated assistant from Cardiff College;, Llwynypia, Emily Pengelly, certificated assistant from Car- diff College; Pontygwaith, E. M. Ellis, uncertifi- cated assistant, from Llwynypia Infants'; Fern- dale, M. E. Thomas, uncertificated assistant, from Hafod Infants'; IVffirdy, Maxgt. A. Wil- liams, uncertificated assistant, from Williams- town Infants'; Pontrhondda, Majgarct Lloyd, uncertificated assistant. Vrom Llwynypia In- fants; Blaenllechau, Elizabeth Bunford. uncer- tificated assistant, from Tonypandy Infants'; Cwmclydach,, Edith Davies certificated assis- tant, from Cardiff College; Hafod, M.M. Owen, uncertificated assistant, from Aberllechau; Cyim mer, Isabella Dixon. Directly the report was mentioned, and before the first line of the recommendation had been considered, Mr John Davies rose to enter a protest. I think, he said, we have committed two mistakes in the Mixed Schools. We have moved George Jones, Trrherbcrt, who ha.s been appointed to another school, and also Gomer Evans, who is appointed to Llwynypia. I don't think it is quite right. The Chairman: You are a member of the Committee; why didn't you raise the question in the committee and not wait to do it here ? Mr John Davies: They wouldn't listen to me, so I told them I would raise it here to-day. I think it has been overlooked that George Jones has been appointed. The Chairman's suggestion was agreed to that the schools should be considered seriatim. On the Chairman tailing out "Blaenrhendda," Mr John lkvies again rose. We have moved two male assistants, he protested, and are ap- pointing a female assistant to this school. If you are going to leave this male ex-P.T. (interrption)—I think youshould take out one of these female ex-P.T.'s, and put George Jones in instead. The Chairman; Do you propose an amend- ment to the recommendation? Mr John Davies: I should think so. It is our duty to employ our ex-P.T.'s. hi j ■■ ditf -■* -■■ •——i* 11 y mittee. The Chairman (impatiently): Is there any amendment in reference to Blaenrhondda ? Mr John Davies argued that George Jones should go to Ynyswen, but no notice was taken of the suggestion. On Gelli School being reached Mr Davies proposed that George Jones take the place of Chillington at that school. He also objected to the sending of W. E. Davies to Blaenllechau. The Board was doing a great injustice to their ex-P.T.'s. Rev W. Morris (warmly): Mr avies was a member of the Sub-Committee and had plenty of orportunities of objecting there. He was also a member of the School^Management Committee and had a chance there. And more than that. we have passed a resolution o consider some of the points, and he had there plenty of chance. Why could he not speak then. instead of now? Mr Davies: You refused me, and after the I mistake had been inatle Rev W. Morris denied that there had been any refusal.. Mr Davies: If a mistake was made, that mis- take is not binding on us now. After a brief furtliur discussion Mr Davies take is not binding on us now. After a brief furthur discussion Mr Davies moved that George Jones be moved to Blaen- rhondda, because Jones was not wanted at Tre- herbert. He was a male, and, therefore, out i place- The Chairman: We shall be here all night. I am piepawd to receive a motion, but until we get something before the Board we must pro- ceed. i Rev W. Charles: Was not George Jones one of the staff? The Clerk: Well, there was no resolution to appoint. Rev W. Morris: We took it for granted he was appointed. Mr Davies: You will find one ex-P.T. not re- quired at Dunraven, and he is at Treherbcrt. If we commit a mistake cannot we rectify that mistake? Rev W. Morris contended that no mistake had been made, and the Committee had left this teacher where he was as part of the staff. Mr John Davies: I beg your pardon, Mr Vice- ch.,tirmaai-- The Chairman: Order, order. If you have any motion, make it. Mr Davies: I propose he be moved to Gelli. Rev W. Morris: I beg to move that he be left where he is, according to the understanding at the Committee. Rev W. Charles seconded. There being no seconder to the proposition of Mr Davies, that of the Vice-chairman was de- clared carried. Mr J. E. Jones. referring toO Hafod Schools, objected to the removing of a teacher from Tylorstown. He was wanted at the latter place. where the average attendance was 280. The Vice-chairman: We had the average attendance for last year before us all along. We have not made an exception in a single case. Mr W. Jenkins pointed out that the Board would be inflicting a hardship upon Humphrey Prosser by removing him from Cwmpark, be- cause unless lie remained at one school for twelve months he could not get his parchment. It was agreed, on the motion of Mr Jenkins, seconded by Mr Daniel Thomas, to make a new arrangement in this case, owing to the excep- tional circumstances. Mr John Davies: I consider you are very in- consistent. You refused to remove George Jones. Rev T. Williams: With regard to that- Rev W. Morris: Where are we now, Mr Chair- man? Mr John Davies: According to the rturn sub- mitted by the Committee, i- ev declare there is a teacher too many at Treheroert. and now they are appointing another one there again. I am only calling the attention of the Vice-chairman. The Vice-chairman: And Mr Davies was a member of that Committee. (Laughter. The object is to make room for two certificated teachers at Treherbert. Mr D. R. Jones (jocularly): Now, Mr Vice- chairman—you are on your mettle now. (Laugh- ter). Mr Daniel Thomas (with mock gravity): It is a serious charge, gentlemen.(Renewed laughter). Mr John Davies: An is a fact, and you can't move it. After a slight re-arrangement had been made at Ton and Pentre to meet the convenience of two teachers, Mr John Davies rose to complain that some matter was not mentioned on the. agenda of that meeting .although the Clerk had promised it should be entered there. The Chairman: That is not before us now. Mr W. Charles; With reference to what Mi Davies has just said, I claim a é>nl. Mr Da- vies is very fond of being personal, and he was so at the committee meeting. Mr Davies is a iCrmidable opponent, but for one thing—but for facts. Facts are stubborn things, and they v ill not move even for Mr Davies. With regard to Miss Charles, she was only appointed tempo- rc-rilv at Treorkv. so that lie £ oes away at once wilh Mr Davies s statement. I had liopod. Mr Davies, according to his threat, would raise th» question, as I can fellow him, and show he is CGtirelv mistaken. I think members of this Beard should be very careful of what they are saving. But all the building is built of sands, and must vanish. Mr Davies said some time ago that Trcprky school was over-staffed. You will find that in the press about a month ago. As a- fact. Treorky girls' school has not been fully staffed, It; is one of the best schools under the Board, and it is a great credit to the head- mistress- but you will find that the school has net been for years fairly staffed in comparison with other schools. I find that Mr Davies has said that there were 93 too manv assistants under the Board. I thought of askimr the Clerk after locking over these appointments to-day. how nniny of the 93 have vanished. I think it is only fair that a statement of this kind should be contradicted, and that in the presence cf those gentlemen to whom Mr Davies is so fond of appealing. Mr John Davies: There is a staff for 325 at Tl corky, aiM according to our returns the ht- TPIKLIIRICP IS 2o0. BGSICIOS that, we have a can- uidate at Treorky, and he is counted for a class of twenty The Vice-chairman: They arc discussing a matter not before the Board. ° Rev W. Charles: I have brought him out. He has just said what I wantl him to say. Let him say more, I am ready to meet him. Mr W. W. Hood: I don't think we should make this place one of personal squabbles; we should rise above that. We have finished with this matter altogether. Rev W. Morris: It. is very bad that a. mem- ber should attribute motives to others. Mr Hood Perhaps there is nothing lost now, Mr Vice-chairman. This ended the discussion, and the recommen- dation stated above, together with some others, on t:;e same- subject, were adopted with a few miner alterations.