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PONTYPRIDD DISTRICT COUNCIL. The Hopkinstown Bridge. THE MANHOLE NUISANCE. DIPHTHERIA STILL PREVALENT. The fortnightly meeting of the Pontypridd District Council was held on Tuesday, Mr James Rrberts, J.P., presiding. There were also pre- sent Councilors P. Gowan (vice-chairman), R. L. Phillips, D. It. Evans, Watkin Williams, Ðopkin Morgan, F. G. Edwards, W. Jones* Powell, W. Lewis, W. H. Gronow, R. T. Rich- aid?, Horatio Rowlands, and H. Bramwell; with the deputy-clerk, Mr J. Sprague, and the surveyor, Mr Edward Rees. A letter was received from the Secretary of State stating that lie had laid the address of congratulation froim the Council; before the Queen, and Her Majesty was very pleased to accept it. The Town Clerk of Cardiff wrote enclosing two copies of the memorial praying for the Arms of Wales to bo included on the Royal Arms, and asking the Council to affix their seal to it. On the proposition of the Chairman this was done. Mr E. C. Spickett, clerk to the Llantwit Dis- trict Council, wrote saying that his Council had received no complaints of the smell arising from carcases which were being conveyed to the knacker's yard at Church Village, but he had given instructions that the carcases were to be ccnveycd during the night. A letter was read from the Local Government Board stating that Colonel J. T. Marsh would ho-1 an inquiry at 11 o'clock on the 5th prox. into the application of the Council to borrow E360 for the purpose of building a bridge over the river Rhondda. Sir William Thomas Lewis wrote giving per- mission to the Council to obtain water from the canal for street watering purposes on the same conditions as before. A letter was received from Mr Walter H. Mor- gan, Clerk to the Main Sewerage Board, with regard to the complaint made by the Council as to the stench arising from the main sewers, in which he said that, their engineer had been instructed to report on the matter. Mr Sibbering, engineer of the Taff Vale Rail- way, wrote asking if the plans of the now bridge at High street, Pontypridd, which wrere submit- ted to the Council some time ago; had been ap- proved of. The matter was referred to the Public Works Committee. Mr George Morgan, clerk of works under the Council, tendered his resignation, which was accepted. A letter was read from Her Majesty's Inspec- tor of Factories complaining of the insanitary condition of the Taff iErated Waterworks. In- spector Johns was instructed to report on the matter. A communication was received from Messrs Spickett and Sons objecting, on behalf of Mr Phillip Jones, to the Council carrying on the work at Jones street and Williams street, Cil- fynvud. The matter was left in the hands of the Public Works Committee. It was resolved to accept the lease for the building site for the Fire Brigade station at Cil- fynydd. The deputy-clerk pointed out that since the death of the late Superintendent Jones no one had been appointed to the inspectorship of lodg- ing houses, hackney carriages, and petroleum. On the proposition of the Chairman Mr Supt. Coles was appointed. The Surveyor reported that he had received a letter from the engineer of the Taff Vale Rail- w-av to the. effect that if the. angle sugcested by the Council in respect to the Berw Bridge were carried out it would cost £1,486 more than would be required to renew the present bridge. The question was referred to the Public Works Committee. Inspector Rowlands reported that he had visited Gelhwion farm, and there he found the cai cases of five lambs and one sheep.^The bodies "ere qute warn, and had only just been killed by GiinUh Williams, son of the tenant of the fa™' w-,rVaS decided to take proceedings against Williams. 0 Inspector Rowlands also reported that he had visited the Peoples Paik, and he had reason to believe that there ,was' overcrowding there Nothing had yet been done with regard to the sanitarv arrangements. The Inspector reported three case of diphtheria, one case of typhoid at Richard street, and one case of scarlatina at Trehafod. The case of diphtheria at Barry terrace had proved fatal. Inspector Johns reported twelve cases of diph- theria one of which, at Merthyr road, had proved fatal; and seven cases of scarlatina at. Bonvilston terrace, Heol-y-dwyrain, Park street, Treforest; Tram road, Treforest, and Gwem-y- gerwn, Treforest. It was decided to ask the medical officer to report speCIally upon this Mr John Leyshon, grocer. High street, atten- ded before tha Council asking, for Permission for the building of the Graig Mission bo proceeded with. The plans had been before the Council for some time, and the owners ct the adjoining buildings had agreed to the li^ of buildmg being brought out. Permission was granted. ° i The Chairman remarked that he had rcccivc< a letter from Mr Grovet\ in which he said entertained strone hopes 0f heing at the Council meetings soon. (Hear, hear).

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