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Presentation to Dr. Kay, Trekerbort


t Commoi] Diseases



HOW TO LIVE CHEAPLY. Vegetarianism at Treforest "How to live cheaply" is a problem that has troubled the minds of many men both in this country and abroad for a long time, but up to the present we are not aware that the secret has been discovered. Possibly the vegetarians have approached the solution as near as itis possible, but it remained for two men named David Davies and David Powell, labourers, of no abode, to make an attempt to live OR nothing a. day. At any rate, on Thursday morning, about five o'clock, these two men, in company with another named Frank Brice, were seen by Acting-sergeant Stibbs to come down from the wood behind the cemetery at Trgforest^ and without any hesitation, the first mentioned pair walked into the allotment plots rented to working men by the Burial Board, and there they proceeded to fill their pockets with peas belonging to one Oliver Jones, a tinworker of Rhvdfelen. Brice remained on the footpath looking in the direction of Treforest, as though watching to give the alarm should anyone come. This mode of cheap living Sergeant Stibbs did not agree with, and he and P.C. Watkins promply arrested the three men. Fruit and vegetables had been mysteriously disappearing from the allotment grounds during the last few weeks, and in one night Oliver Jones had lost no less than 30 pounds of peas. This being the case, Stibbs and his fellow officer had secreted themselves in the wood, there to await develop- ments, with the above result. On Friday the prisoners unwillingly attended at the Llantri- -4.n- the peas.Mr J. E. Spickett,solicitor,Pontypriddd, prosecuted on behalf of the Burial Board, and asked the Bench to impose a heavy penalty as a deterent to those who might wish to emulate the examples of those men, and so rob the hard working men who had spent much time and labour upon their plots in order to augment their supply of the necessities of life. Brice contended that he was not watching, but was only enjoying a smoke while the other men were in the gardens. He was given the benefit of the doubt and discharged. The other two were fined 10s or seven days, Mr Evan John remarking that he would like to give them imprisonment without the option of a fine, but he was over.ruled,. Although Davies and Powell have not solved the original problem, they can, if they choose, live cheaply for a week at a grateful country's expense.

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