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Presentation to Dr. Kay, Trekerbort


Presentation to Dr. Kay, Trekerbort INTERESTING FAREWELL MEETING. On Wednesday evening the inhabitants of Treherbert and the surrounding localities as- sembled at the Wyndham Hotel, Tynewydd, to present Dr A. Kay, M.B., C.M., on the occasion of his leaving the neighbourhood. Dr b ing which he has endeared himself to the hearts of many of the inhabitants of the neighbour- hood, so that there was now a large and repre- sentative company present. The testimonial took the form of an illuminated address (execu- ted by Messrs A. and G. Taylor and Co., per Mr F. Carpenter, Treherbert), and an exquisite case of surgical instruments. The chair was occupied by Dr E. S. Warburton. Musical items were contributed with much feeling by Messrs E. Hopkins, W. Todd, Jenkin Powell, B. Da- vies, and John Davies, all of which were heartily appreciated. Addresses were given by Mr Evan Watkins, Mr T. Edwards, Rev G. Mathews Mr Richard Evans, Rev W. Meredith Morris, Mr W. Husband, Dr Grant, Dr Warburton, and Mr D. R. Jones, M.E., all of whom spoke in eulogistic terms of Dr Kay as a physician,neigh- bour, and an honest man. Mr Jones, Fernhill, referred to the accident which occurred at Fern- hill Colliery on Easter Sunday night, when a collier was entombed under a heavy fall for many hours. Drs Kay and Grant, he said, ol showed great courage and bravery by going down to the mine to see if they could anything to save the man's life. (Hear, hear). Mr R. Williams and Dr Warburton then pre- sented Dr Kay with the address and instru- ments. Dr Kay, who was well received, said: Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,—On an occasion like this, there is at least one person whose full enjoyment of the evening is slightly marred by the part apportioned to him. This being the first time that I have been called upon to respond as the recipient of a testimonial I naturally feel a keen sense of my own inca- pacity to fulfil my part in this interesting ceremony. I should have preferred a much more congenial task than that of making a speech. However accustomed to receiving gifts and hearing his praise sung a man may be, if he possess any sensibility at all he cannot allow such an occasion to pass without having the free current of his feelinf choked as it were for want of adequate expression. After listening to the many kind words uttered regarding me by the chairman and other gentlemen, and also hearing his, and through him, your kind appreciation of my humble services, I really cannot find words wherewith to thank you, or express to you my deep and grateful sentiments. It is now bordering on three years since I had the pleasure of first coming amongst you, and durin-r that time I have received from one and all the utmost courtesy, sympathv. ,11 con- sideration, a fact which has beer ccn4: eg"- of pleasure and ,0 ih\. performance of ,i. r'utffte. On the whoie ine years spent amongst you have been happy, and, I sincerely turst, useful. I may Vie pardoned the reflection at this time tha4 when, • i-v glances bacV en the past, the -eatest sourec v comfort and consolation to is the fact that he has endeavoured to do Lis duty. The exper- ience I have gained of hiii,ati nature, no less than in the practice of n.y profession, together with the sense of duty done to which I have alluded, has been ample reward to me for any time and energy I ho,e <— led; but when to these are added a-: recompense for my in. sufficient labours, the esteem and gratitude of friends and patients culminating in this happy evening, I can only ask you to imagine rather than to listen, in order to understand ny feel- ings to-night. In .ny future sphere « r labour, wherever that may be, I can assure you that nothing will give in greater enoor.n- nt to do well than the re llecr, of t' -nine in which I received j or ,«mut; rod artistic address, as well as i, ,iii, case of in- struments, both \h;. b will sen', as standing witnesses to tlr to-li and regard which the inhabitants lie- ive for me, and I shall recall to mind noil." with -)-ore gratitude than the kind sentit, ute of all here. I desire to take this opportunity of extending to Dr Warburton my sincere thanks for ais kir lr 3 and courtesy during the time I have acte 1 r 3 his assistant. The advantages I have derived from his ripe +r;, ied experience will stand me in good stead in the paactiee of mw profession, and for which I shall alT ays feel grateful. M sincere wishes go with iii- inhabitants of Tynowvdd and sur- rounding districts for their future .vellfare and prosperity. (Applause).


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