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Alleged Furious Driving at…


Alleged Furious Driving at Hawthorn A MAGISTRATE GIVES EVIDENCE. On Wednesday, at the Pontypridd Police Court—before the Stipendiary and other magis- trates—James Carroll, boiler-maker, Cardiff, was summoned for furiously driving a horse and trap at Hawthorn on Sunday evening. Thomas Scale, landlord of the Duffryn Arms, Rhydyfelen, said that on the day in question he saw the defendant driving a horse and trap through Rhydyfelen at a rate of 15 or 16 milea an hour. The horse was going "full gallop," and the defendant was forcing it as much as hct could. Dr T. R. Hamlen-William, J.P., stated that when he saw the horse passing Fairfield he thought it was a runaway. The driver was in- toxicated, ami he was urging, on the animal which was then going about 16 or 18 miles an hour. Just at this point the defendant had a collision, and witness then sent for a policeman. This was not an isolated oa.se- The Stipendiary: Oh! we won't go into that now. Continuing, witness said the horse had been in his stable until Tuesday night, and was unable to move after its exertions. Last week a child had been unconscious until four o'clock in the morning, the result of ooing run over by a bicycle. Daniel Thomas, Pengelly Farm, Llanfabon, said he was driving to Upper Boat on Sunday evening, when, without any warning, another horse and trap overtook and ran into his, da- maging his trap. His horse was also turned right across the road. As the defendant did not appear a warrant was issued for his arrest. Later on, after all the magistrates, with the exception of Councillor James Roberts, had left the Bench Carroll put in an appearance, and explained that he was in Newport at the time the summons was served, and had only arrived home that morning- The case was adjourned until Wednesday Ben

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