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The World of Pastime. 1 By the (l Sporting Scribe." (Continued from Page 6). The arrangements for the Bank Holiday sports of the Pontypridd Football Club are progressing favourably. The entries are being well filled, and some of the fleetest runners in the country will compete. Mr F. E. Bacon, the English champion, has been announced to compete, but some doubt seems to exist in certain quarters as to the truth of that statement. In order to counteract this impression, I have pleasure in publishing the following letter received by Mr Ack Llewellin (the chairman of the committee) from Mr Bacon:— Blackpool, July 21st, 1897. Dear Sir,—I have arranged definitely to com- pete at your sports on Bank Holiday, and you may rely upon my not disappointing you. Yours truly, FRED E. BACON. On Monday, at the Cardiff Arms Hotel, Treorchy, the annual meeting of the Treorchy football club was beld. There was a very large attendance, in fact, a larger attendance than has been seen in any previous meeting of the club. The chair was occupied by Mr T. John, and there were present some of the most prominent football enthusiasts and local sports- men of Treorchy. The accounts were read by the secretary (Mr E. J. Pryce), and showed a balance in favour of the club of about 15. It may be said that last season was one of the poorest seasons the club has ever had, and it, therefore, occasioned no little surprise to find a balance in favour of the club. The election of officers then took place, and the president (Mr W. Thomas, M.E., Abergorky collieries), was re-elected to that position, and the following were among the vice-presidents elected :-Dr J. R. Armstrong, Dr J. Tube, Dr R. C. Joyce, Dr E Jones, Pentre Mr T. D. John, solicitor, Pentre Mr D. W. Jones, solicitor, Pentre Mr D. Thomas, Treorky Hotel; Mr J. Thomas, Boar's Head Hotel; Mr J. Peele, Abergorky Collieries Mr E. Harris, Red Cow Hotel; Mr G. R. Protheroe, post- master Mr T. Thomas, Lion Hotel and others. A match committee having been selected, the election of the secretaryship was then proceeded with, and caused considerable excite- ment. The two candidates before the meeting were Messrs E. J. Pryce, the Schools (who was nominated for re-election), and R. J. Richards, clerk, Treorky. Both gentlemen's names were submitted to the meeting, the voting being by ballot, and the latter was elected by a majority of ten. The treasurer (Mr Wyndham Jones) was re-elected to that post for another year For the position of captain, only one name was submitted, viz.: Mr M. Falcon, Treorchy, who was unanimously and enthusiastically elected. No more popular appointment could have been made. For the post of vice-captain, three gentlemen were nominated, but the choice fell upon Mr Harry James, the clever half-back. It was also decided that a second team be formed, and Mr T. Jones, the half-back, was elected captain, and Mr W. D. Evans, vice- captain. A hearty vote of thanks was given to Mr E. J. Pryce for the admirable way in which he had discharged his duties as secretary to the club. The prospects of next season are unquestion- ably brighter than they have been for some years. There seems to be more unanimity and concord among the players, which is such an important factor in the success of every football team. Home and away fixtures have been arranged with Aberavon, Morriston, Neath, besides the league fixtures and a tour round Bridgwater. Athletic sports will be held at Ferndale on August Bank Holiday, when a largo sum ot money will be offered in prizes. The events in- elude 120 yards boys' handicap, 120 yards open handicap, 440 yards open handicap, one mile open handicap, one mile trotting handicap, and a two-mile trotting handicap. Entries close Friday, July 30th. Good sport has always been provided at Ferndale, and undoubtedly this year will prove no exception to the rule. Entry forms can be obtained from the secretary, Commercial Hotel, Ferndale.. Next Saturday, Llwynypia and Pentre, who are bracketted at the head of the league table, will bring off their first meeting this season. Both are turning out their full strength, and a most exciting game is expected. The Llwynpia Cricket Team to meet Peutre on Saturday, will be chosen from the following players :-1. Edmunds (capt), J. Goodridge, R E. Walter, A. Evans, W. Davies, C. Thomas, T. Saunders, A. May, Dr Jones, A. Powell, W. S. Jones, Charley Williams, T. Savage, and J. Hadtidge. We have had so many inquiries about the law relating to the l.b w. that it is necessary to point out that a batsmen may be out leg-before to a breaking ball. He may also be cut to a bowler delivering round the wicket. In these and similar instances a batsman is out if the ball has pitched in a straight line (that is, within the limit of the leg and off stump) and would in the opinion of the umpire have hit the wicket. We hope this explanation will be cut out and pasted up in club-rooms. It would be well for the Glamorgan League committee to make some new arrangements whereby the umpires in every league match should be thoroughly independent of the players. It is to be feared that under the present system a keenly contested game will develope that-accrimonious feeling which will eventually be the means of effectually dampening the local interest in the pastime. The League was formed to stimulate the interest in cricket in the locality, and, undoubtedly, League matches have up to the present realised the objects aimed at. It will be a pity for that very desirable object to be defeated merely because of a lack of arrangements with regard to umpires. In the heat of a keenly contested fight some dispute arises almost every Saturday with regard to the umpires' decisions. To obviate this it would be a wise proceeding, I think, were the League to compel every affiliated club to provide an umpire every Saturday, who, instead of officiating for his own club, would be sent to do duty in another match. By this means the umpire would have no cause to be blind to the defects of a player, but would give his decisions without fear or favour. Unless something is done to remedy the present state of things, cricket matches will soon deteriorate to the level of a fifth rate football match, and such pleasantries as mobbing the umpire will probably be indulged in by excited partisans. To the Editor. Sir,-In your last issue, Mr Thomas says, "Abuse is not proving a man's statement." I am sorry if I abused him, because it is a pity for him, and, if I did abuse him, I proved my statement in the former letter, which he caanot deny but what it is right. It is no advantage to me or him to give 10s, but, if lie carries out his word about giving it, I will leave it to any sportsman who understands cricket to say whether I am right or whether Mr Thomas is. The statement is this In your issue of June 19th, Mr Thomas says Dinas beat Tylorstown by 34 runs, the scores being Dinas, 63, Tylors- town, 39 but he does not say that Tylorstown had two men to bat when time arrived. The real scores were Dinas, 63 Tylorstown, 39 for 8 wickets. Therefore, Mr Thomas must be wrong, because the match was not finished. I say, Mr Editor, the match ended in a draw, and Mr Thomas cannot prove otherwise, but there is none so hard to believe as those who won't. Hoping Mr Thomas will not be so bigoted, and thanking you, Sir, I remain, yours, etc F. J. PRIDAY, Hon. Sec. Pontygwaith. Tylorstown, C.C. CRICKET. GLAMORGAN LEAGUE V. CARDIFF DISTRICT LEAGUE.—A considerable number of people went, like myself, to Ynysyngharad Ground on Thursday, and were not a little pleased with the display of the teams. Some of the members of the home team showed fine form, especially E. Lewis, of Plymouth-Merthyr, who played sound and careful cricket in both innings. Those who have not visited the new Pontypridd cricket ground have nrissed a pleasant time, and have yet one in store. The situation is charming, surrounded by wooded hills, and shut off from the town by a verdant screen. A marquee had been erected for lunch, which was provided by Mrs Lenox and Mrs Leyshon, and when I entered the ground, and saw the flannels and blazers, bats and balls flying all around, I almost fancied myself back again on my native heath, where cricket is played as it ought to be I was told to go down and tell the readers f the FREE PRESS Eomething about the match. Well, the Glamorgan League players were tacbliVcr Fompti ing new, and wer,; too cautious Ttiey were allo lacking confidence, and did boi do as well as I expected. H. Mulvey and I W. D. Morgan were out of luck, and no one seemed to be able to stay long, except Ernie Lewis. The pitch was not perfect, but it was very good considering that it has not been laid, and it seemed to play fairly well. The first innings of the Glamorgan League closed for 62, out of which E. Lewis contributed 29, and G. V. Evans 10. This, with six extras, left only 17 to be contributed by the remaining eight batsmen. The bowling of Herman, who took six wickets for 24 runs, was accountable for a lot of this. Cardiff's first venture in its early stages looked very dicky seven batsmen returning with only a total of 36 runs. The remaining three, however, brought about a change, and took the total up to 142, over 100 runs being put on before the innings closed. T. Herman hit freely, making 35 not out, 18 of which came from one over of G. V. Evans. The Glamorgan League did much better in their second attempt, making 98, thus giving their opponents 18 to get to win. It seemed any odds on their getting it, but W. T. Davies and W. D. Morgan bowled so effectively that four of the Cardiff wickets fell for four runs. At the call of time Cardiff were left victors by 80 runs, reckoned on the first innings. W. T. Davies was quite the bowler he used to be in the old days when Llwynypia were famous as a cricket club, but the other bowlers did not shine, though Rickard did fairly well. I am told that the Glamorgan League team can be greatly im- proved, as at least four of the present team can be replaced by better all-round men. Good- ridge and Evans of Llwynypia deserve a place, and Jenkins of Treherbert could with advantage be included, and another player from Plymouth- Merthyr. This initial league match was quite a success from both the players and spectators' point of view, and the succeeding encounters will do much to give an impetus to the game, and add the enthusiasm which is necessary for its advancement. Scores :— GLAMORGAN LEAGUE: FIRST INNINGS. E Lewis b Nash 29 G i-I Ifuglies c Davies b P lierman 0 H Mulvey b P Herman 4 W D Morgan b P Herman 1 G 11 Rickards b W Llewellya 1 W T Davies b P Herman 1 M Falcon c Matthews b Llewellyn. 0 B Rees b Herman 4 E J Leyshon c Duncan b Herman 1 G V Evans b Nash 10 W A Davies not out 5 Extras 6 Total 62 SECOND INNINGS. E Lewis l.b.w. b Auckland 17 G H Hughes b Auckland 3 H Mulvey b Auckland 4 W D Morgan c Herman b Duncan 7 G R Rickards c David b Herman 3 W T Davies c David b Auckland 5 M Falcon b Taylor 8 B Rees run out 1 E J Leyshon c Llewelyn b Matthews 12 G V Evans not out 0 W A Davies b Llewellyn 7 Extras 31 Total PS CARDIFF DISTRICT LEAGUE. FIRST INNINGS. J H David c Falcon b W T Davies. 5 Col-Sergt. Nash b W T Davies 5 J Cadwgan b Rickards 23 T Taylor b W T Davies 0 Sergeant Foster c Leyshon b Davies 3 T M Harkell c Rees b Richards 0 S Auckland b W T Davies 1 R G Duncan b Richards 37 W I.lewellyn b Morgan 16 W Matthews b Rickards 0 P Herman not out 35 Extras 17 Total .142 SECOND INNINGS. J H David c Rickards b W T Davies 0 Col-Sergt. Noash c Morgan b W T D. 0 J Cadwgan b W D Morgan 2 T M Harkell not out 0 W Matthews not out 0 P Herman c Rickards b W D Morgan 0 Extras 2 Total 4 Taylor, Foster, Auckland, Duccm, and Llewelyn did not bat. BOWLING ANALYSIS. Glamorgan League First Innings. 0. M. R. W. W. Llewellyn 11 3 22 2 P. Herman 15 7 24 6 Sergeant Nash 5 0 9 2 Second Innings. S. Auckland 11 6 11 4 Sergeant Foster 5 4 5 — 0 R. G. Duncan 4 1 10 1 P. Hermon. 4 1 9 1 J. Cadwgan 3 0 8 0 W. Llewellyn 4 2 3 1 W. Matthews 7 4 15 1 T. Taylor 3 1 3 1 Cardiff District League First Innings. O. M. R. W. W. T. Davies 14 3 30 5 M. Falcon 6 0 21 — 0 G.R.Richards. 8 1 36 4 H. Mulvey 4 0 10 0 G. V. Evans 4 0 27 0 W. D. Aorgan 3 3 0 1 Second Innings. W. T. Davies 2 2 0 2 W. D. Morgan 2 1 2 2 PENTRE V. PORTH.- This league match was played at Porth on Saturday last in splendid weather. Porth, winning the toss, took to the wickets first, and Bryant and Davies opened the innings to the bowling of Morgan and Williams. The start was rather disastrous, Davies falling a victim to the bowling of Williams when only three runs had been scored. The only one who batted well was Ivor Lewis, who scored ten. The innings terminated for 41. W. D. Morgan and George Hughes accomplished good per- formances with the ball, the former taking four wickets for five runs, and the latter two for two. Pentre then occupied the wickets, but the batting broke down completely, the score only reaching 15. Porth again went in, and Ivor Lewis again proved himself the top scorer with 14. Pentre were set the task of making 50 runs in 31 minutes. George Hughes and Ben Rees started, but Hughes lost his wicket at three. The supporters of the home team began to tremble when Rees continued hitting the bowling to all parts of the field. He soon brought his score up to 28, when he was caught in the deep field. Forth eventually won on the cail of time by eight runs. The following is the scoring:— PORTH. FIRST INNINGS. J. Davies b Williams 2 F. Bryant b Williams 0 S. Lewis run out 5 W. T. Davies c Rees b Morgan 7 Wayne Morgan b W. D. Morgan 0 Ivor Lewis b Rees 10 W. Lewis b Morgan 0 A. Williams lbw b Morgan 4 T. Williams c Rees b Hughes 2 H. Evans b Hughes 7 W. Morris not out 0 Extras 4 Total 41 SECOND INNINGS. J. Davies b Rees 0 F. Bryant c Royall b Morgan S. Lewis run out ••• W. T. Davies b Hughes ••• ° Wayne Morgan c Rees b Morgan ••• 0 Ivor Lewis b Hughes 14 W. Lewis b M. J. John & A. Williams b Williams 2 T. Williams not out 1 H. Evans b Williams 0 W. Morris b Williams 0 Extras 1 Total 33 PENTRE. FIRST INNINGS. M. J. John run out 5 D. T. Morgan b Morris 0 W. D. Morgan c W. Morgan b Davies 3 W. Gates b Williams 7 W. Williams b Williams 0 G. E. Davies run out 2 G. Hughes b Davies 0 B. Rees b Williams 1 D. Hughes b Davies 0 O. Royall not out 2 D. Bevan c W. Morganjb Davies 0 Extras 5 25 SECOND INNINGS. M. J. John b Davies 2 D. T. Morgan b Davies 1 W. D. Morgan c Lewis b Davies 2 W. Gates c Morgan b Lewi* 1 W. Williams not out i G. E. Davies run out 4 G. Hughes b Davies J 15 Rees c Morris b Davies 28 D. Hughes c Lewis b Davies 0 O. Royall c Williams b Lewis 0 D. Bjvan b Davies 1 Extras 0 41 W ILLIAMSTOWV v. DINAS.—A cricket match between Dinas and Williamstown was played on the grounds of the latter on Saturday, the home- sters winning by seven runs Scores :— WILLIAMSTOWN. Davies b G. Davies 4 Denham b G. Davies 3 H. Williams b G. Davies 2 J. Razey c Morris b G. Davies 3 Carpenter b G. Davies l) Sims b G, Davies II W. Pritchard b G. Davies 1 E. Harries b G. Davies. 6 Gwenlaw r.ot out 2 F. Rodgers s Watkins b Davies C> C Boobier b G. Rowlands 2L DINAS. M. John b Davies 0 G. T. Thomas b Davies 1 J. Lewis b Davies 0 G. Davies b E. Harries. 0 J. J. Evans c Sims b Davies 4 H. Williams b Davies 0 R. Watkins b E. Harris. 1 R. Jenkins not out a T. Morris b E Harris 0 O. R. Davies c Williams b Davies 0 O. G. Rowlands b Harris 7 Byes 1 14 GLAMORGAN CRICKET LEAGUE. The following are the positions of the various clubs in the League up to date :— Played. Won. Lost. Dr'n.'. Pentre 7 6 1 0 12 Llwynypia. 7 6 1 0 12 Pontypridd 8 6 2 0 12 -Plymouth 8 4 3 1 9 Treorky. 8 3 4 1 7 *Porth. 5 2 3 8 4 Treherbert 7 2 5 0 4 Ynysybwl 10 0 10 0 e 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Dispute.

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